Reviews for Clock Tower
Twinkling chapter 1 . 9/10/2012
This was amazingly written, as you can see, my vocabulary has been swept away by yours and I am left with completely off-the-mark words such as amazing. Breath-taking? Fantastically Descriptive? Yes, and I was going to Google-search Aetas because it was quite easy to see there was a meaning behind the name.
But your author's note saved me from having to do that, and now...vague but spectacular, and fitting-so very fitting with the concept. Clock Tower indeed is a perfect image for 'life-time', and your writing...the power, accuracy, poignant artistry behind it- I really was drawn into this little story, and it wouldn't release me until I had finished it.

I must say you are a very talented author, I would go in-depth and say exactly 'how' you deserve all this praise, but alas- time is constraining me, and if I do not pay attention to it, Aetas might be even more cruel when death visits.
Let me end it with one unique point in here that I noticed and was very pleased to see- the tense. It was present! I have witnessed countless authors (including myself) struggle with the tense (never mind your marvelous structure) of the story, and it truly is a gift to be able to write in it so naturally.

May you continue to elicit awe with your works!
Nonexistent Phantom chapter 1 . 9/10/2012
This was intriguing. Your language is absolutely exquisite; I admire the way you weave this story. It is vague, yes, but beautifully vague and written with a prowess you seem to wield with ease. The descriptions are eloquent and laced with a plethora of vocabulary. I am most definitely going to add this to my Favorite Stories list.

I would like to encourage you. You have a lot of potential. Keep writing. Don't ever let this talent of yours go to waste. You are very inventive and you could very well be a famous author one day.

From one author to another,

-Morbid Quill