Reviews for blue moon
True Talker chapter 1 . 8/31/2012
Just so that you I DON'T make up or almost make up memories SERIOUSLY anything that I have ever shared is the truth SERIOUSLY. NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH ABSOLUTELY. It may take me time to recall things exactly or to put it in different words or to try and think of how other peopld are feeling however I DON'T make things up. SERIOUSLY I DON'T. I would NEVER/NOT ever want to break anyone's trust ever. SERIOUSLY.

Reading this makes me think about things some more and about the person who wrote this - something had occurred to me earlier when I was reading something.

If you would like to talk I AM HERE FOR YOU. HERE ONLINE - I would like to be there for you. SERIOUSLY.

If it matters you would find safety with me. I would be happy to give you that safety. Why because I CARE ABOUT YOU SERIOUSLY. I WANT YOU TO BE SAFE. BE SAFE AND STAY SAFE. ALWAYS.

Question: Who says that I will not be able to make you feel safe and also encourage you to be stronger? I can do both I can make you feel safe and encourage you to be stronger I can if you listen to me if you hear what I have to say - I DON'T want to control you I want to be your equal. I want to comfort you and I want you to be stronger because of my love for you. I KNOW that I can encourage you to be tougher than what you think that you are and I don't mean as a way to protect yourself I mean as a way because YOU ARE STRONGER THAN WHAT YOU REALIZE - it is just that NO ONE has told you that yet.

I learn from you and you learn from me and I make you feel safe and you make me feel safe. I make you feel loved and you make me feel loved. I give you strength and you give me strength. I am by your side, and you are by my side. I listen and am there for you, you listen and be there for me. Together as equals. I DON'T want to control you I WANT TO LOVE YOU. SERIOUSLY.