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MissKluck chapter 3 . 3/4/2013
I got around to read some more and I find this story very interesting. Both with the fighting and classes, but also with the characters in this story. You do a great job at it and I look forward to read more of it when I've got the time.
Nekonron chapter 32 . 3/4/2013
I actually like the direction this is going for some reason. A small part of me was hoping for it, but I didn't really expect it to happen that way. The whole thing with Mrs. Elserin was pretty interesting too, now I can't wait to find out what's really going on behind the scenes :D
chibilover28 chapter 5 . 3/4/2013
this is an awesome update! This story has given me so much inspiration for my story right now. I hope that you'll develop this into a magnificent series for everyone to enjoy.

Please review my story :D
Mr. Oompa Loompa chapter 32 . 2/25/2013
QQ So sad!
I cried so much...
You're doing a good job so far, although I don't think killing your characters will do you good.
I wonder how a broken up Lukas can deal with his unexpected loss of every friend he cherished. QQ
Now this is a reason to graduate as a MST student.
Tanaka Suaderi chapter 33 . 2/25/2013
Spoiler: For some people.
I found the character profiles very helpful because at the start of any book it is hard to keep track of who is who for example I thought Lukas was Zayn and Zayn was Lukas. anyway I really cant get Nathan out of mah GOD DAMN HEAD! HOW IS HE GONNA BE INCORPERATED!
Boomer Kid chapter 32 . 2/21/2013
(Za spoiler alert)

Aah, Mister Benehime, you are without a doubt a very brave author. An entire cast of the protagonist's best mates in his class, killed off. And also how Lukas deals with these things, I feel like a complete idiot for even suggesting Mary Sue tests for him, I admit it seemed a good idea at the time though. But better to voice out and regret, rather than say nothing and regret. Bwahaha!

Killing off crucial characters, especially those close to the protagonist, is always going to be interpreted differently by the fans. People don't like seeing someone they like die, yet if I'm going to play the realism card (or pseudo-realism card. I admit I'm starting to realize my overbearing-ness, albeit slowly), in lethal conflict, deaths for little to absolutely no reason can occur. Especially when in the heat of a bloody and emotion-fueled battle, it's very hard to think reasonably! Which of course, you portrayed well with Lukas and everyone else in that mess of a bloodbath.

A few notes though on my personal thoughts on killing characters off: I always feel the effect is strengthened when we get to see more of the character-to-die during the time nearest before their deaths, especially when they are interacting with characters close to the protagonist, or the protagonist him/herself. So to be honest, Ben's death was meh to me, Courtney's I felt made the most sense especially since her character was expanded a tad bit more, whereas Zayn and Vanessa got possibly the most 'romantic' death out of the three.

The most important thing about character death in my personal view though is context. How's the character's death brought about? It is supported by any conditions, injury or illnesses the character had going into their death? Did a character have a goal in mind that requires bringing about the death of another character? Would this character place his own survival before willingly risking his life in battle? Was this a conflict that could easily be resolved without fatality, yet ended in the deaths of many anyway? Were the characters in a justifiable state of mind that even in such a conflict where fatalities are easily preventable, the deaths are within context? Just more thoughts to dump unto you!

Deaths of close ones is a very hard thing to deal with. Looking forward to see how Luke continues from here on out. Come to think of it, Lukas Luna LuLu... and Random but I had to type it for sakes! Luke has yet to kill someone now that it's come to mind... and that's, actually another thing to look out for. All the best.
Tanaka Suaderi chapter 32 . 2/21/2013
Spoiler:I honestly dont like that everyone died, at the part when Courtney died I was sad then when Ben died I was mad then when I knew Vannessa was gonna die I was happy but sad but Zayn too, Sorry I just think you went overboard so I'm gonna have to dislike this chapter. Anyway I like how you started the wiki for Trancend (season one it explains thing I was a little confused on, oh and another thing what was going on with that one chapter about... Nathan was it I think anyway how is he gonna be incorperated in the story? Sorry Bout the guest thing it was me...
Van Quatra chapter 32 . 2/19/2013
dear god, i thought lukas would of killed vanessa but for him to loose all his friends in one day is sad and heart breaking. keep it up you are doing great
Chiisutofupuru chapter 32 . 2/19/2013
Damn, no wonder Lukas has power... his mother is wicked awesome! Looking forward to season two already!

(Now I wonder what Lukas's decision is going to be... I also wonder if the flashback is some foreshadowing happening, it was nice to know what all happened in the past finally)

Well, I'm hooked on your story... sad you kept your promise about killing off a bunch of characters.

I will be back for more.

KaiserSchwarz chapter 32 . 2/19/2013

Uh oh. The way this is going, Lukas is well on his way to becoming Batman in personality, which isn't necessarily a bad thing if played properly.

Your chapters are long, so I guess I can understand killing Vanessa off early.

I see Lukas going emo, but I hope not. I'd like to see him at least try to fight through rather than just falling off the horizon of despair. That or we can have Luna beat some sense into him (question is, can she? When he goes rage mode, he's nearly as dangerous as Hollow Ichigo).

