Reviews for Ego
Twinkling chapter 1 . 9/10/2012
Usually, I steer clear of dark themes (since I firmly believe there is enough grief-filled horror in one's life) but I had to click the button and now I face an irrevocable consequence- reviewing.

And review I shall, for sleep will not come, -even though it is past midnight,- until I write down these words, that occupy me inside.
I do not pretend to know literature, the interpretation of poetry, and all other high-class skills which make a person able to identify 'genius'; but I can claim being able to distinguish between good and bad language.
This is neither- it exemplifies excellent.

For you see, Language is not merely knowing words and ordering them in neat sequences- there is a 'flow' of melody which only exists in speech. There is a massive, but delicate; blatant, but unseen, and complicated but simple point.
To stumble upon and think about such a point requires commendation.
To put it into writing so intricately... Will fireworks suffice? I am not sure.

This is a depiction of all forms of ignorance: religious, personal, and especially society-driven. To me, it is a person not 'questioning' anything but merely going along with paper-thin arguments, and then believing it to such an extent, that bigotry becomes an understatement.
Of course my analysis might be (and probably is) wrong, but that is what I truly think.

The italics are used perfectly, if you only read the words emphasized it reveals the worst form of obsession- love. When you love something (be it your own beliefs) to such an extent, even when it is proven wrong - one can save you; even the person holding the key: yourself.

Beautifully woven, few can see- the true inner beauty.
Right then, I am going to go before the clock strikes one!
Morbid Quill chapter 1 . 9/10/2012
You have a fine skill for poetry. I am adding this to favorites. I applaud you. :)

-Morbid Quill