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Guest chapter 19 . 1/15/2013
Aw! Yay! Defiantly worth the wait!
Guest chapter 18 . 1/14/2013
No new update? :( I thought you said the 6th?
call-of-the-mind chapter 18 . 1/5/2013
Great chapter! I really liked this one, and I like how there's more people in the house now. Please update soon!
Love in All Forms chapter 18 . 12/18/2012
Thanks for the surprised brighten up my day happy new year and happy holiday
Aura-Sama chapter 18 . 12/17/2012
Yayyy! Early update, you're the best!
GermanSam chapter 18 . 12/16/2012
So I don’t want to study and I still have a day (which I’ll regret saying later…) tomorrow so I’ll do this. Especially since this is one of your favorite chapters. And next is your favorite chapter but I probably won’t read that one in your company if at all. But the least I can do is read this one and give you my review now. Then after that, I’ll go back to studying, see how long that lasts and maybe plan for my story next year. Because that’s happening even if I don’t want it too.

Onto more relevant and hopefully cute things: this chapter!

I know this is the one with the strip tease that’s not an actual strip tease. Jasper should be in here too somewhere. So yay for romance!

Does that mean the hunters are just going to take the next few months off while the siblings fall in love and stuff just to make it all the more complicated for them when the /have to/ flee. Would they?... Because I know they say they wouldn’t but to keep their mates safe… would they? So many questions.
I suppose reading the chapter would help. I haven’t even looked at the title at this point! Let me do that.
Oh! It tells me so much especially compared to your last few chapters. (Sarcasm.) One word title? That’s almost as bad as a one word text. Stop it. Stop it right now.

“leap off the couch and great him at the door with her tail wagging” – As funny as this line is because the visual is hilarious, the typo makes it even greater… or greeter! Ha! See what I did there? Yeah, I’ll stop being funny.

Aw, Kate and Desmond. Weird… but…no just plain weird.

IS THIS ALL COUPLES UNITE IN ONE CHAPTER CHAPTER? Because that’s where I feel this is going. Considering Jasper will be there and suddenly everyone is in one room. I see a lot of couple feels.

Poor Noah having to be all on guard because he feels like his mate can’t be without him. It’s romantic and insulting. Richard can handle himself but well yeah.

How very gay of him to even notice. Never mind the fact that the whole room is changed.

And considering there are so many supernaturals in the house (does Addy know about Blake? I want to know!), I figured it would be a total legit question to inform Addy that there were people coming to the house.

Of course they would be forced to stay there for some reason. It’s probably because of Blake too. Therefore, Ellie would not have to thank him in some weird way for forcing them together but then hate him for trying to make a snack out of her not boyfriend.

Seriously though. Where the hell would they stay? Because you need more characters to keep track of? Don’t pull a Glee or Once Upon a Time! Don’t get too overwhelmed! Apparently, after a while Jasper goes away because you forget to mention him! And that is really not okay! Ellie would rip your throat out for even giving her a weak mate in the first place and then for giving her a crappy backstory AND THEN for not even letting her be with her mate. Don’t be so mean!

Oh no! Bad Ellie! Noah is so going to kill and thank her at the same time. Is he going to throw the fact that Jasper can stay with her into her face? Because that is a little beyond awkward.

Ellie is sitting on a couch. Why can no one sleep there? Not that I’m opposed to couples being forced together, just saying. Hopefully someone points that out.

Richard doesn’t mind. RICHARD. DOESN’T. MIND. He’s going to touch him by accident! Bad things are going to happen! BAD THINGS! And what about Peter staying in his bed? Won’t he get visions of Peter then once he returns to his bed? Not that he ever should be cause he and Noah have babies and are perfect for each other and all that.

Oh, Blake threw her under the bus. I thought for sure it would be Noah. But hey, still figured they would end up together. There is still the couch! Why is no one using the couch! Surely, they don’t want to inconvenience the people they are staying with. Staying with a girl you barely know? Somehow I don’t think a shy guy would go for that.

But… but THE COUCH!

Peter gave him another look? When did he give him the first one?

Oh crap. It wasn’t Blake. Great.

Oh hunters. Even better.

Sad that the odds aren’t in the humans favor for once. If only the real world didn’t have so many crazy humans. Ah, I’m thinking sad thoughts. Back to the story.

Depends on the hunters…well it’s the bad kind. The very bad ones.

Can’t they leave their mates if they’re mates are going to get attacked? Jasper’s not but Richard is /human enough/, right? So… so bad things are going to happen.

They are about to get more than friendly.

WHY FORGET THE COUCH? THE POOR COUCH GETS NO ONE! Ellie/Noah better offer to go sleep on the couch to save Jasper/Richard the embarrassment of sleeping with them so they don’t have to get friendly. I know they’ll want to sleep with them in the literal sense and in the sexual sense but they are still nice people. And hopefully they don’t make an awkward situation worse.

