Reviews for Lie Me to the Truth
Amiigan chapter 1 . 8/15/2012
This was good and very well written. I like the non-linear approach, it came off well and was not confusing at all.

As for the plot and characters, it was very humorous; and though all briefly introduced aside from the narrator, I got a good sense of personalities involved, even a quirk here and there. I like the connection you made with lying and storytelling. I never thought of how similar one is to another before reading this.
Scarlet-SKull chapter 1 . 8/15/2012
Well written. I didn't see the ending coming! I like how the group's name worked for the purpose of the class. Living with a pathological liar is annoying (I feel your character's pain, really do.) I hope this isn't a one shot.

There is a perfect balance of character interacting with environment, and character interacting with character. Description wasn't hidden behind those two, but it also wasn't as present as I'd hoped.

Overall, it was a great piece. Update soon!
OuttaHere chapter 1 . 8/13/2012
EXCELLENT short story! The main character turns what is considered a negative trait (lying) into a positive trait (using your imagination). Although, the revenge on his little sister was very amusing, and she did deserve it. I'm always pleased to read well written stories written by adults on this site, although they are too few and far between. I look forward to more of your postings.
ragdollwriters chapter 1 . 8/12/2012
Wow this was very well written and it had be captivated the entire time. I am fascinated and somewhat obsessed with the fine line between truths and lies and this satisfied my craving for the day. thanks.