Reviews for 10 percent of Fictionpress Romance Genre
Dill Wilson chapter 3 . 10/21/2012
My favorite stories I wrote long before I posted them on Fictionpress - they were my favorites and I posted them when I stumbled onto this site. But I noticed that many of my early posts got little reviews and sporadic hits. I began reading more and more stories here - and realized that I needed to write to the audience that was (generally) reading and posting stories. I wrote a few sex-filled M rated stories and the hits went through the roof, so I deduced that's what a majority of readers want.

But the story still has to be have some redeeming qualities to them. Some sort of plot. Some sort of character development. Some reason for the reader to be interested beyond just the sex.

So I write for the perceived audience...but I still write for myself - trying to create some sort of interesting story no matter what the theme or subject. If I'm positing under "Romance" the story has to have some semblance of romance to it...whether its the stereotypical stuff some of us question, or something with a twist. The goal, of course, is to generate interest...otherwise, why post it.

Hang in there and try not to get cynical...keep writing!
tereseh chapter 2 . 9/16/2012
I think you're not alone with feeling like 10%. I feel like one of those 10% too. Romance to me isn't all couples who first hate each other and then suddenly turn tail and confess undying love, or filled with lovemaking scenes, or stepping-out-of-the-shower-or-lake(a'la Colin Firth as Darcy in Pride and Prejudice)-dripping-wet scenes and similar, like 50 Shades of Grey (having said that I must confess I haven't read the book, but I have read reviews, so my opinion is based on reviews of the book rather than the book itself.)

One thing that bugs me with this text is that you mix present tense and past tense, which makes it a bumpy read... I'm gonna guess that, like me, English is not your first language? (I apologise profoundly if I'm wrong)
"A tick was set off inside me; it was the urging me to write something before it gets away." I know those ticks - that's why I always carry around a notebook and a pen. Will be interesting to see where you go with this. :) Keep on writing!
Ciao Niccie chapter 1 . 9/16/2012
I admire your boldness to megaphone these feelings. I agree with the two previous comments, it’s hard to exalt quality versus quantity in these sites. There are stories I've felt completely proud of and were the least to receive any recognition...if any. And as an experiment, I'll write something that I know will appeal to their interest, and boom you have a hit. So do you write for yourself or to please the readers with more of what they enjoy reading? And when you choose the latter, how can you possibly make it your own without it seeming like a copy/paste of the next story. Best of luck to you and all writers out there. The key is to keep writing, doing what you love and enjoy...with or without the praise of others.
Casia chapter 1 . 9/14/2012
I can so relate to the whole come-up-with-an-idea-hold-on-to-it-for-too-long-and-give-up thing you mentioned. That happens to me so many times. I'm still trying to make those ideas work in hopes of a positive result, you know? I try to be optimistic about it too.
total.boron chapter 1 . 9/14/2012
I want to think of myself as within that ten per cent, but then again, I'm sure everyone does. I try to make my stories different too and you're right - the cliche ones tend to get the most reviews. But hey, you know what they say - people don't like change :)
I wish you well with writing an original story - it's hard to do these days :)
Will be following to see how you get on...