Reviews for Erithngam Magie
Deathcas chapter 2 . 8/18/2012
Okay, I read this last night but then my mum cut the internet and I had no way of reviewing it. However, I'm going to try to remember as much as I can to leave a good review!

First of all, AHAHA, I RECOGNISE THIS SONG. I actually thought it was going to be a part of the original NS, didn't know it was going to be featured in the prequel. Still, like I said, it's a good song!

Also, quick question. Is it Adrea, or Andrea? You use both and I'm not sure which is correct. You do use Adrea more though...

dsghsdakjghsjg you use the name Caesar. I actually prefer the name Cassius because Cassius was my favourite character in the Shakespearean play, and he and Brutus were totally together in my head. But ahem, it's a cool name. Caesar himself seems like a pretty alright guy, but of course he's going to get hit in the nuts sooner or later.

NS, universe of the nut shots.

And oh, who is this purple-haired little Casper lookalike? Only time will tell. Casper is already giving off cutie vibes though, just saying. I wonder what's up with Casper and the mirror? I hope he's okay though, I like him.

MAN IS THAT DREAMSCAPE OR WHATEVER IT IS TRIPPY THOUGH. I'd freak if I saw my best friends melting because of water. -shudders- That's unsettling as hell. Hope Carl is okay though, he and Caesar had a bro- type thing going on, and...Gary? I hope he's okay too.


What the heck is he up too?

Looking forward to learning more about Amver and Hans too! I like them, adorable characters discussing their books. Also, Hans, what's 1993 Australia like? I wasn't born then so I wouldn't know. Ahahaha.

Anyway, really curious to see what happens with this crazy fire and everything. Better read the next chapter, hm?
Twilight chapter 3 . 8/18/2012
Not too sure what this all is... but alright.
Deathcas chapter 1 . 8/18/2012
vnbvnbccgdghfjgjdjd I swore when you posted this on Tumblr there was more of it. I guess that part comes later, unless I was just seeing things.

Still, I'm interested to see where this prequel story goes, and what it will reveal about the story and the history of everything in the NS universe.

And I wonder why these two are so antagonistic and okay I just need to say this but...


Okay, I'm good. Anyway, I suppose I should read the next chapter? :D