Reviews for 37 Out of Sand
Banana chapter 1 . 8/21/2012
I love this. I like the focus on the sand metaphor and the last line is just lovely.
weaseley chapter 1 . 8/15/2012
it's great, genny i think its well just awesome! it feels very lyrical in a pleasant way and although it is kinda melocholic it's also happy and hopeful which is very awesome
my dear, well done.
harmonizewithbirds chapter 1 . 8/14/2012
i love this 3 it's so beautifully worded and its so honest. you are such a strong person for being able to face reality head on like this.

and you know what "true talker",
1) i can barely understand anything you said in your comment
2) it's her poem not yours so don't bring your personal life into it
3) relationships don't always work out, things don't always fall into place, things do not always have the best timing. but this is life, this is reality. you're gonna have to accept it eventually and the sooner you do, the better relationships have in the long run because you won't be waiting for something that just isn't meant to be. so don't go hatin' on someone else's work or their emotions just because you haven't gone through as much as they have yet.

i'm not a pessimist and neither is the author of this poem. this is just how the world works. so i'm sorry but too bad if it makes you sad. life isn't always happy and it's not always perfect. but that's what makes the good times even better.

but back to the important stuff to the author: again, fantastic job on this. really proud of you :) 3
TeeReeses24 chapter 1 . 8/13/2012
I'm proud of you.

Brilliant. You've already heard all this, haha. What more else is there to say? I'm in awe. Plus, I know the story behind it, so it's just that much better. And look, you've already inspired someone who can completely relate this to their personal life. I was too lazy to read it, but I scanned it and got the jist of it. It's called talent, love. That's what you have and what you do with it is just amazing. Falling to the right ears, you really create something, and that's hard to do because it's difficult to put to words what we feel, something that you don't take in with your senses, but your mind.

I went blank.

Anyways, I PANCAKE YOU. Good job!

True Talker chapter 1 . 8/12/2012
I can't predict what another person feels I thought that I knew and today I kept hearing these words on things that I had seen and heard - I kept hearing these three words - "I LOVE YOU". Do you know that before today I didn't here these three words? Do you know that it blew me away that it was brought to my attention? Then I thought please may it be how he REALLY feels about me for some times I think it to be true and then other times with things that I read it looks as though I have been mistaken. Okay, this may sound strange and fine so be it however I have asked for certain signs if indeed the individual does want me in his life for real and to at least meet me for the first time. Well, I keep getting those signs - I see them EVERYWHERE ESPECIALLY TODAY. I will say that I am HAPPY if that "IS" the case SERIOUSLY I AM. However it "IS" NOT out of pressure that I say this it "IS" ONLY because I WANT TO KNOW, I WANT TO BE CERTAIN that it "IS" what he wants also. Why am I typing this? Because I am FULLY well AWARE that it is NOT all about me.

Please don't mind this however when I read these words like "But our hourglass has run out of sand", "It's too late for this fairy tale to come true", "Midnight won't wait for you to understand", I feel sad because it makes me think of what I would like and what I HOPE that he would like also. When I read "You could've taken so many chances" - What does that mean? Because technically on 3 seperate occasions I had taken chances because I was HOPING and NOTHING happened. First one - I went to another place to where I hadn't been before, Second One - I had went to a place to see about what they have to offer and NOTHING happened. Third time - I had went to an event thinking maybe and NOTHING happened. I have taken chances and if I get the okay to try an idea that I had last night/this morning then I will do SO. However other than that I have NO idea. I would also think that a person would like it BETTER if I am working first as what am I going to say while I don't work? I mean it "IS" a given that I WANT TO WORK however wouldn't it be less stress for BOTH concerned if I AM ACTUALLY WORKING?

So, REALLY reading this has made me sad because if the person REALLY wants it as much as I DO then the person will also have patience. Now, I am thinking of a Guns 'N Roses song - Patience.

Please excuse this however I had thought about my own personal life while reading your poem here. Thank you for sharing this.