Reviews for scary world
Anathema Schatten chapter 1 . 8/14/2012
Hmoh. You say you dont like it? Well I love it.
True Talker chapter 1 . 8/14/2012
I like this as it makes me think. However there is NO anger in LOVE. NO, I have NOT heard the song nor seen the lyrics. I will also share something okay this may sound strange and if that is the case then that is fine. Last week I had an interview and when I was walking around outside I had seen just how brown the grass was as I was paying attention and I started to think of the chant in my mind for rain dancing - okay so I don't really know it however I had asked for rain. Why? The animals NEED it, the plants NEED it, and it would make things a bit cooler. I had also thought of the farmers their crops, and the farmers that have animals cattle, horses, and etc... some of the farmers or if you would like to say those with ranches were into their hay that "IS" meant for the winter and usually they donate some out West to those that NEED it for the winter. This "IS" scary and because of this a ranch was getting rid of many horses which then makes me even sader - so I HAD wished for RAIN with the thought of words and music made by drums in the past for WISHES OF RAIN. Do you know what happened? It RAINED. If it was by my wishes then I AM GRATEFUL either way even if it WASN'T by my wishes I AM STILL GRATEFUL for it had rained.

I had just wanted to share this as I had found it interesting and I was HAPPY about it.