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wingedcatgirl chapter 13 . 7/13/2017
I agree, that is a good chapter title.
giraffeish chapter 2 . 6/22/2015
call-of-the-mind chapter 34 . 12/12/2013
AWEEEEEE OMG IT WAS PERFECT 3333 Thank you for gracing the internet with this story! Well done and happy writing with your other stories!
Kara P chapter 34 . 8/30/2013
Aww! That was so great! :) It sucks Blake has to be on the run though.
GermanSam chapter 34 . 7/29/2013
So I figure I should do this even though it’ll be the last time I will do this for this story. So, yep. That’s sad. I’m kind of mad that you updated so soon! Because you never update so soon and I’m not emotionally ready to let go of this story yet! Goodness! You should’ve given me a break here. I’m glad I reviewed when I did because I would’ve been two behind and that would’ve been awful. My feels would’ve been everywhere.

I don’t need to give you a life update. Look at the last review. Except today you’re hanging out with James or something. And I have nothing planned.

So it’s been 34 chapters. It’s been a long 34 chapters. So much stuff has happened. Sigh… So many memories. My first review was August 10th, 2012. Now it’s July 29th, 2013. Almost a year later and you’re finally done. Also my first review is quite short considering my usual review standards so it’s quite surprising. And it seems that my first review (or my second on at least) was done at my grandma’s house. Well I’m still here. Pretty full circle. Except I was excited to live with you back then and now I’m just sad I don’t. Ah, good sad times.

Maybe I should actually read the chapter. Can you tell that I’m stalling? Because I am…

Alright, let’s do this. Werewolf babies!

Wait- but like, Ellie doesn’t need to be a vegetarian anymore because she’s an alpha…so is this just personal choice then?

AW! Babies!

You know, you could write a…wait for it…here’s that dreaded word…sequel. But you know, like based on Blake’s life. Like he’s running away from hunters and you know, you could even have him die in the end because he’s lived long enough. It’s an option or something to think about. Or maybe something never to consider or else you might do it.

Aw! The human-ish couple is the most normal…and slow. Interesting.

I love that Desmond and Kate aren’t married. I mean, it fits because they didn’t really want to be a couple to begin with because sex. And still, sex.

OH, and they already have two kids. Well then.

Does everything front as a flower boutique? :P

No offense to them, but how on earth do they have kids with the werewolf gene? Because I assumed all the kids were adopted… Though I do find it funny that Ellie isn’t the one who passed on the gene.

Find the thing…very tumblr of you. And I also play that game with my dogs…so I find it extra funny.

A PUPPY! OMG! That is perfect.

My alpha. /MY/ alpha. That’s adorable.

Aw…and it’s over. Like…over over. Now what? Do I cry? Do I laugh? I rejoice that you didn’t kill anyone. But now I’m sad it’s all done.

I’m so happy that Werewolf babies are a thing and are going to stay a thing. It makes me insanely happy.

Well this review is so not long especially compared to my last one. I feel like a failure there. But it was a happy little chapter so what is there to say? I’m just happy everyone is happy and I look forward to seeing some more of them.

They all so cute, the couples! It’s adorable. I almost wanted to see the pack dinner but you would have like twice the amount of characters with children and such. Still, I feel it would be amusing to see.

Well, it’s been fun. Good luck on your future endeavors. I’ll be there to read and review them all as I always am! A story well done! Good job!

And I guess I can’t say update soon anymore…

Take a break and enjoy your time with this over before moving on to something else.

So…adios on here. I’ll be reviewing on other stories!

