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True Talker chapter 1 . 9/17/2012
Reading this makes me feel horrible. Why? Because I DON'T like making someone feel that they can't do anything right. I am CERTAIN that you do a LOT right and I am also CERTAIN that you do WAY MORE RIGHT than I do. My apologies as I have been hurt a lot in my past also so I tend to become defensive at times. However when I care I REALLY DO care and when I let my guard down for someone it is EASIER for them to hurt me. Why did I type that? Because I have let my guard down with you. That was ONLY meant well. Why was that meant well? I ONLY let my guard down with people that my instincts say that I can trust. That "IS" why that is a compliment to you. Besides I am NOT perfect at communicating I KNOW that I am NOT. MY APOLOGIES to you SERIOUSLY. Please just be okay. PLEASE. I am DEEPLY SORRY that you had felt the need to however THANK YOU for this and I AM DEEPLY SORRY I REALLY AM.