That’s one way to blow the secret. I wouldn’t have even thought about the other characters not knowing. Bonus points for you!

Jasper and the fireplace. I might ship it more than I ship him and Ellie.

…what? Kate being the slut? I forget she’s there half the time! How can she be the slutty one and why does Ellie know that? Am I supposed to know that too? I feel like I was supposed to know that.

Kate and Desmond… still weird. It just does not function in my brain but they seem to be more alike than they think with their ‘reputations’. Maybe they should start out being friends with benefits.

Bet you… well not you specifically because you probably know, that Kate assumes that Desmond and Ellie have something going on. A girl can never have a guy friend without someone suspecting something!

I just realized he's British…. and she’s Irish. She might not have the accent (or she might for all I know) but that’s her heritage. Which is weird. Because they’re from the same country place thing. They have stuff in common and stuff. I still find them weird. They just don’t work in my brain and Jasper/Ellie and Noah/Richard are ten times more interesting.

With the sleeping arrangement deal, why didn’t Addie offer up her bed? Consider they are /her/ friends. I mean, she could have offered to sleep with Peter since they are the only two unmatched at the moment. But she didn’t even do that. Her housemates don’t even know them very well. It just says a lot about her character…

I’d like to learn more about Kate. Maybe I’d find her more suitable with Desmond then. As of right now, I do not.

Well I see why this chapter was fun and I see why the next chapter will be more fun. So that will be where Richard undressed in front of Noah and were Ellie and Jasper finally talk. I understand now.

Thanks for the early update but take some time to prepare some chapters before you update again. I say that for your own benefit. Have fun studying which is what I’m going to do.

Wow, this review is super long. How long is your chapter? I don’t think I beat it yet but… I certainly came closer than any of my other reviews. This is easily my longest review to date. So I hope it was funny and worth it. Next time I review it will probably be in my own house while you’re in your own house. Just like old times.

So yeah. Update whenever and stuff.

Fun chapter. I tried not to smile like an idiot to not give away that I was reviewing (but then I told you and that went to crap).

Word count: 1,400 even!
Love in All Forms chapter 17 . 12/15/2012
Great chapter. I hate werewolf hunter though but Happy Holiday and Happy New Year
GermanSam chapter 17 . 12/15/2012
So, I totally opened your chapter here but I need to do my Tumblr queue (it’s the end of Anastasia week) so I’m going to do some of that before I get to this. You just currently made a Hot Pocket that we’re going to split and we’re rocking out to T Swift because Denise just bought us our X-mas gifts. So yep. I’m off to do my queue. I’ll give you an update later.

Okay, I have no idea how long it’s been but we’re done with the T Swift album and we’re not listening to Shania Twain. My queue is mostly done. I have another post to make but I’m too lazy so here I am. You’ve updated Apprenticed as well but I’m unsure how I feel about reviewing that one considering it’s almost 2 AM and I’m getting tired… so we’ll see.

Let’s get to this now!

Aw, Noah and Richard! Oh this is the fun undressing chapter, isn’t it? I knew something exciting happened in this chapter that you were excited for.

But… but Noah is keeping one hell of secret from him and he hasn’t found out yet? If he has, then he’s cool with it and they can just be happy with their three werewolf babies!

Poor Ellie but I find that whenever you say she’s growling to be one of the funniest things I’ve heard. I don’t know why. Maybe because I can hear it in my head and it’s hilarious.

If Ellie can pick up Richard’s fast heartbeat (almost typed heart break out of habit) then so can Noah and that is probably a bit alarming for him.

And oh yeah. Blake doesn’t know all about his new housemates. Guess he gets to learn all about them.

The dialogue here is getting a bit confusing. But I got it.

So like vampires are dead so maybe Richard can’t see anything for him since he’s like supposed to be dead? That’s my logic but we’ll see how this goes.

Or the vampire can be a seer too. That seems bad. Bad things are going to happen here. He’ll find out about Noah because Ellie knows about it and bad things will happen! Good things cannot come of this! I just know!

Oh…so he’s not one really but…okay. Whatever. He can help Richard control his powers! That would be good considering everything bad happens to that poor boy.

I’m surprised it took Noah this long to jump to his feet. I figured as soon as Blake touched him, Noah would’ve tackled him. That’s /his/ boyfriend, Blake! Not yours.

“drug-addicted Richard”… he’s just so sad. Burt has cancer! We don’t need more sadness!

And then there is more sadness with Noah saying Richard can live his life and all that. Thanks. Let’s just be depressing. Thanks.

“He meant every word” “She believed every word” – Getting a bit repetitive there!