Word count: 650
FurtherIllumination chapter 34 . 7/29/2013
Yay! I loved this story! It was so fun to read. I'm going to miss getting updates :( But alas, good things must always come to an end.
GermanSam chapter 33 . 7/28/2013
Alright, so I was bored and didn’t know what to do. I was actually going to consider reading my Percy Jackson book (future me, please tell me you’re finished with them or at least caught up…geez). I finished my simblr queue this morning and I’m too lazy to work on my Disney one…though I need to because VIDCON IN FIVE DAYS! OMG! I GET TO SEE YOU IN THREE OMG! :D

I’m in this activity limbo where I know I’m leaving soon to go to Wal-Mart for some grocery shopping because my grandma is throwing this huge dinner party (ugh…family members and socializing) in which I have to give up my room because family is staying over… point is, I’m going to be busy later. Then I was just bumming around on Tumblr when I started chatting with you and I remembered you updated! So I figure I should be productive and do that. So here I am. And this is one of the last chapters. And you said it was like a rollercoaster. I talked to you the whole time you were working on this. All ten days or so. And this is like a super long chapter so I guess I should get started…

Desmond being drained of magic makes me think of the magic bar on the sims.

We’re watching Rush Hour 3. It’s the end so I’m distracted. Sorry.

AW! YOU SAID GIRLFRIEND! THEY ARE LIKE OFFICIAL THEN! I suppose facing death makes things move along faster.

“Tie up loose ends.” Hopefully it doesn’t take Seth ten days to do it! Well actually I guess it should take him more but whatever. It was still a burn towards you so…burn.

“You saved Richard so your family?” I guess is the gist of that. I mean, he hasn’t even really been around that much.

My dogs are barking. Someone might be here! Gah people… Nope, we’re okay. It was the mail truck.

WAIT WHAT?! They’re cousins! Has that always been a thing because I majorly missed on it. WHAT IS HAPPENING? It doesn’t help that you have like fifty characters in the same room and like five “she’s” so I’m actually confused on who he’s talking to. I’m assuming Ellie which brings me back to WHAT? THEY’RE COUSINS? So she meant literal family…has this always been a thing? Seth is a hunter, right? Like a chill one but a hunter? And Ellie is a werewolf. I missed something. I can feel it. I actually kind of remember something mentioned about this now that I’m thinking about it. This is something you need to mention more often if/when you rewrite it. Just saying.

Random moment to interject a life update: But I have family coming over tonight and I have to be social. You are having some Cece time today. I’m only saying this now because we’re talking about it on Facebook. Oh yeah, and I see you in three days! WOO! VIDCON!

“It's a little weird, but it's a pack.” This reminds me of a Stitch quote (from Lilo and Stitch): “This is my family. I found it, all on my own. Is little, and broken, but still good.” I think I just made myself have feels. Sigh. Moving on.

Alright, you just let me go on Facebook so now no more distractions! Time to focus and do this!

Hold up, Desmond has a scarf. I’m going to just laugh at that very gay picture in my head. It’s stereotypical, but I’m not even fashionable to know when to wear a scarf so I doubt most men are too, especially when they are heading off to kill some people. So like…I makes me laugh. I know the scarf is like because it’s cold but picturing it as a fashions statement is so much better.

Oh, this is the first part of the rollercoaster isn’t it? We’re in the down part, aren’t we? Where’s the up?
WHERE’S THE UP? Desmond better keep his hand!

And since it’s bleeding it better not catch on fire! Yeah…I haven’t forgotten that.

Ew. Anatomy and specific bones. Gross.

Is the scarf going to catch on fire? Because that is definitely flammable, blood or no blood.

Now it’s the bloopers for Rush Hours 3 so I’m still distracted. Dangit.

Aw, KatexDesmond stuff. They are cute for some reason. I like them.

Shut up, Desmond! It seems to be your only option!

I hope he cleaned it all off before he went to bed. I mean, I know he’s tired but gross. He doesn’t need to be a Derek from Teen Wolf, getting some while he’s bleeding out.

AW! A CUTE JELLIE MOMENT! Here’s our little happy hill back to the top…now I wait for it to plummet again.
Is Peter getting angry and ghost Peter is just being mean and moving things around?

I find it hilarious that they are being bombarded by the bad people’s ghosts. It cracks me up that they are so calm. Like you see moving plates and I’m not going to just say, “Yo, what’s up with that?” But I suppose stranger things have happened.

