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GermanSam chapter 24 . 5/11/2013
Yeah, nothing is going on. I'm tired and I have to pee so I don't want to start anything like Sims or a chapter so I'll just review instead. You're probably either at the movies for Denise's birthday or hanging out with all of them because of that. I hope it goes well and I hope Denise is okay. I wish I could be there but alas, I cannot. So I'll just connect to you the one way I can, by showing off my number one fandomness. Yep. Still no word on the computer so I'm doing this in an email again. Although my last review had 1234 words which is kind of amazing and funny. But there, so at least you know now for future reference.

But let's see who was on the phone, shall we?

Or not because you start with Richard. Yeah. Fine.

I'm a little into the chapter and I've read the title. So I assume this new guy is Seth. And all I can think about is the young werewolf Seth from Twilight and he's all sweet and innocent and this guy is probably not. But sadly, I'm going to picture that little innocent guy who's probably going to be totally evil. Sigh...

Oh no wait. Twist in the plot here. So Seth is good? Have we been previously introduced to Seth? Because the only memory I have of a Seth is mentioned above so yeah...WHAT IS HAPPENING?
(You could read, Sam, and find out.) Yeah, yeah, shut up. I'm working on it.

Oh, right. Seth. Yes. I remember. Well go him. He was either going to be extremely evil or good so I'm glad he's more on the "good" side. But I have a feeling having him help Richard home is only going to backfire on them because yeah, he doesn't hunt Seekrers (I originally wrote Seeker and didn't realize until halfway through this review that that was from The Host...yep) but he hunts werewolves and vampires which is back where Richard lives! But at least Noah will be all happy and protective. I can just picture the household getting Richard into bed and Noah making sure he's all taken care of then staying outside his bedroom door so no one could a guard dog. I can see it. But that's quite happy of you (even if it's sad) so I don't see it going that way.

I'm so into this chapter that I don't have time to comment. So sorry for my lack of comments. Though when you read this, it will be fairly long and rambly (most likely) because that's what I do. But shhhh! I've got to go back to reading now.

I think it's cute that Richard knows Noah's number and that he's all alpha male about getting him. It's adorable!

Seth seems so nice. WHAT IS GOING ON?

This exchange is quite calm. It's just like "Here is your herion addicted seerer who should probably be having a lot of withdrawls and weaknesses and dry-heaving oh and you should kind of leave town because we'd like to kill everyone else. Have a nice day." Of course, I'm not done with the scene yet but that's how it's going right now.

No, that's pretty much how it went.

I'm shock Noah didn't just like hug him instantly and just not let go. Go self control for Noah!

No "Hey, what's up guys?" Just a "Oh yeah, they think I'm your mate." Rude to everyone who's trying to help him. God, Richard. So inconsiderate.



What the hell man? What the actual hell is about to break loose? I don't like you very much right now. Not much indeed.

It's like "Oh look at this little glitter of hope that everything will work out in the end."


Thanks. Thanks for that, you jerk!

Seriously though. It's all cute that Richard wanted Noah to stay but for a third person story, this was very limited to only his feelings. I would've like to have known how Noah had felt (I fell all Fiction review-y on this) but I really want to know if Noah was like excited or sad for Richard. Like did Noah know Richard like him (which we don't even know for sure) or did he think that he just wanted someone and Noah was the one who was there? AND HOW DID HE FEEL ABOUT IT? I want to know!

And then there is a fight coming. I can feel it approaching quite obviously. I hope someone saw the car. I knew bad things would happen with this. I knew they would just lead them back to the house. Sigh...I hope the household knows they've been spotted before a sudden army attacks them so they can somewhat be prepared. Where was Peter and Jasper during this whole thing because they basically just saw magic and the bad effects that hanging with this crowd could do and they are still there? Seriously, how is this safer than The Palms or whatever?

But anyway, I was wondering if we were nearing the end. Only eight chapters to go. That actually seems like a lot but I feel like the fight isn't too far away and that is pretty much the end (after wrapping things up and stuff of course). So I feel like it was coming even sooner. What are you going to do when this is over? Apprenticed? NaNo editing? NaNo planning? A new story? Either way, I'll be right there reviewing a week after your chapter is posted (though I was kind of on time...or more on time compared to the last one) or whatever it is my number one fan-ness to do!

Hope you had a fun day, hope these reviews are making you smile future Fate (alliteration, high five!), and I will be seeing you soon and talking to you even sooner!

