Reviews for Cinderella Celeste
Guest chapter 41 . 5/17/2018
Lovely story!
Shelley chapter 6 . 1/7/2016
I love your interpretation of this classic story and think you write exceptionally well. I look forward to reading all your stories as well as watching a very talented writer expand your storytelling and writing abilities as you grow as a writer.
Guest chapter 24 . 8/14/2015
You have a very vivid imagination and great storytelling.

I wish you had an English speaking beta. Many of your words choices come off as juvenile and inappropriate both for the time period and social stature of your characters. I ultimately found it so distracting that I had to stop reading.
LaGrid chapter 1 . 8/14/2015
I'm sorry - I wish I could sign in, but I'm in a foreign country with some weird ass spell-check, so I'm not even going to attempt it. Your summary is super intriguing, especially after I read chapter 1. I can tell you're putting spins on it!
Guest chapter 18 . 6/3/2015
Guest chapter 18 . 6/3/2015
Derek is a fuck boy ! He's being such a douche
Dbnichols chapter 18 . 1/29/2015
Dedrick is a ..., ugly word, ugly word, jerk.
Dbnichols chapter 15 . 1/29/2015
What a jerk.
xoxokristen chapter 41 . 6/9/2014
Great story!
R. Ficst chapter 41 . 5/21/2014
Aw, so sweet. I definitely enjoyed your story. Thank you so much for posting. I do love a happy ending romance. :)
Gups chapter 41 . 4/9/2014
This story was beautifully written. Especially considering you mentioned that English isn't your first language! And high five for not making this basically sex driven. I get so tired of rated M stories being written with excessive M content. Your use was perfectly necessary and put the cherry on top of a lovely cake. I'd eat it again but it's already finished! But I love me some resolution, so I'm glad I read the whole thing. :)
ladierock chapter 41 . 3/25/2014
I just read your entire story and it was amazing! I loved it, you're an amazing writer, and I cant wait to read more of your work
Dbnichols chapter 41 . 10/17/2013
Great story!
Anom chapter 41 . 8/22/2013
OMG I loved this I wish it was a book D
And keep up the good work my friend
Ray-Anne chapter 41 . 7/15/2013
A very adorable story. I quite enjoyed it. Romantic and yet not lewd in any sense. Your grasp of the English language, despite not being your home, is something to be envied.
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