Well this just turned sad. Damnit Peter. Why do you have to be half dead?

I can’t tell if this is the plummet point or not. Because with Desmond thinking her found the cure, all seems to be going fairly well.

“…chatting with the boyfriend only she could see.” And the award for the saddest sentence in a happy moment goes to…you. Good job, you jerk.

I hope the blood that burns is for like this ceremony or ritual or spell that’s …(I just went to go clean up because my grandma is all anal about making sure this place is clean even though it’s just family that’s coming over…sigh. So even though it doesn’t matter to you, it’s been like ten minutes since I left)…what was my point... that’s for this healing process for Peter.

Okay, I’m leaving again to go shopping. I’ll be back.

And I’m back. Not that it matters to you. But yep. That took a while out of my schedule. And I drove today! Like on an actual street! All the way to Wal-Mart which is across the street.

But ugh, my family just arrived. I swear I’m going to get this done today. Just who knows when… Sigh…

Wouldn’t you know enough about the interior of hospital rooms?

Ugh, my family is getting closer. I’m going to have to go socialize in a minute… LET ME FINISH THIS SCENE DAMNIT!

Okay, I will be back…again.

Geez, I’m back at least for the moment. I started this review at 2:40 PM and now it’s 7 PM. I’ve experienced dinner, awkward conversations with people who are not my family, and a dog fight already. And it’s only the beginning of the night. I’ve snuck away for a moment so let’s see if I can do anything with this. But first, I’m going to go check some things.

Alright, let’s see how far I can go with this until my family accuses me of being anti-social.

Do I laugh or do I cry? I mean, this is kind of funny but it’s really not. I find it hilarious when you consider the supernatural soap opera. It’s like hilarious chaos. But I give it a few minutes until something goes badly.

OMG! PETER BETTER GO BACK INTO HIS BODY LIKE RIGHT NOW? Why can’t Addy tell him to go back? Like why won’t he?

OH! I see the author’s note. My family is quiet. I can do this!

Aw, Kate protecting her boyfriend. I find them so adorable.

Geez that was a lot of work. But it’s done. We’re happy!

Though for the record, I almost feel like the last little bit should’ve been left for the epilogue. Like it was all action action action and then really quick wrap up. Like it was paced weird. Just saying.

What’s the longest chapter you’ve ever written? Like is it this one? One shots don’t count! Just curious.

So…I’ve been spotted. But I’m wrapping this up now anyway and I’m missing out on dessert. I’m determined to finish this god damn it!

So here I am. This is one of my longer reviews mostly because of my side commentary on my life but well, I hope you enjoyed it anyway. I’ve enjoyed this story. It’s been a crazy ride but definitely a fun one. We’ve come so far with these characters though. Remember when we didn’t even know Noah was gay? Good times. Still, another story well done I would say.

And I don’t want to say my good bye to this story just yet. There is another chapter to go so I will wait until then. I wonder what you’re doing because you’ve yet to text me or have Cece text me. I hope you had fun today (since now it’s the end of the day…).

Update soon!

Word count: 1500 Exactly!
Nitewrite chapter 33 . 7/27/2013
Ahhhh! Could there possibly maybe be a sequel in store? :D
GermanSam chapter 32 . 7/16/2013
OMG. Am I going to review on the same day that you updated? Well, I’m going for it now so I hope so. You’re off playing sims because we just chatted about it. This is the year that we will never speak of again. I just came home from spending the weekend with you and all of our friends. (Woo!) In two weeks, we’ll be on our way to Vidcon to meet some awesome people. (Woo woo!) And soon after that school will start up… (Boo…)

That’s the latest life update. Not much is happening and yet still a lot of things are. It’s weird. I was going to do some chores tonight but then it rained and got dark so that was the end of that. I did sim today and I’m thinking about writing but overall, I have not been productive. This makes me at least do /something/ productive. So here I am. Onto reviewing?