Update soon (or not, because I'll be in Disney next week and won't have time to R&R). It's been a while since I've said that.

Don't know word count. I'll include it in my next review! Adios!
GermanSam chapter 23 . 5/9/2013
Oh god, you know what I have to do? I had to reply to the email message I got from FictionPress telling me you updated to write out my review. That way Google Chrome still corrects my spelling. For context, I got a new computer since the last review I did and I have yet to get Office for this computer so yes...that means no word. And that makes it hard to work on my own stories and to review. But it's extremely hot in my house and I don't want to move. The Glee season 4 finale was tonight. Are we still watching that? (Obvious when you get this, the answer is yes but in a few years.) Does it still suck? Do we write it yet? I hope so. Anyway, onto this chapter. My goal is to review it before you update again. We shall see how it goes.

OH! The reaction chapter! I'm excited for this one!

FictionPress is all spread out on my laptop and the font is so tiny. (My new screen is as big as our TV in the dorm was...) I actually have to zoom in!

I forget about Blake. He's in the attic. He's not important. Do vampires eat people food? Does it taste like anything? How does his eating work to not freak out the people in the house?

Aw, poor Noah. He's all stressed out.

I'm FB messaging you BTW, because we cannot go 24 hours without speaking to one another as you are well aware. No one will break up this brotp! Not even our scary third party friends. But anyway, I just lied to you and said I was working on my queue. I'm not, though I should be. And to your future self, do I still have that blog? If this is like five years old and you say yes, please feel free to slap me. Maybe we'll be living together then? Who knows?

Back on topic...

Poor clueless humans. They are in for a wild night.

TYPO ALERT! You have a ",,," where there should be a "..."

And still poor Noah. He's all macho wanting to save his mate when he can't. Sigh. This story.

I just still feel bad for Noah. He's all protective though which is extremely...attractive? I guess. That's the best word I have for it. The fact that he cares so much is very touching and I like seeing that...even if it's violent. Shoot, it's even better because he's willing to be violent. It's that whole "punching a wall when angry" thing. You get me. I know it.

Oh, you humans. You don't even know what you are in for. I honestly think I would faint if I learned five of my housemates were supernatural beings.

I feel like Jasper would be okay with it..kind of. You know he might be afraid at first but as long as she's not like "Yeah, and you're my mate so I'm kind of stuck being obsessed with you forever. Sorry, not sorry." I think he'll be alright. But that's just my prediction.

You called Addy "Add" is that a typo or nickname because it's kind of weird.

I like how Addy is only concerned with Blake.

It's funny how Jasper was the one curious about what mate's are. See, he's cool with it. I knew it!

I like how Ellie's mate was nicely averted considering he's in the room.

What does Peter think of all of this? He's being quiet...

Hodgepodge? Is there your word of the week? You used it to describe your NaNo superhero idea (Did you go through with that? How did it go? I'm sure I loved it and hated you for all the feels because as number 1 fan, that's what I do.).

Is the table even clear or is this feast just separating them all? I feel a table flip coming and a mess somewhere along the way.

Jasper is such a little weirdo. It's adorable. I wish something from Ellie's POV had mentioned how she found him adorable because that would make me just "aww" at them.

Seriously? Isn't the table full of food and plates and stuff? How can Desmond just plop the book down on a full table?

It's not Victor. You lead it up to be so it'll be someone else. Maybe their parents? Dun dun duuuunnn... Nah, it won't be. Not because you wouldn't do that but because you already have too many characters and you wouldn't do that to yourself. So I don't know who it is. I feel that Victor is too obvious but I don't know who else it would be.

I haven't noticed your writing go down in quality though I've definitely noticed in it myself. I'm too repetitive now! My word bank just seems to have disappeared and I can't come up with new ways to say things and I feel so lame. I feel like my writing has gone lame-r. And I actually finished my college classes and you had brain surgery! YOU ARE JUST SO DAMN TALENTED! STOP IT! But enough boo-hooing about me. Considering everything you went through, your writing seems perfectly fine. Plus it all just seems perfectly fine to me and consider I have read most of everything you've ever written, I'm going to call myself a good judge. But anyway.

I'm not upset at you for the cliffhanger. Remember the days where we would cower from each other at school or in our own rooms (like I would update then run off to take a shower to avoid you) afraid of each other's reactions. Ah...good times. WHY DON'T I LIVE YOU YOU ANYMORE?! I will for like three days in about two weeks from now! So there is that to look forward to! Yay!

