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Love in All Forms chapter 14 . 11/30/2012
Yeah I like this chapter too. Keep up with the update.
call-of-the-mind chapter 14 . 11/29/2012
Such a good chapter! Please update soon! :D
GermanSam chapter 14 . 11/28/2012
Ah, reviews for words. Best. Decision. Ever. Seriously. Okay, so it’s midnight, NaNo day count is officially down to two. HOLY CRAP! ONLY TWO DAYS TO FINISH NANO! PANIC MODE YET?! I DON’T KNOW I JUST FEEL LIKE USING CAPS. I GUESS. Okay. Done.

NO! WAIT! I just remembered! This is the chapter that you like! NOOOOOOOOO! That means this is the SAD CHAPTER! Great. Just great. I didn’t want feelings. Nope. I barely have them as it is and you’re just going to take all the ones I’ve built up and destroy them all because you are a terrible person. Thanks. And I haven’t even read the title yet. I just know you’re awful. Thanks. Thanks so freaking much.


I better get this nightmare over with.

I don’t like the title. Not. At. All. It doesn’t seem like a good thing. Nope. I already don’t like where this is going.

BTW: One Direction. Still adorable. Still awesome.

Right Kate. She’s kind of like Fay who is kind of like Sugar from Glee. There when you need her. Except Kate doesn’t have money to spend on everything because they are all, as you say, “broke college kids”. (I put this in quotes because you like to constantly remind me of it. Just saying.)





Here we go!

It’s like a freaking roller-coaster! The whole first part was just the buildup to the hill and now here we go down the “Wheel of Feels” and through the “Cave of Crushed Hopes and Dreams for Characters Everywhere”. Yep. It’s sure to be a wild ride. (Wow! I just typed “while ride” then deleted it all to fix it and typed “wild right”. It is so midnight. -_-)

Okay. Flashback. Let’s do this.

But before I start, just know:

I hate you.

Okay. Let’s go for real.

Syringe. Well. This is roller-coaster is quickly plummeting down sadness hill.


There will be touching in this chapter. Things are going to go downhill very very very fast! I DON’T LIKE IT!

Yeah, you just hate Richard. I see it. “He was programmed with the saddest backstory ever.” Man being a seer (you know I always want to read that as “sear” rather than “see-er”) must suck. Worse than a vampire. Ah! Ah? See what I did there? Ha. Yeah, I’m hilarious. It’s midnight. Shut up.

It’s not so much why as much as where the hell did he get it? They are in a small town in Washington? Did he just walk up to the coffee shop and order some?

And Noah all caring about Richard is all cute.

I feel like research went into this a bit. At least the affects and stuff maybe?


“snarled” Haha. Because he’s a wolf and stuff.

Kiss. How very unserious during this extremely serious AND SAD moment.

“Because you’re [still] being stupid” would’ve made that line ten times funnier than it was. :P

Aw. Sitting beside him. And he likes it. IT’S SO CUTE! WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE CUTE?

Tracy and Holly. Hmm… now why do those names sound familiar? Oh right, I helped you come up with them and so did Lupita but whatever. I helped.







I’ve run out of cant’s. And I’m tired of caps. It does nothing anymore but probably hurt your eyes.

I love the heart beating thing. It’s too cute.

We did make a deal. And now I refuse to make any more deals with you if you’re going to do THIS (yes I had to use caps again, I had to) to me. Damn woman. Just hate the world and watch it suffer as it cares for your characters. You’re sick.

Sigh. I don’t even want you to update because I know this stupid roller-coaster (points for keeping up with the metaphor) isn’t over yet. And damn you for it all. I want to get off and maybe puke my guts and feels out before I get back on, but no. You’ll just keep piling on sad after sad especially to Richard. Just take my heart now. Oh wait, you already turned it to sand earlier. Thanks. You’re not awesome.