I just read the title and it occurred to me that there is going to be a lot of fighting. Oh no… We watched Teen Wolf together (livebloged it at least) this morning (which was an adventure in itself because I had to do it online and there were commercials and we weren’t on time most of the time and oh, yeah FEELS EVERYWHERE). My point to that was I feel the same way about this chapter as I did about that episode. I am not prepared! (It was the episode where Boyd dies for curiosity sake for our future selves.) Okay, yeah, I’m going to dive in so I can’t back out!

She should be enjoying her last few moments with her mate, like cuddling him or something fluffy. Damnit!

“Tail in a knot” – Sassy Blake.

Couldn’t Ellie go all Alpha and just be like “Stay” and they would have to? Because I feel like she should. At the same time, I don’t want her to die so I’d be okay if Noah and Richard like help her out or something.

She let it go so easily…I don’t see this being that easy. She has a plan, right? She’s not going to let them (her mate included) die, right? Right? RIGHT?

You took care of the whole location problem with one sentence! Seriously, was it that complicated?

No seriously? This is happening? Ellie isn’t going all momma Alpha on them and sending them home? WHY IS SHE LETTING THIS HAPPEN. It’s like with Teen Wolf. Someone is going to die and I don’t like that I don’t know who it is or who it might be. Everyone can’t make it out alive. You’re too realistic for that and it hurts me. Sigh… I’m not even there yet and I hate you already.

What are the odds? How many are there? Elli, Jasper, Richard, Noah, Blake, Addy, Kate, Desmond? (I did it by couple, Blake took Peter’s place) so that’s 8 against 10? That’s really not bad at all. Not great or ideal but definitely not awful.

Gross indeed but go Blake! Kill those awful people!

You know, I’m confused. Like…what does Elli look like as a wolf. Because at first, I pictures her as an actual wolf which would account for the ruining of the clothes, but the running and the talking makes me think of her more as a Teen Wolf wolf but then the clothes wouldn’t be ruined. So like…what?

What a great moment to remember your dead parents? That is not a time for sadness. There is only sadness to come. Go be BA and awesome and kick butt then you can be sad!

I like Luna as much as I like the Kali/Carla chick in Teen Wolf which is not at all. She can please die, yes? Thanks.

Ellie doesn’t mess around. She just attacks!

GO ADDY! Very appropriate revenge. I approve.


It was Blake. Go him! He is not only sassy but completely badass! Seriously though, Ellie would’ve died without him. Why was she thinking of ever doing this alone? Silly werewolf.

No ore PTSD. While it’s realistic, it’s sad. Though I’ll take that over deaths so I guess, alright.

Aw, Blake called her furball. How adorable. And sad because it’s like his final goodbye. And even though he isn’t a main character, he did save them all and that’s a bit sad. But he lives forever (as long as no one kills him) so he can come visit every now and again.

Wow…well it doesn’t feel like it’s over. I DON’T WANT IT TO BE OVER!

Only one chapter left. I’m just going to cry. And Peter better not die but I’m curious about the plot point to come and to hear about your other endings that you were thinking about. I’m interested but I don’t want to let it go. At the same time I can’t wait to read the ending. Gah. Conflicting emotions.

But anyway, this review isn’t even that long for such a long chapter. I’m going to blame it on the fact that I was so involved in the action that I couldn’t comment much because I was afraid I would miss it. Like in Teen Wolf when I had to switch tabs to write comments but I didn’t want to miss anything. Hopefully this review doesn’t have that many typos though… Huh…excuse them if it does.

So anyway, I think you’re still playing sims so you’ll have a nice surprise when you get out of your game. So yay for that. I don’t know if this review is great but it’s a review and it’s by me so of course it’s great, what am I talking about?

I’m rambling until I get passed four digits in my word count.

Word Count: 1000 (even!)

