Reviews for Pretty Little Thing
Lyra Kaji chapter 1 . 8/17/2012
Wow! This is one of those poems that is so good it hurts.
Excellent psychological realism. For some reason, I always think phobias and compulsions are white and blinding, rather than the traditional blackfearevil. But oh my God you describe fear and obsession perfectly, and with the seeming innocence and almost calculated denial a real girl would have...You definitely captured the surrealism and irrationality of a young girl with an eating disorder. The arsenic bit-very poisoned beauty-ish-really compliments the detail about white nails.
Plus using caffeinated beverages as a diuretic/weight loss aid is definitely well as malnutrition causing white nails. Somehow you blended the psychology and the medical reality of anorexia (or really any food-related insecurities or illnesses) into one beautifully painful, surreal little poem. It is so concise and good that it literally hurts, especially so because it touches on emotions and phobias that most women in our society have or will have at some point in their lives. For me especially, it definitely struck a nerve.
Structurally, too, this is brilliant. It varies its phrasing enough to keep it interesting while staying fluid, clear, and concise. This makes the words even more chilling.
Oh my gosh I wish I could write so concisely and well. Please, please, always keep writing!