Sigh. I don’t even. I don’t EVEN! I really don’t even know how to end this. I don’t want you to update because you suck and my feelings (that you are now in possession of, thanks again, take care of them) are tired. And I’m tired considering it’s almost one and we have our absolutely favorite class tomorrow. (You just asked me if I was still reviewing, and yes, yes I am) Yeah, I know. History is gross. And I’m gross. I need to get into jammies and wash my face and collapse onto my mattress and mourn the loss of my feels. It’s great.

Alright, I’m done now I think. Maybe. I don’t know. I’m going to read (or ready as I wanted to type) the review you did for me. Maybe that will make it better. (It won’t.)

Until next time when you gauge my heart out with a knife and pull it out just to laugh in my face because you’ll be cruel enough to give it back to me.

Word count: 1,058

Oh! I forgot a NaNo cheer. Ah screw it. Both NaNo and you. Find your own motivation because it's almost one am and I don't feel like giving out any or feel like writing myself. You suck for this completely depressing chapter. Just continue to suck! Yeah, there's your motivation.
GermanSam chapter 13 . 11/27/2012
So here we are. Here is the story I’m all into right now when I shouldn’t be so invested in characters as if they are real people. But you know, here I am questioning what they do and all of that. Speaking of questions , this chapter is all about them. Meaning it’s going to be all fillery and stuff and agh! Just post your emotional chapter already so I can spiel all about that. But whatever. Do I need to make a deal again? We can do that. Then you can spiel and I can spiel and we can all spiel together! We’ll be marry and happy and then we will finish NaNo and be done with the world and then we’ll get A’s in history and ride on a unicorn across a rainbow and Bigfoot will come and fix everything that is wrong with Glee. Ah, if only the world would be so kind. Right. I’ll get back to reality now.

Let’s read your story and get down to these questions.

OH! Biscuits. With warm melted butter. And ahhhhh! That sounds lovely right about now. Damn you.

She is good at ruining dinner. I bet people are going to start being suspicious once she invites them all to dinner again. I know I would be skeptical if I was around all of them during dinner.

“There clichés for a reason.” I say that!

I don’t trust it either. This seems too casual. I’m glad you’ve pointed that out. And you pointed out the whole necromancers fault thing. I’m guessing that was the thing you had to add in. See what reviewers can do? They point out flaws. I recently had to add in a thing to what will be the chapter after the next one (so in two updates).

WHOA! WHOA WHOA WHOA! Richard can see his own future in his dreams… so he can see him being with Noah? Or Noah hitting on him? But he doesn’t know if a desire or not? So he could think that he desires to be with Noah? Or that he desires for Noah to hit on him? HOW ADORABLE! …and also a bit odd. But yeah.
Kate has lines! Look at that!

Lone wolf. Lulz. Chuck Norris’s nickname is “the lone wolf” for a movie he was in.


I feel like these omega and alpha facts are common knowledge but I know nothing about werewolfs. My guess is that you know these things from Teen Wolf?

No one ever says “It is what it is” after good news.

I’m shocked that Ellie didn’t just jump up at the chance to talk about Jasper considering…

Mating sounds like it sucks when it’s supposed to be all cute and adorable and stuff. STOP MAKING ALL SUCK-ISH!

AWWWWWWWW! Mating is all cute and adorable! They all love each other and stuff! Why do you have to be so damn adorable? Stop it!

WHY? Why did Richard have to ask Noah? He asked all longingly because he has dreams about him being all happy with Noah because Noah loves him and gah! STOP IT! STOP IT RIGHT NOW! I want my feels! I need my feels! I want to keep my feels intact. And you’re not helping with that! Jerk!

Richard knows he’s lying! HE HAS TO KNOW!

'pissed [off] the gods' Typo.

Interesting that silver hurts. Nice touch. Well, actually painful touch but you know what I mean.

Because Desmond totally looovvveees Addie! Maybe not yet, but he will because box of hamsters and all of that.