Anyway, good chapter. Did you update again or did I beat you? I'm good! I still beat you! YES!

Well have this review to encourage you to finish your next chapter and update so I can bum around and not review it like this one. I'm an awful number one fan sometimes, but no one is allowed to take that title ever. HEY! Instead of being each other's best friends (because that is not allowed) and since we can't call each other roomie anymore (though I will continue to do so for a long time, watch me), I will just refer to you as my number one fan and you can do the same with me.

"Oh who took you to the hospital?"
"Just my number one fan and her dad."

I like it. It makes us sound famous and stalkerish of each other. It explains our relationship perfectly...or not. But whatever. I'm getting kind of tired. I blame the lava rushing through my house and making it ten billion degrees right now and the laptop on my lap is not helping there either. You know when I get hot I cannot function. My batteries short circuit. Anyway, I should end this. I did this in an email so I have no idea how many words there are.

If you'd like to tell me...then I'm interested. But it's whatever. I'll talk to you soon and be reviewing again sometime soon as well! Hope this made you smile somewhat somewhere somehow. Now I'm off to really do my queue or maybe just melt...
Aura-Sama chapter 23 . 5/8/2013
Thank you! I'm so happy you updated this, it's one of my favorite, favorite, stories! Great chapter, can't wait to read more!
GermanSam chapter 22 . 4/29/2013
Wow, it’s been forever. I don’t even remember how to review properly anymore. What’s it been? Nine weeks now since your last update? Geez. That’s almost three Februarys. Wow.


Well I’m not gonna in case I actually need to use caps. So zoom in and have fun reading I suppose. This probably won’t be my usual awesome because it’s been so long but we’ll see how it goes.

So you’re out of the hospital now (yay) but you moved back home early (boo). And now I’m slowly packing up our room and crying (internally of course) at the thought of leaving you even though you’ve already left me. :( You were the perfectest roommate ever! We never fought or had fights, mild disagreements if that and we could talk about everything and we liked all the same stuff and I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE YOU (see, caps needed). I’ll never have a roommate as good as you. :(

But off of sad things and onto what is bound to be sadder things. Let’s get going with this review thing.
I was hoping it wouldn’t be sad and then…there’s the title (see what I did there? Huh? It was unintentional but it was also a T alliteration.)

OH NO! It’s a Richard focus chapter. Just take my heart now why don’t you? I won’t have it by the end of this I just know it!

Aw, that’s just low touching him so he sees stuff. Sadness.

I don’t remember who these hunters are but seeing as they are bad guys, I fail to want to learn who they are specifically. They are guys “bad guy” and “bad chick” so yep. And they are not very nice, let me tell you.

NO ELLIE! Don’t answer it!

But since when do your characters ever listen to me? Gah, they would be a lot better off if they did.

Dude, Mr. Bad Guy, her name is Ellie! It’s weird that she’s being called anything else.

Ellie better tell Noah even though he’ll be all alpha boyfriend and try to go after them without even knowing where they are. Sigh…this family.

Tofurkey? They have that one the Sims I believe.

Another bad guy? Well he will be “bad guy 2” or even better “bad brother” because that’s an alliteration and he’s the brother of “bad chick”.

Aw sad. This chapter felt really short. Was it shorter than the others? Or maybe it was just so good that I felt like reading more than commenting? Yeah, that one sounds better so we’ll go with that.

Sad, but Richard is sad. And I picture Noah flipping over the table in anger when he hears about Richard. Things have to get worse before they get better huh? I feel like that’s true with this story only things will just keep getting worse until Richard is dead, Noah is dead on the inside because of it, and all the bad people are dead and they can somewhat live out the remainder of their lives being sad and alone. There’s your bittersweet ending for you. Sigh.

This is going to hurt like…like a something painful. I can just tell. So thanks in advance for that.

Well, I’m off to pack some more. Sadface. All things sad right now. But enjoy this review anyway even if it’s not my usual awesome.

Word count: 570
Kara P chapter 21 . 3/17/2013
I'm really loving this story so far! I hope you update soon. :)
Sara chapter 21 . 3/1/2013
Please next chapter!
GermanSam chapter 21 . 3/1/2013
So, hey.

It’s about time I reviewed this chapter.

OUR ONLINE COURSE IS DONE! It was the worst thing ever in case you don’t remember.