Update soon!
GermanSam chapter 31 . 7/10/2013
I woke up super early today by myself. Like my body just wanted to be awake at 8 in the morning but I certainly did not. So anyway, it’s now two hours later. I’m hiding out from my family in my room still because they don’t know I’m awake. I have to pee and my phone is in the other room. You are chatting with me on Facebook. You just got woken up from a fluffy good dream (one involving dating Phil for future reference, and hopefully it came true by the time you are rereading this…if not, we need to get on that).

Other than that, it’s the summer of the worst year ever. Our summers are boring. You have chemo and I have no life goals. So yep. But I’ll be seeing you in two days! That’s exciting and we’ll be hopefully chatting later with all of our friends on gmail if we can get the stupid thing to work. Anyway, let me get to doing something productive.

Except you said that the beginning was sad so I kind of don’t want to start reading because then it will be sad…

Nice alliteration on the chapter title.


Ahem…I’m going to continue on.

Talking on Facebook to you and reviewing is kind of difficult. I don’t know how you do it with your short attention span.

I’m going to get into this chapter damnit! I’m so hesitant to start, can you tell? I’m already 272 words in and all I’ve really read is the title. I’m not even sleepy either. No, I’m stupidly wide awake. So damn awake. Sigh.



Let’s do this.

The coffee made me think of a college student. Is he going to school too? Is he one of those characters? Because that would suck on top of all of this crap he’s doing.

Okay, so you told me Megan has never been mentioned before. But I take it that she was a passed girlfriend of some sort so I guess I look forward to hearing about that even though it will be sad. I HOPE THAT’S THE ONLY SAD THING IN THIS CHAPTER!

We need something bigger than caps sometimes. I don’t in this moment, but the thought just occurred to me that I just need like huge letters sometimes because caps just isn’t enough. But alas, you shall have to deal with caps for my feelings for now.

I have to pee so bad but like…family and civilization is outside…and I don’t want that. Plus I’m getting into this so like…no peeing for now. Maybe it’ll motivate me to actually pay attention.

Ah, yes. The sad tale of heartbreak. One I know all too well…fictionally because I just got done writing a story all about it. So Luna is part of HBA. I’m not surprised though she went a little more drastic at the end and had a little different motives than the normal HBA does but well…still. Poor Desmond. (I always want to put a “u” in Desmond’s name [as in Desmound] but like after I type it, I know it’s wrong.)

We’re discussing age differences between us and Dan and Phil. And you claimed that yours wouldn’t stop you, that’s right! Get it, girl!

I’m hungry now too. My body has been awake for two hours and I haven’t given it food…or a bathroom. God, I’m so anti-social. I might get up after I finish this…might…

Aw, they are best friends aren’t they? (I’m back to the story, no more personal comments for now.) I forget that from time to time.

Poor guy. Just like…find comfort with Kate or something. Because that is oddly romantic (no sarcasm intended). For some reason, I find it weirdly…attractive(?) when like one person is broken and seeks comfort in someone else.

My stomach grumbled. Gah, I can’t go two comments without talking about myself. BACK TO THE STORY!

LOOK! Kate has more lines! It’s weird. And she’s sassy! I like it!

Aw, Jasper needs silver bullets. That’s sad. But he wouldn’t shoot Ellie, right? Not even accidentally, right? Not even at all, right? Right? RIGHT?!

Oh look, Addy’s power came into play. And I can’t tell if it’s hilarious or a little depressing. Like…it’s the ghost of her boyfriend…that’s sad. Although of all the couples that have to be split apart by death, Addy and Peter are the only ones who can still talk after death. I’m not sure if that’s good or not because it could hold Addy back from not moving on and such…wow, I just made myself sad. I’m pretty sure this is meant to be funny too.

Only Addy would have a ghostly boyfriend too. It is funny. Her comments make me laugh but also make me want to cry, because I can imagine how like…sad she is that she has to talk to her boyfriend this way.

MY DAD’S HOME! He’s going to come into my room and discover that I’m awake… I only have so much time now…

Desmond went outside! I feel like that is an accomplishment in itself. And Blake going out in the daylight…I picture him like the sims and with an umbrella. But I also see him confined to the shadows like an overdramatic vampire. Both pictures make me laugh.