Certainly a lot of information was presented here especially about werewolves. Why no questions about Desmond and magic? I’m interested in magic. Like limitations and cool things he can do and if he can do Harry Potter stuff, because that’s what I would’ve asked. Just saying.

You told me this chapter title once and how fond you were of it so I’m unsurprised that you’re a fan of it. Though it is a punny title. Very nicely done.

And we did get a lot of information. I almost don’t know what to do with it all actually. And I really don’t know where to go from here. Now I will take a shower, work on my queue (yeah I lied but I’m going to do that first) then I shall work on something that somehow contributes to word count in some sort of way.

Yeah. It doesn’t sound like fun to me but we get to sleep in (you for quite a long time) and me for longer than usual but I’m not complaining. I’ll take it.

Anyway, good chapter. I don’t think I want to know what the next chapter will have in it. I almost lost my feelings once, why don’t you just take them now so I don’t have to have them stomped all over the ground and flushed down the toilet to sleep forever with the fishes because that’s what that chapter will do most likely. It’ll just send my feels down to the deepest parts of the ocean. So thanks. Thanks for something you haven’t done yet. You jerk.

And now I just gave you two reviews that totally count for word count mind you. I think you owe me at least one. I’m not picky, but if your chapter begins to bore you, it is an option. Just saying.

So I’ll just post these now that you’ve been gone forever with Lupes down at the POD market. And I’ll get ready for my shower. First I’ll add these to my word count. BUT NOT BEFORE I MAKE A CHEER!

Right! Cheering. Hm…

Yeah, Yeah,
Do We Write?
Yeah, Yeah,
Take it to the Top?
Yeah, Yeah
Are we gonna stop?
No way! (Even if we want to.)

Did I write that? Nope. But I fixed it to make it all fit better. So yeah and stuff.

I’m going to stop talking now. Sorry for the rambles. And now I'm posting these when you're back. Oh well. I tired.

Word count: 1017
Oh, how random. :P
Aura-Sama chapter 13 . 11/27/2012
Wow! Awesome chapter, can't wait to read more!
Aura-Sama chapter 12 . 11/26/2012
And now I'm addicted. I can't wait to read more! This is such a great story!
A-JINX chapter 12 . 11/23/2012
god! love your story! it just keeps getting better and better GAH! so many hidden secrets.
but seriously its not a coincidence that two Alpha werewolves, a seer, a banshee, a wizard and a necormancer( a person that see's spirits) are all housed under on roof; not to mention the creepy vampire that lurking around town.
update soon
Sara chapter 6 . 11/20/2012
Hi I just wanted to say great story I been reading it! And GermanSam mentioned a little deal you too had with each other she said that you were writting this awesome story which she is correct. I'm enjoying it very much!
call-of-the-mind chapter 10 . 11/20/2012
Great story so far! I need to sleep so I can't read it all right now ;3 But I'll finsih tomorrow. Update soon!
Love in All Forms chapter 12 . 11/20/2012
I want to know what brought all of them under one roof. I am cerious. ( I can't spell)
GermanSam chapter 12 . 11/20/2012
So here I am. You’re at your beloved Non-Profit class and I just folded my laundry. I’m rocking out to One Direction as I’m tending to do a lot these days and my hair is BROWN! Not blonde. Yep. My first brunette review. Your hair is going to be changing too today! It’ll be crazy! But fun! College!

I promised you an update when you did even though you won’t have time to read it until way later but I will do that after I’m done with this.

Since you’ll be reading this once we get back to the dorm which I assume you’ll be blue haired and we’ll have full bellies, remind me to wash my white clothes! And here is a reminder to pack your stuff for Thanksgiving break which is TOMORROW!

By the way, love the hair! It looks great!

Okay, to this story now!

asdfghjkl; ELLIE MATED! AH! Yay!

Here’s your favorite line. The whole “I mated so I’m staying” thing. Yep.

But Ellie wishes she was having a lot of sex especially with a certain nerdy boy… Just saying.

