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K-Nakano chapter 14 . 8/22/2014
Nice update! I forget how amazing your characters are when it's been a while since seeing them! It's an interesting perspective too, 2nd-person storytelling? I love how you can see Rui's inner struggle with herself while interacting with Yutsu (who seems a little oblivious with the tension until it's revealed). Nice job!
SalemXYZ chapter 13 . 4/18/2014
Nice follow-up on the previous journal entry. This time, we're shown Clarice's family at last. Clare sounds like a gentle soul, which makes me shudder to speculate how the Lion father came into the picture. At least, she has her mother and caring neighbors. Emilia seems like a no-nonsense woman, so Zared is truly the black sheep of the Teresia family. One thing is clear though, that Clarice left Pestovo not just because she wants to see the world, but more like she doesn't want to burden her family by staying there.

It's nice to see the Stryk cameo. As a Bobcat, he's a great operative within Tyradum itself. Pestovo (and most likely other lesser Cat communities) doesn't seem supportive of Tyradum's regime anyway.

Due to Elaine's recovered state and the fact Mary was still bedridden, it's easy to forget that both Clarice and Mary were grievously injured and were still in the process of recovering, and that's shown clearly here as Clarice has trouble with daily routines that we take as granted. For someone as energetic as Clarice, this must be taking a toll. I can easily see her practicing to wield her sword at night, except she couldn't even unsheathe it as of this journal. Like how Kura had a rude awakening in the wake of Hodous and Yutsu's near-death, Clarice did too in Kazan.

The tension between Clarice and Elaine have increased, perhaps brought on by Elaine's textless soliloquy with her violin. It should only be fair that Clarice returns this gesture with conversational music, or a hidden message in a bouquet of flowers Clarice herself planted? (though Elaine is probably more knowledgeable with language of flowers lol) At least, neither allowed the tension to stand in the way of their bonding and simply enjoying their friendship. Speaking of which, Clarice had made comments in the past that Elaine is maternal, which is understandable now that we see Clare, who's also a graceful, patient lady. Clare and Elaine should get along just fine. Also, Clarice is not very eloquent in writing is she? It seems that her charm with words don't translate onto written texts, but at least that allows her family to validate the letter.

Overall, it's a warm entry that just makes the reader smile.
K-Nakano chapter 13 . 4/15/2014
Clarice's writer is quite the flirt lol.
K-Nakano chapter 12 . 3/23/2014
Sweet little's always nice to see the CC group again, even if briefly.

I liked the scene in Yutsu's room when Elaine found the photo, and how it fits with the current situation at hand between Sakura and Yutsu. We know Yutsu cares deeply for Sakura (considering the current search for her and Nita), but it's nice to see the connections that support that.

The abrupt ending feels pretty powerful. Instead of the usual teasing from Clarice we just get silence, and the reaction from Elaine (not surprised or flustering) is not usually what we typically see in confrontations like this. It feels like their relationship is definitely growing and developing further.

Nice job with the's been a while, but it's always refreshing no matter what.

SalemXYZ chapter 12 . 3/22/2014
It's been awhile since I've read Elaine's POV, but the overall feeling is still naive and fluffy yet mature as I remembered, in contrast to Kura's sharp and darker yet guileless narration.

I wonder if Elaine will ever find out about her family and Kura's involvement in the mess happening on Fenrisyr, and vice versa. After all, I don't think the news would cover the details each party want to know more of.

Anyway, it seems like Mary's crush is growing by the day while Elaine only thinks of her as a little sister. That's a recipe for some painful confrontation in the future, unless something changes the current dynamic.

The cameo of Yutsu, or at least the mention of her, is an unexpected but pleasant surprise. This is the Kazan Guild after all, and here in CC we get to see parts of her never-before-revealed bounty hunter aspect. I love the description of her room, because it only makes everything that happened in the Cog Weasel and afterwards more prominent, even bittersweet. The discovery of Kura's photo makes me want to reread arc2.

Ala really enjoys teasing her daughter, doesn't she? lol well puppy Elaine is very cute. This is the first time Elaine played her violin in-story if I remember correctly. It's wonderfully written as expected of any musical scene by AdrenaVeris. Maybe it's just me, but the ending feels abrupt. Clarice just appeared as the song finished, so I'm curious what she thinks of the emotional piece.

It's good to be back to CC for a bit, even if it's just a journal.
K chapter 11 . 1/14/2014
After being behind in like 2 months worth of reading (for this chapter and about 1 or 2 others), I finally finished! Wow, amazing job on the last couple of updates (sorry, too lazy to write individual ones for each, but they were great). So much shit is going down, it's quite the emotional roller-coaster ride and that's very exciting!

