Reviews for The Island Castle
stormrook chapter 1 . 9/16/2012
It started well, but this story has some real plot problems.

1. Why are the girls going to this island castle?
2. Where did they get the firewood?
3. Where are they building this fire and how? You can't just light a match on a bunch of wood anywhere and expect to have a fire. There's also the dangers of where they are doing this fire due to smoke.
4. Where did the book come from?
5. Who were the original inhabitants sacrificing a young girl to? Why would they have referred to her as a psychic when that's a recent, modern idea? The whole thing about psychics is very strange, and it's stranger that a ghost that is centuries old would speak like someone from this day and age.

The story really needs to go through at least two more edited drafts.