Reviews for The Ramblings of a Crazy Lunatic
Twinkling chapter 1 . 9/16/2012
Well this was fun to read. XD

Dear poet, you aren't crazy at all,
Beautiful words and lies are indeed never to be sought,
Though I do have a misgiving,
Your poem contained too vague linings,
If you indeed want to tell the truth,
Always back it up with proof,
God does not reveal His Hand,
But how did you defend yourself?
A body, a heart and a working mind,
Dear Poet weren't those gifts divine?

Of course I am not saying 'believe',
Merely trying to point out the weakness in this prose,
For all potential writers to know,
This was nicely done- great job,
Next time I expect more thought.

Right, sorry about that, I just had this urge to review with a (not so well-written) poem. Now, generally grammar can be bent to a certain extent while writing poems, but the flow should not be disturbed- there were places when the transition between lines was a little abrupt, but that might be your style, so I will leave it alone. :)

I really found it terribly funny, when you followed up your claim to not be crazy with- 'I'll cut your throats wide open'. XD I am sure this is not a serious poem (if it was things would be so much darker and not at all light), thus my reply in the beginning is of course to be treated as a joke as well.

I just wanted to review in a unique way, to sort of make the authors day.
Keep it up and who knows? You might be able to write lovelier things soon.