Wow, this chapter is pretty amazing in many ways. I love how you all have created so many very realistic situations/scenarios in many of the chapters and how it all ties into the characters' lives. From prejudice/discrimination, near sexual violence, and, (for this chapter) the danger of landmines (which is a very real thing in many countries still), I'm very happy to be able to read a fictional story that touches upon realistic dangers/violence that very well exist. I say this because I feel like some fictional stories (including real novels) may try to avoid these "real dangers" in order to keep their characters immaculate, healthy, and "bulletproof" to the point where we know they'd never be killed off since they're the main protagonists of the story. That's where TBK is different and one aspect I have come to love about the series, I never know what the hell is going to happen to my favorite characters since they're constantly being put in shitty situations that downright scare the shit out of me while reading. (Seriously though, during the week where you left us hanging with what seemed like Yutsu's "end"...yeah, I was still in university, and couldn't focus on anything until I figured that shit out...and that has never happened to me with ANY kind of story I've read or followed).

Damn the description of the landmines...but yeah, that is the gruesome reality of it which just reminded me of the terrorist attacks in this country. Pretty spot on.

Best part of this chapter for me was the end. Esme pretty much waking from a night terror of the memories of her father which ironically relate to very thing she was forced to utilize against the enemy. But, what I love the most is the continuing relationship with Heidi here, and before I even read the last 2 sentences of this chapter, I could feel the "mother-like" relationship going on. Very nice! It was very sweet to see her reaction to Esme's terror, but, as I've said before in previous reviews, my favorite aspect about storytelling is "character relationships" and the continuance of these 2 from your previous chapters with them is pretty darn awesome! They started off kind of cold towards one another and slowly warmed up as they worked together...and now this. After this incident, I'm excited to see where their closeness will take them!

Awesome job on the past few chapters! Sorry I haven't been reviewing them on time, but I finally caught up and still follow! Can't wait to see what's in store for next time (and hopefully I'll finish my quite overdue fanart soon)!
Guest chapter 11 . 12/10/2013
Poor Esme!
SalemXYZ chapter 11 . 12/8/2013
I would say this is the most intense journal entry so far. But it's still a journal entry, so I can only speculate how intense the real deal (the 'interlude' chapter) is.

I don't know how to feel about Hideki. On one hand he's part of Elaine's childhood friends group, a Matagian prince, and a friendly person. I like his people, the Akitas. On the other hand, the miners seem wary of him and he's curiously absent when the soldiers attacked. Maybe I'm reading too much into it because the Tyrian scouts perfectly ambushed them, which implied possible set-up. Then again, I have no clue just how well-trained the Webgate forces are. Perhaps the soldiers just happened to chance upon the defenceless engineers.

Esmeralda's character is developing nicely. From the previous journals we see her getting more and more involved in this battle to defend her nation, from a civilian to a leader that people trust and want to protect. I like the break part where the workers mingle and share their culture, with Esme boosting their camaraderie by encouraging in Yasumaran (which was most likely taught to her by Yutsu lol). What happened later on though is her first direct experience with the war, so I wonder how this would affect her future involvement, injury aside. She did witness the gruesome deaths of young men, also civilians like her who simply wanted to contribute to the cause and had sacrificed their lives for her. She also almost experienced the same tragedy that befell on her father, so certainly it would take some time for her to recover, physically and mentally. Heidi is steadily becoming a sturdy anchor in Esme's life, perhaps the mother she never had the luxury of knowing. From what I know, Heidi doesn't have any children either, so this growing bond is quite heartwarming to see.

The Foxes are unexpected but welcomed. And the fact that the ninja looks like Rui makes me want to see what would happen if the northern group rendezvous with the south. Nita can reunite with the monk, Yutsu with Esme, Kura with Tal and Heidi, and Rui with this smaller look-alike? If I remember correctly, Rui's father was a ninja…

Overall, exciting entry. Looking forward to the next instalment as always.
SalemXYZ chapter 10 . 10/7/2013
Heidi's POV is unexpected but a nice addition to the current cast. Out of all the characters, she is the only one most involved and active in the Rebellion, in both the past and present. She is thorough and systematic, but also war weary enough that she doesn't remember how to relax anymore, or at least that's the impression I got. The most she could do is recall her fond memories, when she was still an innocent teenager trying to keep up with her liege/best friend's antics.

On that note, Ala is even more… I don't have an exact word for it, but I would say she's more unpredictable in the past. We don't know her side of the story but I sense that it's probably the typical locked-up heiress scenario where she's surrounded by rules and (boring) traditions. It's no wonder that someone with her personality would want to get away from all that to join Hector's group, which is free and actually doing something for their land.

Back to Heidi, she doesn't seem to have good relations with her aunt. Or at least it's merely professional rather than kinship. We can also see a little bit of Elaine from her uncle and, of course, her father Tal.

The recap of the big events is nice, it helps readers jog their memories. It also brings many things to perspective, as this is the first time we get to see a former Rebel's POV, describing the beginning of the end. The young Tyr rising to power, the world tittering off balance, the war against MIladenyd and Beryn and then finally Hodous.