You have to make puppies! Oh my gosh! HILARIOUS! Werewolf babies! GASP! Ellie can make those! (Noah clearly can’t…) Ellie would just have to have like a one night stand with this Jasper guy too and then it would be over because even though her life would suck she could live with/out/ him and pass on the gene with/out/ him around… after he does his job at least. :P


I was also wondering why Desmond knew that more than Ellie did.

And back to the sex comment (as this just occurred to me) they are in some tiny town in Washington. How many girls can there be there for him to be having a lot of sex? Unless he just has no standards, in which case… well wow. But he’ll like Addie soon enough and they’ll be all cute and stuff.

And back to the gods not /letting/ the gene die out… that means that Ellie would be force to… well for lack of a better term… go into “heat” and like direly need to have sex with Jasper. I feel like she would jump him… literally. That could be bad but it could also be really romantic... in a way.

Noah can’t pass on the gene (let’s not do the drunken route, it doesn’t seem like Noah would do that unless Richard broke his heart and he drank and… DON’T DO THAT! Don’t do mpreg either. Gross.) which means that ELLIE GET’S HER HAPPY ENDING! But she won’t, because you’re writing it and all your chapters start out happy then turn sad… jerk.

Something about two incompatible people makes them completely adorable. Like a fire and water bender or vampire and werewolf. I want to read a vampire/werewolf pairing as main characters. I’m sure there is one out there but like as if I have time to read right now. One day though. Or maybe even write one… hm…

“parroted” …Okay I just laughed. This word seems hilarious. Makes me think of squawking more than repeating.

Aw. She’s so cute with her mate even though she hasn’t even really spoken to him. Would she stalk him? Be the creepy person that “watches him while he sleeps?” OMG! Go make Jasper on the Sims and pair him with Ellie and use that interaction! DO IT!

Random question: Not that Ellie really wants to go this route, but couldn’t she turn Jasper? That would make him less fragile and totally compatible with her? What if he liked her back and wanted to do that? Couldn’t it happen?

…I’m confused. Don’t add a ghost to the house! You have enough characters!

GASP! Does that mean that Addie’s episodes are her speaking to the dead! OMG!

See. Yep.

The odds are the fact that Fate Rose is writing this. So logic is out the window for the most part.

Never mind Desmond’s date. I know he canceled but now he doesn’t get to have any gross fun.

“Desmond, of course, wanted Addy to know the truth about the rest of the house.” Because he loooveess her!

Rumors! That’s why no one wanted to move in with her to begin with. Makes sense.

Which is just what you typed. Yeah.

Addie was oddly… okay with everything. I mean, she’s a bit weird herself so I guess it’s not totally unexpected but I still think (especially after a long day at school and work) that I would just think I was dreaming and want to go to bed.

Ah, questions. That’s when that chapter comes out. Well, it’ll be informative. Are the topics of mates going to come up? Because they should. Yes, they very well should. They’re should also be Twilight references from Addie. Like asking if werewolves imprint? That would be hilarious because they do but they don’t at the same time.

And so yep. I’ll go upload a chapter now (the Preston one mind you) and you can get to it in like a month or whatever.

Now for my NaNo cheer:

To the start of this day
We'll bring you something new,
We are Novel Ninjas,
We will conquer you,
So go and run away,
We will run after you...

Yeah, got that offline and added in Novel Ninjas because we were at one time and we will conquer NaNo. That’s right so go and write!

Thanks for the early update!

Word count: 931
Seriously? Why doesn't this count for word count?
GermanSam chapter 11 . 11/17/2012
So you’re taking a nap right now. I finished my online German homework and I should do some more of my homework or at least of NaNo, but nope. I’m here instead.

And then asdfghjkl; because I just remembered she mates and stuff and that’s awesome! I’m reviewing this story first mostly because I want to. I have no reason other than that.

I’m listening to One Direction so that totally sets the scene for all this lovely sad stuff. Great.

