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Amy90 chapter 5 . 11/21/2012
I'm not sure whether she redeemed herself or not. I think there is going to be some trouble once Trevor finds out she dropped the info at the newspaper.
steph135 chapter 11 . 11/21/2012
authors note: XD welcome buddy! im so glad you liked it :P lol and thank you for the little shout out ;)

hey, good job on this one! even though nothing TOO big happened, its okay. like i said, their has to be a couple filler chappies to make the really interesting ones stand out even more so this is all good.

wow, that begining was so sweet! im glad things arent all awkward for them anymore, and they can actually be comfortable. i hope we get to hear more about trevors mom though. her character is really interesting to me. shes seems like shes been hurt really bad (which i guess she was becuase of her husband and all) but i feel like there was something else in her past...i dont know lol your the writter and i could be compleatly off but thats just the impression she made on me. i was also impressed by the way ari just did what trevors mom said, without even commenting. i dont know why, but i feel like that was very respectful somehow lol. im starting to like her more and more as the chapters go on and we (the readers) learn more about her. haha i talk like these are real people lol :P oh well, they kinda are.

but what i really liked about this one though was the character development for arianna's friends! you've always showed alyssa really well through her words, but i like that you showed it through actions in this chappie. the way she just automatically belived ari's story and ran to go tell amber, the more...aware one? haha i dont know the word for it, but basically shes a bit smarter. and way less naive, the way she came back to get the truth out of ari. another great thing you did was have allyssa come back in with her. this def showed how she just kinda goes with the flow and does whats shes told, like a follower not a leader. i got to admit, i feel bad for her, but you've developed her charater very well! along with amber and trevor.

okay, so moving onto the next anoyying as the little freshman was, i get the feeling that she smart. it might of been how she told ari that you cant throw up three days after you punched in the gut. even though thats kinda common knowledge it kinda earned her some respect points with the readers, becuase after all freshman are shy, so most wouldnt have stood up to ari on that one but lilly did :)

okays, so now onto the very last part; i honestly feel bad for both arianna and austin. i mean, there's nothing he can do about it and there's nothing she can do. you cant make a person love you, and ari dosnt want to lie to him, which is honorable, so shes holding back. he's been great about it though, very understanding. i still like trevor better though! hes alittle more of a man lol no offence to austin. he's a good guy, but hes more of a friend in my view. anyways, nice work! post soon! hey, and have you seen how many followers you have now? :P

steph135 chapter 10 . 11/18/2012
wow, okay. first of this was an AWESOME chapter. you went over so much stuff, esspecially the kiss which i really wanted to hear them discuss. im really sorry about this review being late. i promised my brother the computer at a certain time and i couldnt review the whole thing, and i didnt want to give you a short, crap review so i decided to wait so you can have the long one you deserve!
okays, so in the begining i felt so bad for her. i hate crying infront of people (mostly becuase it makes me feel weak, which i guess is weird for a girl to feel, but whatever :P) cuase im an ugly crier, but i bet ari still looks pretty when she crys, depite what she thinks of her looks i know she's probably beautiful! anyway, her inability to talk is perfect. it puts trevor in a postion where he needs to guess whats wrong, which leads him to guess her boyfriend. since that was his first thought, it proves to the reader that he may be just alittle bit jelous lol. it's just one more way to show how much he cares about ari ;P anyways, moving right along; i love how sweet trevor was, letteing her sleep in his bed and taking her out to the park and all :) hes so caring toward her, yet at the same time hes kinda tough. I'll say it right now though, that girl who worked at the ice cream place was SUPER annoying. thats of course not a bad thing though, i liked how she is barely a part of the story, yet you get a good picture of who she was just from a couple discriptions and from her lines. you did a great job on her!
okay, on to the salon; i love trevors new haristyle! it's alot better than the old one ;) i just love short hair!
wow, and that talk about the kiss! his reactions to ari answers are just pefect! it shows just how nervous he is, and the best part of this entire chapter is when ari is just about to change the subject and he says "i just wanna say that you look beautiful." that. was. amazing. becuase he spoke exactly what he was thinking. nothing mattered at that moment but ari. it was awkward, sure but ariana broke the tention by saying he was too, which made both of them laugh. this was a great way to get out of that awkward moment! this chappie was frickin' awesome. you did great on people discriptions and the dialogue and it deserves a longer review than this, but my fingers hurt and i cant articulate myself lol so this is all i got to say! YOU DID AWESOME! PLEASE. POST. SOON! XD
Emmeline Alicia Mary chapter 1 . 11/18/2012
Hm . . .interesting . . . very interesting. Now, let's see; on-wards to chapter two!