Another thing that I like - Lukas's mom. Yeah a lot of people don't care for characters like Kisuke Urahara because they know the crud ton, could probably resolve a whole arc's problem by themselves, and are implied to be ridiculously powerful, but the comical relief they bring to the table is priceless and their goofy personality and the impressions they leave on the main protagonist as they grow into their roles as warriors is irreplaceable. Well, that and it's a common theme in shounen.

As for a climax, that in my mind is what allows me to justify Vanessa's death. An emotional murder of everyone he held dear with a few exceptions. He is now left in the rubble of despair. Will he rise above it? Or will it consume him? Or perhaps, will it drive him mad? No one can say right now.

On the topic of taking awhile, do NOT be sorry! I am more than willing to wait for a quality product that has the story fleshed out (grammar's important too, but I'm more concerned about the plot) than something that seems poorly woven.

Ah, going to other topics in the chapter!

Luna's interaction with her mother. That was sweet, but at the same time pretty funny. It's something heartwarming to kind of soften the reader up before we get into the blood and gore that gets thrown in our faces after a scenery switch.

Now I want to know about Lukas's mom. Who would have thought that the goofy mom was actually a Grade-A boss. Nice.

Somehow, as far as the romance tag goes, I think I can see where this is going, but if my guess is right I'm happy because I liked that character the most anyway. xD

What gave me respect for Lukas was his ability to remain rational during his berserker mode. A lot of shounen writers tend to use the unstoppable rage card A LOT for EVERY battle (cough cough ichigo cough cough), but I will say that the card can be used. Lukas did a good job of playing it the right way.

Personally, I think that's probably your protagonist's selling point- he has balance. He's powerful but intelligent. He's not any particular extreme (Sakamaki Izayoi from a recent anime: he's powerful, smart, and practically UNSTOPPABLE even when when he's sane). Lukas plays out the way Izayoi should have been written. Powerful but not a god; smart, but not a downright genius. Additionally he's got people who hate him. A cast that has everyone all likin' the main character is too boring. I like my variety and you give it to me quite nicely.

Have to admit, the romance tag is somewhere that I usually avoid, but it's stories like this that make me glad that I occasionally take the time to look one up.

Can't wait to see how you end this. You my friend have a nice piece of work right here.

Tanaka Suaderi chapter 31 . 2/19/2013
God, I cant get enough of the ending "heafs off to find Vanessa" I can see it transparently clear in my head.
MissKluck chapter 2 . 2/17/2013
So as you can see with this review I've finally gotten around to read your story, even though it's like one and a half month too late or something? Anyway I like your story so far, nice characters and good writing. And it seems to be interesting so I will continue to read, though it will be slow since I've got many other things to do, including writing on my own story. I can see that there are some similarities in our writing style, as you said, which in turn should make it even more interesting to continue to read. :)
KaiserSchwarz chapter 30 . 2/13/2013
Hello again. I've been keeping up, but this chapter has so much that I want to comment on.


Okay, not to be a jerk, but there are three reasons that I'm glad that Courtney is dead.

1. The most relevant to the story, her death will bring about development and change in Lukas's character; developments that I find interest in reading about.

2. We can see more focus on other characters and it trimmed the protagonist cast down by 1 character. That can be quite helpful late in the game.

3. I found her character too similar to Sakura from Naruto, which was a terrible turn off given the romance tag. In a battle manga, characters like that just shouldn't survive logically speaking. The fact that you killed her off made the story more realistic for two reasons.

3.1 - No war (silent ones included) goes on without casualties. Courtney's death paints this point-blank and will force Lukas to rethink his position on the events going on around. Will he continue as he has, staying strong in her memory? Or will he become the warrior that is out for revenge?

3.2 - Again, no character as emotionally weak as her should survive in a battle manga for any reason. If they develop and become stronger (Cite Hope from FF XIII), then it makes sense since that can be worked around as a coming of age sort of thing, but when they consistently stay the same way or barely change at all like Courtney, they really need to kick the bucket. After all, that makes them useful for character development and further establishes and justifies their purpose in the story.

Moving on to Vanessa, I knew it. From the moment she went and gave Courtney that little talk down, I had a feeling that we'd see either a fall out or Vanessa killing Courtney off. Kind of glad it was the other one for the reasons listed above.

Now comes the real question: Is Vanessa secretly super strong? Now THAT I'm excited to see!

Eh heh, sorry for the long review. This chapter was just that good. Seriously. I enjoyed it.
Tanaka Suaderi chapter 30 . 2/12/2013
Spoiler Alert: Whoa, what a twist i never thought one of his best friends would do such a horendous thing. I'm gonna miss Courtney, she actually started to grow on me.
TheDeadEdge chapter 6 . 2/9/2013
Hahaha, these are great! I can just finish the story by skipping the chapters and reading the summaries.


It's no fun like that. To get a good grip, you gotta read it as a whole. That's the only way you can identify with characters and settings.
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