Sigh. Is it bad if I say I don’t care much for the hunters? Like, I just want to keep hearing about the household! Does Blake know about everyone else? What is he going to teach Richard? How is it going to help? How is everyone else going to feel about Blake? How often does he have to feed on Ellie? Why doesn’t Noah volunteer to help her out sometimes? Why doesn’t Richard and Desmond (since they know) help out with that? I mean, it’s not ideal (especially Richard for Noah) but it wouldn’t weaken Ellie so much and it would help! My point being that there is a lot you have not addressed yet. The hunters can just… go away for a while like they did before!

But alas, here we are with them.

Is there ever a sane Luna in any story? I don’t think so. She’s crazy. She’s a crazy bitch. I know it. There is no such thing as a non-crazy Luna.

I’ve only read a few sentences about her and I already think she’s like Azula. A death machine and insane. Yep.

Well no stalling. He was just like yeah, the siblings are there too. No dramatic pause or careful tone or anything. Just saying it.

Well… this is just going to end badly. I can already tell.

(When she says “dad” it should be capitalized. It’s only not when she pulls a Lupita and says “my dad”. Just saying.)

Yeah, hunters. Blah. Go back to all the interesting people! But you said they would be there for a few months so I see what you did there.

And yeah, happy things for Richard FOR NOW! You jerky jerk face! Yeah, I went there.

So this wasn’t the undressing chapter but I know you’ve already written that and you’re on chapter nineteen so it must be the next one. And Jasper is in the next one too. I look forward to that. (I originally wrote “I enjoy that” as if I’m some proper person or something. I don’t know.)

So yep. No need to update soon even if you want to. You can give it a while before you do that. Just throwing that out there.

Don’t know if I’ll review Apprenticed tonight or not. I might after I get ready for bed. We’ll see.

Word count: 877
GermanSam chapter 16 . 12/11/2012
I just saw on the email that this story is rated M… so like… why? Because that is kind of scary. WHY IS IT M, FATE? WHY?! WHAT DARK SIDE ARE WE GOING TO WITH THIS? It’s scaring me already…

We’re watching Two and a Half Men and Charlie just said “Don’t crap where you eat” which is what one of your characters (I forget which one and refuse to go back to look it up so yeah, Desmond I think?) says. Funny.

But anyhow, I probably won’t finish this in the time you leave considering that’s fifteen minutes from now. I’m still thinking about playing Sims but I know I won’t honestly. But... the more I think about it, the more I want to play! Sigh… I should start warming up my computer… nah…maybe… gah!


Attic occupant? It’s going to be that vampire dude! I shall see…

Yeah… with the hunters coming, getting a job doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Yep, the vampire is back. Sexual tension here I come! (Dirty pun, unintentional, sorry…)

And you just left for the play. Yeah, see how much I get done in fifteen minutes. Not a lot. I’m still reading the description of the room. Did you write this during NaNo? I feel like the answer is yes…

“Splash of color” Geez, who are you? Some interior decorator now?

I see why you needed the first chapter that one day. So yes, this was during NaNo.

Growling. Funny.

“The hell you do” That saying cracks me up almost any time it’s said. It’s great! And totally fits here.

As if you need more characters… tsk tsk! OMG! BOX OF HAMSTERS! Who’s going to fall in love with the vampire? And does Addie know considering she knows about everyone else?

OH NO! I just realized that now this vampire will lead literally to the doorstep of Noah and Ellie and then the hunters will come and shit will go down. There is no tip toeing around that saying. No. Shit will go down. It’ll happen. And it won’t be pretty. It’ll be just as pretty as shit hitting the fan… yep. Think about it.

“The hell we do.” There it is again. Great. Freaking great!

Aw! Her and Noah’s banter while completely serious is also adorable. He all understands and everything. It’s just great! He’s a great old brother. Ollie, Logan, and him should all attend the GBBC (Great Big Bro Club) an just hang out and complain about their sisters. I can see it now.

“My sister is a werewolf who doesn’t think anything through.”
“Oh yeah? Well my sister is an immortal half-god who thinks she’s so great because she’s dating a Roman”
“…my sister almost went to jail.”

It would just be great and awesome and funny. OMG! Fan fiction! It might happen one day. We should do it when we’re both famous!

Right. He’s British. Weird. I’ve never hear it in my head.

Desmond can join the GBBC. He’s brotherly enough. Plus then it’s two of mine with two of yours.

It’s going to be Addie and Blake isn’t it? Very Twilight of you if Bella could talk to dead people.

Or is this Luna chick going for Blake? Well I mean she is coming after him but are they going to be a thing? Hunter vs Hunted. Sexual tension. Sexual tension EVERYWHERE! It would be so awesome. One day I’ll write a story like that.

