Reviews for Man, I want to be a Man
scrubbybubbles chapter 1 . 9/22/2012
We would like to preface this by saying that we are both guys
Scrubby Jr.
I totally understand your position, and yeah, you're totally right, unfortunately. However, there are plenty of things about women that would actually make me want to be a girl rather than a guy. Here's why- first off, if a girl is emotional, or doesn't like sports, or hates football, then you are constantly belittled for being a pussy or gay. Women also have the ability to truly create another human being, something that most guys wouldn't care about, but hey, I'm not most guys. And you know what? I'd rather not have an advantage over other people- it is simply and unjustifiably unfair.
Scrubby Sr.
Believe me, I completely understand that it is very difficult to be a woman in today's society. But I don't think you understand how hard it can be for guys sometimes. As you probably know, most women tend to lump men together, calling them all rascist pigs who are unable to empathize with womankind. But not all guys are like that. And those who are different get no special treatment from the opposite sex and instead are made fun of by other guys. So it's almost like we have to act differently in order escape the "persecution". To be completely honest (and I'm not trying to offensive in any way), it's not just that most girls go for the jackasses over the nice guys, but that they take advantage of the fact that these guys are so nice and use them for their own means. Which is just plain devious if you ask me. But then again, men in today's world do much worse than that...but it still doesn't make it right.
Scrubbybubbles (both of us)
We both thought that this essay was extremely well crafted. Your style was impeccable, your content was solid (and true to life), and your second to last paragraph was beautifully made, though it is sad that such an awful topic exists. I hope this was helpful (or interesting, at the very least) and please continue writing, your work is worth emulation!