Reviews for Technology Rant
galileogalilei chapter 1 . 3/17/2013
It's the path of least resistance. I'll bet you anything that if they had the opportunity at that time, they too would have. And saying that technology is a general, broad term makes us cowards /is/ a bit unfair. After all, it's thanks to technology you have a life expectancy that is... not 35. Personally, if I got a message from someone via text, I wouldn't react differently than from face-to-face. The message is the same, regardless. There is simply misinterpretation potential due to lack of tone. The whole 'sarcasm in writing' thing, and that's because the technology is exactly what you said it is - NEW. Watch, give it a few more years and you'll be able to communicate tone of voice in texting. Mark my words.

It's pointless to rant against technology, since it's never been good or bad inherently. It's the people who use it that make it either. Nuclear technology - bombs, or powerplants? Drugs - cure or addict? Cell phones are not decaying human decency. Humans are decaying human decency, the cell phones are simply a means to an end, and I'm not even sure they're doing that anyway. What's the difference between texting and face-to-face? They'll be able to shun you in person? They can do that over the phone as well.

It's not the medium, it's the information passed.
Guest chapter 1 . 11/25/2012
Actually I'm sixteen and I don't have a cellphone, since my mother believes that I should only get one when I have my driver's license, but unfortunatly I don't. Now I comunicate to people by talking to them face to face and have used my mother's and friend's phones for texting and I'll tell you what I hate texting. It's hard for me to type fast on a ity bity screen and I rather talk to people face to face. I guess that actually has changed my perspective on the whole communication by phone, but I don't largely view it as a bad thing. Back in the day, with your great grnadparents, they sent letters to express how they feel is that any different? Not really it's just texting is faster and more reliable. If you think about it you could just as easily hide behind letters telling how much you dislike a person anonymously by slipping it into their locker or mailbox. Really technology isn't so much too blame, its just a tool for people to use and abuse.
Awaking Esperanza chapter 1 . 9/8/2012
I share your feelings toward technology, just not as intensely. It is true, how people do hide behind their phones and computers in order to convey messages that would be infinitely more meaningful if spoken face to face. But humans do take pleasure in mundane objects.

Not that it's particularly bad. It's just a tad depressing. I know of kindergarteners who carry cell phones -_- I'm just a bit disheartened that our society continues on reveling in their cell-phones and inadvertently ignoring the beauty of contact, of smiles; of the truthfulness in eyes, of emotion in words. They don't know that this is happening. But I will not fault them.

Your essay is a nice little contrast between the tech lovers who squee at the site of circuits and screens. But I can't deny that I do admire the applications and help that they provide for us when it comes to work or even entertainment. A healthy balance is good, but indulging is over the line.