It is so sad that I am done with this chapter and just have to wrap up this review and I STILL get distracted by Tumblr damnit. Lupes isn’t here yet and I still want to play Sims but I don’t know. Because it’ll take an hour to load and then I’ll have like only an hour of gameplay and it won’t be worth it. That’s it. I’m not doing it tonight. Thursday though. I’ll do it Thursday for sure!

The show is starting soon for you. There are three minutes to 7:30 so hope you’re having fun and not getting too dizzy from sitting up too high! You’ll tell me how it is!

And update soon because I honestly do what to know where the hell this is going because it feels like it can go anywhere at this point. So… yeah!

Word count: 725
Love in All Forms chapter 16 . 12/9/2012
Great chapter didn't get a lot of Elli and Jasper time/3
Hayley Jade Alisdair chapter 16 . 12/8/2012
Interesting turn of events... Cannot wait for the next chapter :D
GermanSam chapter 15 . 12/8/2012
Holy crap! I just noticed that you are on chapter 20 of Apprenticed already! Chapter 20! Normally by then, my characters have made out! So that’s like a big turning point in my stories! It took (I stopped here and don’t know where I was going so I’m going to start again.) It takes me forever to reach this point. OH! I remember my point! It took you this long to get to plot in that story! Isn’t that saying something!

But onto this story! It’s all werewolves and mates and sad and crap. I think we get plot here too? At least that’s what you said when you updated. I guess I’ll be the judge of that.

So, Lupes is arriving, my simming computer is warming up and Big Bang season four (oh yeah, we’re watching all of them!) is ready to go. Our Saturday will begin shortly!

So let me get to reading so I can knock this out of the way.

Ah, time skips. You mentioned those.

You passed the time very well if I do say so myself.

Desmond using magic doesn’t seem like a good idea. Isn’t that bad? And now he’s all using it all the time.


He doesn’t know she exists! It’s so damn adorable I’ll just die of adorable –ness! Make them be together! Make SOMEONE HAVE WEREWOLF BABIES! (She has to because Alpha gene and all that!)

Desmond and Kate? Really? REALLY? That’s weird! But then no one likes Addie? Sad!

OMG! Oh MY GOD! If Richard likes Addie then you’re just going to rip my heart out! DON’T DO THAT! STOP IT! STOP IT RIGHT NOW! And since they are a box of hamsters, Addie must like that Mexican with a white name. I forget and it was just recently mentioned. I’m too lazy to go and look for it. So that guy. He’s the only one left.

The Kate thing was kind of thrown in there. It came from nowhere.

Looked at her like she was blonde? What’s wrong with being blonde? Oh wait, I’m not blonde anymore. Alright, you’re on your own.

Aw, Desmond is all cute with his crush! He’s adorable about wanting to date her but feels like he can’t. It’s so freaking cute!




This is where the sad stuff comes in again! Can you even have one fully non sad chapter? I don’t think it’s possible.

Even when it’s all sad, Desmond is still all cute and adorable. Sad that it’s his fault. That will come in later I’m sure. It’s going to be even more sad. Thanks. Thanks for that.

Christmas was our first real holiday together and it went awesomely if I do say so myself.

Oh look, villains. These guys. They’re back. They’re still relevant. Nice to know.

Seth makes me think of Twilight. HE DIED in the last one (well he didn’t but he did and it was sad…)

Black Wood. Isn’t that where they are?
OH! I see the plot now.

Well this Luna person won’t be good. GASP! Is Richard going to like her? Because that would both be mean to him and to Noah. Don’t do that either you jerk!

Or is it going to be Luna and Blake. I’ll find that interesting. Too people against each other in a relationship. I wanna do that one time. Hunter vs Hunted. Could be full of sexual tension. DO IT!

Suddenly Noah having a job seems bad…

Kid flashback! Adorable!

What is so bad about them being alive? I don’t understand.

We did learn a lot about them and they are not nice. I don’t care much for them… and this Luna chick is going to be crazy. Luna’s are always crazy. She’s just going to be the bad kind of crazy.

So yeah, I’m off to play sims. We’re like into five episodes of Big Bang at this point. This review doesn’t seem that funny. My bad. Hope it’s still fun to read anyway.

Yep. Update soon or don’t. It’s okay. You really don’t have to. I have homework I should be doing but I’ll ignore it to play sims so there is no rush to add reviewing on my list of things to do. Yep.

See you in five seconds if/when you laugh at the stuff I wrote.

Word count: 743
Hayley Jade Alisdair chapter 15 . 12/3/2012
Amazing story! Love love love it! I cannot wait until you update :)
call-of-the-mind chapter 15 . 12/1/2012
This was really good! Please update soon!
Sara chapter 14 . 12/1/2012
I love the deal you and Sam made :) I get to read two of my favorite stories. Great chapter and as far as this story goes I have to say this chapter was intersting :)
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