Reviews for Fallen Angel
Onearmwonder21 chapter 1 . 9/1/2012
Ah the fire the one who taught me so much, made me question myself. I had been attracted to her back when I was attracted to my own sex. Her fiery red hair used to be goddess-sent her blue green eyes used to be heaven-sent. It is because of her that I no longer judge, we are all human and we all fall in and out of love. Without her I would still secretly fear gays and being gay, and now because of her I don't and because of her I walk on the safe side of the sidewalk so I don't get hurt. I feel bad for her cause now she is in love with me and I don't love her it used to be the other way around, ah the irony of this simple fact. I know her pain I lived it once that cold, souless period in my life. I wish it on no one it is a pain no one should go though.