OMG! The title! AH!

Right Blake. Vampire dude has a name. That threw me off a bit.

What’s September 2nd? What that really a necessary detail? It feels rather random. “Today’s November 17th.” Who even says things like that? If anything “The 17th” would suffice. But I feel like you just want to establish (mostly to yourself) that it’s September and not October in your story.


I laugh at that detail.

Well obviously Jasper will be her mate considering theirs only two of them. But Jasper? Really? It’s so Twilight of you! And speaking of which: asuhguhtuendnajshuwehfygytuw heuasnjdhfuh283yhfurhebfdsj (did that without keyboard smashing so I don’t wake you)! WE SAW BREAKING DAWN PART 2 TODAY (for future reference) AND OMG ALL THE FEELS AND STUFF!
Oh no. You gave him HIPSTER GLASSES! How can I not like him now?!

So she gets a nerd? Nice…?

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha haha!

Seriously. Hilarious.

I love the “she wanted him” and the “why wasn’t she holding him yet?” lines. TOO FUNNY!

I love all her thoughts. This is great.

It’s adorable his heartbeat is comforting to her.

Aw, death. Not happy. Suddenly announcing the date isn’t entirely too random.

It just occurred to me that you named the Mexican Peter. I honestly forgot who he was in the span of the few sentences he was introduced. Yep. He’s not important to me. Jasper (all I picture is creepy looking Jasper from Twilight) is more significant. Peter is also Not Josh’s real name. Yep.

I noticed that she got the nerdy scrawny one. I swear your characters are always like you. Going after the nerds… then again Jasper’s not the Mexican one. Hm, I don’t know.

Aw, cute comforting brother! You’ll soon realize that they are the best. Ollie will play that role again soon. I love big brothers!

Rip her throat out. Nice. Talk about being the jealous type. I can just picture it though and it’s hilarious.

Always go for ice cream as you do. Gah, you are so like your characters.

Ha. I’m listening to “Magic” by One Direction. “You got this spell on me and I don’t know what to believe.” Fitting I feel.

It’s cute that she’s all mated and stuff. I’m very upset that she didn’t even talk to him or ANYTHING! Thanks for the no romance action. She should at least get to know him to see if he’s such a big nerd or not.

I never pictured her mate but that was certainly not what I had in mind either. My mind told me he would be fragile /because/ he’s a human not be a fragile human. But whatever. You’re the writer not me. And I’m glad because I can’t do what you do with stories like these.

Good luck with NaNo! I hope this helps make you happy!





Okay, I’m done now.


Sigh. Seriously.

Onto your next story!

Word count here: 621

(Sorry it’s not more impressive. :/)

OH! I almost forgot a NaNo cheer!

Word. Word. Word. Word.
Count. Count. Count. Count. Count. Count. Count. Count.
And Nah, Nah, Nah, NaNo!

(Done in the tune of that Red, white and black cheer our cheerleaders did. Yep. You’re welcome)
Love in All Forms chapter 11 . 11/17/2012
Not what I imagined as her mate but I think I like Jasper
Love in All Forms chapter 10 . 11/13/2012
Awesome chapter! Is Ellie's mate going to make a apperence in the story?
GermanSam chapter 10 . 11/10/2012
Ah, one AM on a Saturday morning and her I am, showered and ready for bed, reviewing. I could be working on word count. I could be sleeping. I could be doing reading homework.

Nope. I choose to be right here. Destiny is spending the night and this weekend seems like a ball of fun considering all of our “plans” that are so set in stone. *Sarcasm*

(Since it’s one AM, excuse all spelling mistakes. I’ve been typing all day and don’t feel the need to correct myself and stuff anymore. Mostly because it’s NaNo.)

Just know, I’m choosing sleep over you. And that’s like… a big deal. Next to cheese, sleep is really big. In fact, I claim that as a fiancé. I won’t remember that in the morning but I love sleep. I would marry it too. God I feel like I’m drunk. But I’m not, I’m just tired. I’ve got to go meet my mistress soon. So let me get to this review.