And now Heidi's back to face all that again, but this time she has an assistant in the form of Esmeralda, who resembles her young self in many ways. Heidi is now in Dr. Draque's shoes, a teacher and perhaps even a kindred spirit for Esme. It'll be interesting to see how their relationship would develop with their similarities and differences. Like Heidi said, they used to be strangers - a civilian helper and a rebel whose name the former only heard about from tales.

But they are friends now, and this sentiment is quite nice.
K chapter 10 . 10/6/2013
Still liking the relation between Esme and Heidi from the last chapter to this one. Nice job!
K chapter 9 . 10/1/2013
Heidi reminds me of Nel from Star Ocean 3...I don't know if it's her work ethic or her appearance. Nice interaction between her and Esme, especially comparing the beginning with the very end.
SalemXYZ chapter 9 . 9/28/2013
Finally had time to leave a proper review.

It's nice to see the tension rising in the south in spite of the peace in the Plains (not counting Kura's decision in Ti26). Just as Heidi said, "it begins." In comparison to any of the places we've been in both TBK and CC, southern Fenrisyr is the most unified and country-like. Each main Dog capitals act like its own country but you can still see an alliance between the 4 houses that unified them in defence to their people.

I also like the fact all this is happening in Esme's view, not Tal's or Ala's (though that would be pretty fun to read lol). Esme is a neutral party since she is neither royalty nor rebel. She is a simple civilian who just wants to do something for her country and that's admirable. So far, the people in the meeting seem fair, not the stereotypical condescending type you'd expect of nobility. For one, these people are chosen by Elaine's childhood friends and Heidi, who values proficiency over status. At least, Esme would be able to work with them smoothly since I would think Dholes rank quite low on the social ladder.

Speaking of Heidi, I do vaguely remember her as stern from back in Book1, but I didn't think she is this intimidating. A pushy boss, but not in a mean way. At least, I don't feel any ill intent from her actions towards Esme, so I suppose the latter would just need time to get used to this kind of demeanor. She'll also have to get used to the fact that some nobility are… quirky, in the case of the Akita and Ala.

On a side note, I wonder how Ala's violin students would react if they see her riding an equi doing Princesse stuff lol

The new names can be hard to remember for now, yes, but gradually they'll be easy to identify through their species and/or ranks. It'd be unrealistic if you didn't introduce these various representatives instead so don't worry about it.
SalemXYZ chapter 7 . 8/11/2013
I'm pleasantly surprised to see Esme again. She's important to give the readers what's been happening with the Dogs and how they react to Hodous, while I suppose Kura's side will be showing us the Coyotes (and the Wolves'?) reactions. It's exciting to see all these aforementioned people gathering together - Carlos, Tal, Heidi and now Ala too. This is the Rebels' homeland, so it'll be interesting to see how much they're capable of on their own turf, with the proper support too. I do wonder what happened to Stryk and Ed.

While I've suspected Ala's true identity for a long time, seeing it blatantly stated as the last line is quite... epic. Those thugs in Dr9 weren't wrong, Elaine really is a princess lol

I sympathize with Tal. It's definitely not easy to hear the daughter you've babied since day 1 is now traveling in foreign lands, all on her own with this stranger he knows nothing about. Poor guy... I do love how the serious discussion suddenly went to the comedic discovery of Elaine's whereabouts. All that's left is Kura finding out about it...
jfmhill chapter 7 . 8/10/2013
asdfghjkl; tal and heidi and ala and just yeah. Their appearances just make me excited c:
TAO chapter 4 . 4/29/2013
*breaks window again*
Te Amazing Oppai is at your service again! oh, and sorry for the broken window again *sweatdrop*
I can't pay for the window but here's a review!

This entry just made me love the Clarice X Elainne pairing more!

Some Reactions:

"Nay, I hath been struck by thine beauteous eyes, my fair lady," Clarice growled quietly and tugged the Husky's hand from her shoulder to her face. "Thy presence burns a wild fire in my soul, only to be tamed by thy soft touch."- *squeals*

Elaine instinctively stroked the brunette's whiskers with her thumb and closed their distance so their noses were a teasing centimeter apart, their eye contact never breaking. "Then, if I may…what is it that thou bid of me, my Lord?" -*gets tissue box* 'they're doing it! they're doing it!'

The smoldering shades of those Felines eyes seemed to promise something perilous yet irrefutably intoxicating. "Oh thou shalt know soon," Clarice licked her fangs in a predatory manner and slowly wrapped her arm around the Husky's shoulders. "Thou art…"- *Nosebleed* 't-tissues, tissues!'

The blonde merely smiled and lowered her eyelids. "Yes…?" *Blood fountain* Kyaaaa!

"… what the heck are you two doing?" *collapse* 'w-wait...what? No Hammy! The moment-! It's...gah!' *facewall*
You know how to give fanservice guys...and to ruin the moment -_-

Aww it's so thoughtful of them to help Mary!(Even though she kinda appeared at the wrong time)
These interactions from them are just so lighthearted I'm smiling at the screen like a retard.

Good-NO, Great job! *thumbs up while holding a bloody,tissue-clogged nose*

Now off I go!
*escapes through the window*
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