Also, you are currently in the hospital. Remember that? Well you will when you read this because it will be fresh but in like a year or so. Remember that? Yeah, it wasn’t much fun for you unfortunately. I stayed the first night with you and then your grandma came down. I have no idea what happens after that because it hasn’t happened yet. I’ll probably visit you every day for the month or so that you’re in here. Hopefully you won’t miss too much in school but you’ll probably have to drop Latin. Still, your health is what matters so you can keep writing chapters and I can keep reviewing them!

I assume you’ll read this while you’re still in the hospital for the first time. Considering you’ll have a lot of down time and I’ll be sure to bring your laptop on a visit eventually. So, I hope you’re doing well and maybe this review will give you a smile. And, I’ll probably be seeing you soon.

Normally, you’re sleeping and I’m in a chair next to you doing whatever while you are being life of the party (don’t you dare say you’re sorry for that! That was sarcasm and you say sorry for anything and everything! STOP IT!) but right now you’re getting something put into somewhere for some treatment or another (I pay good attention). But anyway, time to review this bad boy.

I love the title. It’s a Toy Story quote! I don’t know the original quote and it might not even be a quote but it’s a Toy Story meme (Idiots… Idiots everywhere… Look it up if I’m just confusing you). This is funny considering that this week on my Disney Movies and Facts blog (to your year later self: do you remember that? Is that still going on? If so: good for me for keeping something up. If not: good for me for getting off the computer.) is Toy Story week. Very fitting if I do say so myself.

Alright let’s get to it.

Gah! I want to like Blake because he’s quite witty but I just can’t /want/ to like him.

I’m just saying. Jasper’s all cute and stuff but Blake and her would’ve made an interesting pair too. Write an AU where he is her mate instead of Jasper. I want to see how that turns out. If you publish this story, someone else will do it, I’m sure. There would be a lot of rough sex. I can see it now… and I don’t really want to either… but yeah.

Dizziness? Pulsing headache? Drawing on personal experience are we?

Blake sounds like he looked like what you looked like when we took you to the hospital. Are we allowed to joke about that? Too soon? I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH SERIOUS ISSUES! Where is Denise? I need to insult her or something…

I find it funny that he has a bed and not a coffin or something. I know that would be totally obvious but a vampire “sleeping” just makes me laugh.

Wait a minute! What about Jasper’s friend who’s name I can’t think of? Wouldn’t he still be in the house too? Where is he?

Oh wait, he’s Peter. Yeah. Got it. Good job brain.

So far you’ve been sleeping most of Friday too! But you’ll probably do that on Saturday and Sunday too.

A snake bite on her neck? I know I suggested that but how the hell did a snake get up to her neck? Was she like laying down in a field or something stupid? I also thought it was adorable that Jasper was concerned about a hickey.

I’m telling you. With this chapter you are just asking for Blake/Ellie fanfiction.

As if the hickey and fireplace have anything to do with one another. Oh this poor clueless human.


Noah isn’t getting Richard and someone has to pass on the Alpha gene. It’s going to be Ellie.

…I just thought of Ellie pregnant. Could you image all her hormones and mood swings? OMG! It would be great! Would she change into a werewolf too if she were with child or not like in the sims? So many wonders…

Gross. Wasn’t she at work? Where the hell did she come from? And why was she willing to make out with him (on a counter where food is prepared) when she knows she lives in a house with like fifty other people?

Yes, Jasper. Yes everyone is going to hook up. Box of hamsters. Box of hamsters.

I almost want to read a Kate/Desmond focus chapter. Could be interesting. I think I would actually check out the fanfiction for that. Damn it. Why isn’t this published? I hope that Desmond doesn’t use her and hurt her and stuff because that will hurt him and that will hurt me and that will just hurt. So don’t. Do that. Don’t do that.

This isn’t going to be good. Desmond is going to be hurt and you’re going to hurt me. -_- Great.

Beanie? What a hipster!

Oh! Ellie just said that! I’d still say hipster…even if he is attracted to a man.

AW! NO! The hurt begins! My heart! I can feel it breaking!

Her heart broke a little? Mine broke a lot! I just want to hug Desmond. Poor magical British guy.

OMG! You said this chapter wasn’t really that great of one because it mattered later. It. Matters. Later. That means Desmond’s relationship matters later! That means that even though you broke my heart with the thought of what will happen between him and Kate, you’re going to rip it out and stomp on it when it actually happens. Thanks. Thanks you sad person you.