Relevant things:

Right full moon stuff.

There’s unwanted tension in this chapter when you imagined it! And the nameless vampire with turquoise eyes! I remember!

Random: Stupid Little Things by One Direction (Freaking adorable and stuff -_-) is stuck in my head. Screw you awesome British singer people you!

HAHAHA! It would look like they were getting weird in the forest. Funny stuff.

I like that she smirked at him. I don’t know why. But I like it.

Yeah not all high schools have IDs. Just saying.

You totally know how to open a window with a card, don’t you? I’m guessing you’ve never done it yourself (or maybe you have) but you know. You just know somehow. YouTube videos? That’s how you learned to pick a lock right? Or something. That’s how your friend learned politics for something she wasn’t even working on. Silly foreign people. Americans don’t even understand.

Anyway, I’m getting dizzy. I better hurry this along.

Nice way to get her out of the house.

Sad she looks all grungy looking. That’s not hot. How is she going to impress the vampire with that?

Wow, I actually zoned out so much about what I was going to write at the end of this review that I totally checked out when reading the bloody knife paragraph. I was just suddenly like “Ah, weapon! Not good! Wait? Where did he come from?”

Oh, now he has sapphire eyes. That makes him all the more dangerous. Although the licking of the knife seemed weird. Maybe because I pictured him keeping eye contact with Ellie the whole time like a complete creeper.

If you’re a vampire going to get food, why wear white?

If you’re a human going to get food, why wear white?

Never wear white while eating, that’s just bad.

Blake. Ha.

He pinned her against the wall. I see where the sexual tension could come into this.

Again. Neck. Lips. Weird. I spy where the sexual tension could’ve easily come into play. Why didn’t you do that?

And why are you going to kill poor Ellie? Just because she doesn’t want to shift! I don’t know how you are so mean to your characters. (Seriously took me forever to type this out. I’m getting slow and more mistake prone…)

So basically… let him drink from her because she’ll be fine in the end. He sounds like he’ll just use her. And if it happens once, he’ll come back and use her again. That’s really not good. Not that she has any other options right now. But still…

I almost kind of like him. I don’t know what to make of this guy whose name was only mentioned once. Is he going to move in next? Might as well.

See and now he knows her address. He’s just going to come back for a snack whenever he wants one.
AH! SEEING A LOT OF EACH OTHER! I called it man.

And Ellie is acting… odd. I mean, she just got attacked and I know she has no other option than to have him take her home, but she didn’t even try (and then fall or something equally hilarious) to fight to walk on her own. Pretty sure that if she doesn’t want to give him her name, then she doesn’t want him around, period. But that’s just me. This whole conversation seems so casual for an encounter like this.

Well, now that guy who I don’t know if I should like knows where she lives and knows her name and knows she won’t fight him in wolf form. So, he’ll be back for a quick bite to eat. You said he’s not the main antagonist. Those people who are after Noah and Ellie are, who we’ve also only heard mentioned like once. But whatever, it’s your story! And I shall wait until everything is explained or demand answers. Ah, the perks of being your roommate.

Yeah, I feel like Blake was supposed to be an antagonist and then will turn out to be not so bad in the end. Just saying.

Well, this isn’t my usual ramble length… or maybe it is. I haven’t done a review in ages it feels like. I also wish these counted for word count. That would be awesome.

I hope you enjoyed this! I hope you’re encouraged to keep on NaNo-ing!


Who do we appreciate?
Like you!

So win that prize and continue to be your awesome self! GO NANO! GO YOU!

I’m kind of more awake now so I’ll go see how long Apprenticed is and probably review it as well. Sigh… and we get to get up early for crap. The things we do for our friends.

Update soon! (Or don’t, I understand why you wouldn’t.)

Word count here: 979
(I /really/ wish that counted for NaNo.)
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