Reviews for Distension
bran4ever chapter 1 . 8/28/2012
Well. That's certainly interesting. My vocabulary got quite a workout, I should say! As someone who struggles with and usually gives up on rhyming, I applaud your tenacity with this. It came out quite nicely, I think.

My two favorite lines are probably the ninth and tenth: "Twisting flashing wailing colours, a final place,/Where the demon awaits, a vacuum of the mind and space." The visual is striking. It is an intangible evil that produces a sort of cacophony of confusion, but all in a vacuum. "In a place where those men of sense would cringe and scream" is also a very powerful line. I really like the imagery; I feel that it suits the subject matter. Your combination of the senses and somewhat philosophical ideas, "A fatality of the soul, a mental distension." is powerful.