A thrift store? A THRIFT STORE? Has Lupita’s constant playing of that song gotten to your head?

Well yay for the mention of Richard again even though who knows when that will happen. Maybe you’ll be able to do it once you have more down time in the hospital. Who knows?

You are done with your online class but no regular updating. At least not for a while. Maybe you can write some and store up a few chapters so you can regularly update once you’re all better? Just an idea.

Sorry this review took so long. I hope it made you smile somewhere in some part of it. Obviously if you’re reading this, then you can see again and that’s freaking awesome. It’s always nice to have vision. So I’ll see you probably soon and you’ll see me (after you read this) probably soon-ish. I hope you are getting better and feeling better. Thanks for the update!

Obviously take your time with the next one. I understand why you can’t. Sleep and feel better! And no matter how you look, you will rock whatever hairstyle you make even bald! I promise!

Word count: 1200 (Is this longer than the chapter yet? I’m getting closer!)
Lionesscouer chapter 21 . 2/13/2013
I fully understand school commitments. The chapter was funny for sure. Looking forward to finding out more on the Richard cliffhanger! Love the story!
tenna shut up chapter 20 . 1/30/2013
I love this! It's never what I expect it to be :) The plot twists are awesome and the writing is very good. I really like the characters too! Though I don't feel like we know much about Kate though I suppose that could be relative to the screen time the other characters get? I'm curious as to where Blake was from before Black Wood? Is the reason for all the deaths in the house be making a come back? Is it still relevant or no? I love that Richard already knows. Richard/Noah relationship is very endearing the way you write it. Someone rescue him already :(

Excited for more :) Take care!
GermanSam chapter 20 . 1/21/2013
Okay, you’re sleeping. I’ve read some for the online homework this week (and it’s Monday so that means a lot) but I’m too lazy to go look up the questions. I’ll do it after this I suppose. I watched a bit of DailyGrace. The only reason I’m awake right now is because my dad wanted me to call him so I got up thinking it was important and…it wasn’t. So yeah. I’m tired still. But that’s good so I go to bed earlier tonight. And I’ve got nothing to do right now, so review I shall! Yeah I don’t know what’s wrong with me today. This review will turn out interestingly.

I just opened the chapter and now I remember that something bad happens…. Oh…. I don’t think I want to read this anymore. But I already started the review so I can’t go back now.

First sentence thoughts: You have too many damn people.

Aw, Desmond is her best friend. Cute. I still don’t hear any of his lines with an accent.

Blake is the one who should buy her dinner first. So much sexual tension there. Pushing her up against walls and stuff.

OH! My stomach just growled… It is my breakfast/lunch time…

I have a feeling bad things are going to happen. Mostly because I know that because you don’t want me to hurt you and also because Ellie doesn’t like to shift and she just did. So… shits going to hit the fan, huh? Yeah. Good going Blake. Why do you like his character again? He’s kind of awful.

Oh, and this suddenly vampire/werewolf fight going on in the attic will just go…unnoticed by everyone?
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Why did she shift and then we skip to freaking Thanksgiving? Chekhov's gun, Fate! Checkhov’s gun!

Well… that quickly went in a weird direction. Who would want to kidnap Richard?

GASP! Those hunter people who are hunting that. Ah, I got it.

God, you really do hate Richard. Making him be the one that gets captured. Good job, Richard. Never leave the house alone. And now no one will be suspicious of his disappearance until after the holidays and geez. Good going Richard!

Ah, great. And now he’s going to be tortured. This day just gets better and better for poor Richard, doesn’t it?

It’s a shock collar isn’t it? That would only make sense.

And yes Richard! Noah’s there because of you! And now he’s going to beat some people for taking you hostage!

I hope Noah is concerned considering his relationship with Richard. Maybe he’ll get lonely without his mate in the house and check up on Richard in his family’s house and discover he’s not there and freak out a lot sooner than a few weeks later.

I KNEW IT! I freaking knew that Richard knew! SO RICHARD IS SO TOTALLY GAY TOO! NOW THEY CAN BE TOGETHER AND HAVE WEREWOLF BABIES! Only they can’t because Richard is probably going to die. You’re just that mean.


Wow. Just wow. This was low of you. And very mean. Poor Richard. And the hits just keep on coming too, huh? You have all the bad things happen to Richard. Apart from dying, what other worse things can you do? I guess I shouldn’t challenge you with that because I honestly don’t want to know. Give them their happy ending in the end pretty please! They deserve it after you put them through all of this crap.