steph135 chapter 9 . 11/6/2012
no! its not wrong, this would have been pretty fun to write! oh my gosh, sooo much to cover but i have to go soon. wow, amazing. just amazing. please post soon. i must see what happens. wow...poor ari. thats all i can say.
steph135 chapter 8 . 11/6/2012
:( awww poor ariana! this is good though! pity is a powerful tool in writing and its great to use it on the protaganist (main character)
i thought trevors' reaction was very plausable and i kinda want to hit him in the face, but at the same time i completely understand where he's coming from. he feels like he has to distance himslef from ariana just to be safe. he wouldnt want to cheat on casey, that'd be awful. so in retaliation, he is pretending to have hated that kiss (that he totally loved!) to keep ari at a distance. so basically, hes afraid to get to close, which is honorable. hes a good guy, and that little action really shows his character. hes being a little cold to ari, sure but its for their own good. well, for now. but little do they know, they belong together! hehehe!
the discriptions in the beginning were beautiful by the way. wow, it was like i was there, running through the woods. this was a great example of using sight, smell, feeling, taste, touch and all those sences to describe a setting. nice work! on to the next one!
Senit Seint Soe chapter 1 . 11/6/2012
When I read this story first, I think she got the situation like me. I like this page but I found some difficulties in reading. That's who is talking and who is listening. I can't understand but the conversations you used is really attractive. Thank you so much that is what I am looking for to read.
call-of-the-mind chapter 8 . 11/3/2012
Great chapters! So she's bulimic then? Or like bulimic/annorexic? Interesting twist lol. Update soon!
steph135 chapter 7 . 10/25/2012
XD (sigh) alrighty, i will start from the beginning and work my way through to the kiss :) hehehe.

awww, its so obvious that ari is jelous! i love that she denys it though. i almost feel like trevor is trying to get a rise out of her, just to see if she likes him. i dont know about that though, he seems pretty innocent so that might be out of character for him to have that kind of motive but still. i love that trevor never kissed casey and yet he was just fine with kissing ari! that was very...discriptive? lol thats okay though, i loved this chappie anyway. i kinda get why he was mad though. that was so great, plus it shows alittle bit more of his character. i love the ending to! wow! just so well said and a perfect little ender that showed ari's soft, more vulnarable (sorry, cant spell) side.

okay, this is completely random, but the phrase "saveed by the bell" comes in my mind everytime something happens that i dont want to adress, then the bell rings. it actually scared me alittle when i read that becuase i felt like that was me! anyway, awesome chapter! keep. on. writing. for. your. fan! XD
call-of-the-mind chapter 6 . 10/21/2012
This was really great! Please update quickly or else I'll get impatient... ;)
call-of-the-mind chapter 3 . 10/20/2012
Great chapter!
kaiheitai chapter 1 . 10/19/2012
Interesting view into the world of a teen.
call-of-the-mind chapter 2 . 10/18/2012
So good:))
steph135 chapter 6 . 10/18/2012
XD hehe...hehehehe!
im happy! this is awesome! im so glad he kissed her! even though it was in a friendly way, still! it helped to show ari that she definatly does not think of him as a friend. this is good, she needs to know. i like how when the story is told from ari's eyes, she constantly explains that she doesnt like him. shes in total denial and i love it :P you show that very well. i hope you keep gradually making ari think little things like this until eventually she KNOWS for sure that she likes him.

i love that puppy to! it's so cute! and it's great to do things like that in books. you know, throw a couple new elements in. the fact that he has a puppy can open up new doors and make a few more possibilities. lol that sounds so dumb typed out, but oh well :)

and her dad...i dont like him. i dont like him at all. hes another good element though becuase guess what? people like to feel bad for the protagonist of the story aka the main character. now she's got the readers sympathy! nice work my friend, im looking forward to reading more! ;P
Seiren Cross chapter 5 . 10/13/2012
This is really good!
I really like it!
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