Reviews for Best Friend
CreativeGal125 chapter 1 . 9/10/2012
This is sooo relate-able to me! I've had this happen to two people I really wanted to help and try and be a good friend to them. Everybody was telling me though 'she's a liar' or 'she's annoying me with her drama' and when I finally started seeing it there was a point where I finally lost my patience and I couldn't take it anymore. (That's what one of my poems I'm done is about and part of it with Dear Tanya). I think every girl once in their lives could agree and relate to this poem. I really like it. It's exactly how I felt in eighth grade (and sadly, many of my friends stayed by my other friends side at the time, which made me paranoid about who my true friends where. It was a bad time for me) and a little bit now.
I love this! This is going in my favorites! :)