No offense to the villains (I spelled that right on the first try!) because I’m happy about it, but they know where they are and they let them go for a week? Why? Why wait so long?

Peter’s body better hang on that long! You mentioned Desmond (I almost typed Jasper, god damn you have a lot of characters) teaching Addy magic and I thought of Apprenticed. Future you, did you ever finish that? If so, bravo, I loved it, I’m sure. If not, get on that so I can love it and review it and such.

No, her life isn’t weird at all. What is she talking about? What even is weird anymore?

Oh look, Blake has some like character development going on and actual lines. It’s nice to have him be like actually active in the story.

My dad just came into my room. He talked to me. But he didn’t seem angry. In fact, he’s leaving with my grandma and just came in to tell me that. So I may have the house to myself in a few minutes. I can pee and eat without question! Oh, it’ll be so nice.

A supernatural soap opera. – Most accurate description of this story in the history of ever.

Well…go Blake for being like a secret weapon and for like…having a back story.

Oh, I don’t see this going well. For one, we’ll get a lot of carnage so like action and stuff. For two...I don’t think Ellie’s pack is going to like this. And her actual pack (Noah and Richard) should have some sort of werewolf telepathy telling them that she’s in danger or something. For three…THIS STORY IS TOLD IN THIRD PERSON SO ELLIE COULD DIE AND I DON’T LIKE THAT! For four…since you plan on breaking my heart anyway, you better have a scene with her telling Jasper a potential “goodbye” except he doesn’t know it’s a goodbye and it’s heartbreaking and stuff…but there is your fluff for a chapter…and it will both please and piss off the romancer in me. So DO IT!

And I just have to say to your author’s note: I AM NOT PREPARED! Here is where I need the thing bigger than caps. My feels are not ready for what is to come because Blake will die, which will be sad and Ellie could potentially die. I’m already sad thinking about it. I better get my last bit of fluff in at least, damnit!

Okay, I think this review is long enough. I haven’t gone over 1,000 in a while but today I did. So I hope you enjoy. We’re talking about study abroad but I just told you I was reviewing so now you expect it. Sorry to ruin the surprise.

But I’ll see you in a few days! Oh…I don’t think I’ll update this weekend if I’ll be busy…maybe I’ll work on a chapter later today or tomorrow. But I’ll see you soon both in person and on camera! That’s always exciting! Because we don’t talk enough…seriously though, you’re like the only person I can talk to everyday and not get annoyed with. My family can’t even accomplish that. So it’s nice to have you around!

Anyway, I would tell you update soon but I’m like resisting what’s next and because of Camp NaNo, you’ll update anyway. So yeah and stuff.

Word Count: 1475
GermanSam chapter 30 . 7/5/2013
I want to be productive. You have no idea how productive I’d like to be. I’d love to just knock out chapters for both of my current stories CC and AUA (Future you: If I am not done with CC…please hit me.) and do my queue and write a whole new story and plan for NaNo and run a marathon…

BUT then I woke up with mega cramps. Yes, it has begun. The pre-stage is over and now it’s full blown Niagara Falls. And so even though I want to be productive, I can’t even think about doing anything without wanting to cry from the pain. So here I am, being somewhat productive I suppose. Review is something and it doesn’t require much movement so I’m down for that.

And I’m feeling super productive today too because I just got the best review ever from you. It’s like super long and perfect. (CC –chapter 30 for reference) And it got me all motivated and then my uterus just said “Write if you want but I’ma be over here feeling like I’m being stabbed seventy times”. So…there went that. I’ve taken medicine too (and double the amount) but it’s the first day so that only helps so much. Sigh…being a woman sucks so so so so so so so much.

