Reviews for Cross My Heart
One Last Note chapter 1 . 9/8/2012
Very good poem, it is really quite ambiguous, but in a good way. Is it about breaking up? Falling in love? Feeling the love in a relationship die? Do not answer me because I feel that this open-endedness will take the poem further than an actual single purpose. There will certainly be people out there who see this poem in each light and trimming it down to one meaning will alienate the rest. Personally, I think of the end of a certain phase of my relationship with my brother, (don't worry, is not incest). I had always idolized him, then I found out that he is really rather shallow and superficial and he expected me to love him. When I showed free thought, he treated me differently, and still does. This poem marks the end of a relationship, and the beginning of a new one for me.

The "Your's" is wrong (just a grammar thing). It should be "yours". I also think that the "when" was fairly irrelevant. The line would have more rhythm if it were dropped - "Because I crossed the heart, that was never yours from the beginning".

Sorry I was a bit long-winded, but I wanted to stress that I thought it was a very good poem, and to show that there were a few little things that needed addressing. Well done!
dokidokipanic chapter 1 . 8/30/2012
sneaky women