But that would be too nice of you. And then you would be able to use those werewolf baby one-shots and you already said you can’t so I know exactly where this is going.

It’s okay, break it off. That’s fine.

I won’t kill you for this but I am not exactly peachy happy.

And you are still sleeping. Or you are still in your bed. You’re probably awake. I assume so because you’re moving around a lot. So yeah.

Well I’m off to settle my still rumbling stomach and maybe answer a question for online homework and then do my film reading. Maybe take a shower somewhere in there too. So yeah… Happy one day off of school yet still get stuck with ten pounds of homework. Yay….

Update soon (Or take your time, it’s really cool either way.)!

Word count: 731
Love in All Forms chapter 20 . 1/21/2013
It was sad :( but it helped add to the plot so I wouldn't hate it.
GermanSam chapter 19 . 1/21/2013
So I’m in a gif-versation with Danish and we’re watching re-runs of Awkward and you’re doing something on Tumblr or working on something with the Housemates and I’m so behind as it is.

So let’s not waste more time here. This might not be my usual awesome because I don’t have time to be my usual awesome.

Aw, this chapter looks long. Damn… I’m going to have to get cracking at this.

Lovely alliteration for the title. I’m surprised it all fit on here.

Besides the fact that you want them too, there is really no reason for her to go back. She could spend the night in the woods or something. She would be fine.

They moved in quick. Really quick.

Poor Ellie not being able to tell her mate. Poor Jasper for being her mate.

“Thanks for letting [me] face them on my own.” – Typo Alert!

Ah, so the couch does get some love. That’s nice to know. An easy explanation would have been that there was too much stuff in the living room that it was taking over the couch or something. I don’t know.

And he’s following her to her room. Let the awkwardness begin.

You’re counting your fandoms now. You have at least ten it seems.

And back to the awkwardness. So yeah, weird. Glad he’s insisting on the couch. That’s more realistic than sleeping in the same bed with a person you had two conversations with. Awkward. Like the show we’re watching. Yep.

Who says “certain” anymore? What is he? 70?

I’M DETERMINED TO FINISH THIS DAMN CHAPTER AT LEAST. But Danish keeps distracting me with Tumblr and stuff.

It’s adorable that she thinks he’s adorable. Yeah.

So they are just conversing. Her in the bed and him standing. Awkward. Man the show we’re watching is just perfect for that.

Their banter is adorable. If they don’t end up together… I swear to god! I’ll do something! *insert gif expression proper emotion here*

Who the hell is Cambell? Seriously.

Cute that she actually got to know her mate. But sad that “he was not hers to hold”. Sad. But cute. I wonder if Jasper woke up in the middle of the night or was totally comforted by her arms that he was soundly asleep. So many questions.

Now onto your favorite couple.

I feel like bad things will still happen. If Ellie woke up spooning, this will not go well. Bad things will happen man.

And bring out the nakedness. Normally I would enjoy this moment but considering this is between somewhat gay people, I can’t enjoy it mentally. I can't relate because I'm not a guy...

Noah is such a girl.

So Richard knows about Jasper and Ellie yet can’t see what’s going on with him.

Interesting wolf stuff. Cute that he was all being a dog and by the foot of his bad. Bet you something bad happened. Richard touched him. Kicked him or something. Bad things, I tell you. I know bad things happen in the next chapter for sure so things are going to go awfully. SO BAD. GAH!

Desmond should ask Kate out then since he’s so cocky. Jeez. But yeah. Feelings chapter. I see that now. So I will not do the other chapter tonight because I’m super tired and yeah. I’ll go to bed and do some homework probably or maybe not. We’ll see.

Sorry this isn’t my usual awesome.

Yay for the couch mention. Thanks for the weird gay shirtless things going on in here. It was nice and weird at the same time. And just like the show we’re watching, thanks for making it all awkward.

So yeah, take your time with the update. I’m not pressuring you to do that anytime soon. I’ll see you eventually with the other review. Or something. Yeah…

Good night!

Final word count: 645
Guest chapter 20 . 1/20/2013
Oh my god! How could you?! :(
Guest chapter 19 . 1/16/2013
Love in All Forms chapter 19 . 1/16/2013
This chapter was just awesome. Update soon I really like this story :):)
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