But anyway. You can got to CC chapter 30 for a life update because I’m reviewing the same day. You have cancer, you reminded me, so I’m making you happy with a review (hopefully) instead of a chapter…stupid period problems. I’d love to give you a chapter but I’ll be busy tonight so it won’t happen today. Hopefully tomorrow. Sigh…We’ll see.

Okay, actually chapter reviewing would be nice. Let’s do this!

Hey look, Christmas decorations! You asked me for those in chat and I gave you some of those answers!


See…Fiction has got me on high alert. This third car that separated them…who’s in it? Because it’s not going to be someone good. I just know it.

Box of hamsters, man.

SEE I TOLD YOU! Bad people, I swear.

Oh and she wastes no time. No time to monologue. Just shoot and go. Someone better not die.

Megan? I know it and I remember she’s important but I don’t remember her significance. Was she like Desmond’s only serious girlfriend or fiancé or something? Because that’s some HBA stuff right there. Tsk tsk, Luna.

Oh, so Peter got hit. Well…sad. It doesn’t sound too fatal but it’s definitely not good.

Oh look, Kate’s like…a character actually doing things. Go her for protecting her kind of boyfriend.
I’m okay if Peter dies because he’s not that main of a character, but I’ll be sad for Addy and Jasper if he does. So don’t kill him. I hope the toxic stuff only hurts werewolves and just isn’t good for humans or something.

See, Noah voiced my thoughts.

I have no comments on the current action. I just wonder if Addy’s “power” will ever come into play again. Maybe at the end where she can talk to the hunter’s ghost and tell them to like go away forever or something. That would be good.

So sad that Ellie can’t be all worried with her mate. It’s sad but snuggle time is snuggle time and it’s cute. So like, I’ll take what we can get.

If Megan was a big person in Desmond’s life, shouldn’t he like…say something or feel something besides being all distant? I hope he finds comfort in Kate. The romancer in me really wants that.

Oh Ellie mentioned that. Good for her. She’s a good friend.

The fact that she can recognize Jasper’s heartbeat makes me smile. That is so damn adorable.

And I just want her to go and hug him or something. Like Ellie, go get your snuggle time too and comfort your man!

Go Addy for stepping up. Fight! But no dying. No dying allowed. But knowing your author, she’ll want to go with some realism so some of them will die and that will make me sad…sigh.

And well, then. Fighting. Sigh. Like…that means death. And I don’t like that.

AND THERE WAS NO COMFORTING JELLIE MOMENT! Like when they all got sent to bed, Ellie should have gone with Jasper because sex. Well maybe not but because yes. I’ve become like Tumblr, wanting other people to do it. Really, I just want other people to like be all romance-y and adorable. That’s what I really want.

But anyway, look at you getting all rambly on the author’s note. It’s almost like me! Well this review isn’t nearly as long as yours was. I feel bad about it but I’m in pain, not tired. So…sorry I guess. You said this chapter was longer than you planned but it felt rather short. Maybe it was just so good that I read it so fast. That is a possibility.

Well I look forward and don’t look forward to the coming chapters. I don’t want character death but I feel it coming…I know it is…sigh…

I guess I’m off to being not productive again but feeling like I could be productive. I’ll find something to do while I sit in the fetal position. Oh, god my life is so sad.

So I will be off. Good luck for Camp NaNo and stuff and have fun doing whatever you’re doing today. I won’t tell you to update soon because I feel like you will then and I don’t want death… plus because of Camp NaNo you will anyway.

Word count: 955
Nitewrite chapter 30 . 7/5/2013
InkxInk chapter 30 . 7/5/2013
Omg, poor wolves! :( I feel so sorry for them.

Great chapter! I am too lazy to log into my account, but aha. I love this chapter. :)
GermanSam chapter 29 . 7/1/2013
I only have 25 minutes before we’re going to the pool. Do I dare start this?

Yes. Because you did it in 30ish minutes so I can do it that fast too! Ha! Just watch me go! Even if you got to review first…which is…fine…for now. I’ll beat you eventually.

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I had a weird dream that we were going to Disneyland with my Dad and Grandma but then Lupes bailed and you brought a weird friend who I didn’t know so it was awkward in the car. It was just weird. Yep.

Should I actually start reading? I’m down to only 20 minutes now!


You mean they get an extended Thanksgiving holiday and not just a four day weekend? Must be nice. Stupid college.

Does Ellie own only black things? Like I thought so. So hopefully Jasper finds gothic attractive. He already likes her so I guess she’s good. THEY ARE JUST SO CUTE! I’M GOING TO GO SING ABOUT MY FEELS AND NOTHING HAS EVEN HAPPENED YET!

Oh look, Kate is relevant.

That is such a “you outfit”.

I suppose on the friend front, I would trust that my friend is at least safe with a werewolf especially since it’s the werewolf’s mate. So Addy doesn’t even have to do the whole “Break his heart and I break you bit” because I have a feeling that it won’t be Ellie that breaks Jasper’s /heart/. I mean, she’s physically stronger than him and he’s already all fragile and stuff so like maybe his ribs or something but his heart is safe. Ellie’s on the other hand is debatable…

Aw. Brother hugs.

Everything is going well. Too well. Where is the shirt (or shit…but I misspelled it and thought it was funny so enjoy) storm?

OH GOD! TEN MINUTES LEFT! I feel like DailyGrace in her 3 minute makeup challenge all of a sudden.

“Anything would look on him. So would nothing…” I love that. Ellie is so funny. Go get it girl!

For some reason, I keep thinking Ellie is taller than Jasper? Is that true? Maybe she’s just taller with the boots. I think it’s adorable because I picture her leaning down slightly to kiss him and ohmygosh…romance feels. (The best kind in my opinion)


I never even thought about her vegetarianism. I mean, I knew she had it just forgot why. Nice putting it in. See, there is plot in here!

FIVE MINUTES… I don’t think I’m getting this done.

Daw. Jellie. They are just so cute.

Noah and Richard’s conversation was so cute and nice and then it got all serious talking about hunters. Sadness.

Thank you for pointing out the depressingness, Noah. I know your author can’t write a chapter without something sad coming up, even if it’s just conversation.

I’m sorry for Richard. History is gross. Oh, but mythology is cool. I’m cool with that.

Do werewolves age? Because being a teacher could not turn out well for him then.

AND IT’S TIME TO GO FOR ME! NOOOO! I’m just not going to bring up the time…

Bad werewolves. So dirty minded! Tsk tsk! But act on it. ACT ON IT!


Of all people, I feel Richard should be the one with the smallest amount of faith. Because he’s seen the bad guys up close and he has visions and all kinds of bad things.

Right. The Irish and British people. They’re together. Quite close together.

Housemates with benefits? That’s what she’s cool with? Wow. Desmond’s BRITISH! Take him out! GO OUT WITH HIM!

My dad has noticed the time. It’s ten minutes passed. I can do this! I WILL DO THIS DAMNIT!

Oh, Kate and Desmond. I just read them and think “so sex is happening”.

ALL THE COUPLES! Box of hamster time!

Addy and Peter are the most normal couple. They are spending time by doing the dishes. Like really? So romantic.

I feel ya, Addy. Grades are ridiculously important when there are scholarships involved. It’s annoying.

Just 15 minutes over time. Gah, I need to go but I am determined to finish and post this then. So damnit! I make things happen. This is happening!

Okay, this chapter was adorable. Minor if any plot was here and there was all cute and couplyness. I enjoy Kate and Desmond more than I thought I would. The whole friends with benefits thing is filled with sexual tension and that is the best. That was Roman Roommate for me. Very fun.

So anyway, I hate to see what comes next. (The shirt storm…) Because it’s only going to get so much sadder from here. :( Multiple sadfaces. D:

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Word count: 1004
Aura-Sama chapter 29 . 7/1/2013
awwwwwwwwwww (It sums up the whole chapter lol)
I love this chapter and I can't wait to read more!
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