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Guest chapter 11 . 6/20/2017
this is amazing !
Guest chapter 4 . 6/20/2017
ooooh im liking this
Tahleah reader chapter 151 . 1/24/2016
Cyrus glanced back at him just as Fiearius tossed the bright blue powder from the pot directly in his face. "Dov'ha seré'a!" Fiearius cheered as his sibling attempted to glare at him through color coated glasses.

"Fuck you."

"What?" Fiearius laughed as he walked backwards away from him. "You said you were glad to have your brother back!"

"I retract my statement," Cyrus growled as he tried to clean his glasses and Fiearius turned away to walk across the dance floor. "

Bastards, you are all bastards of the highest fuckery. There are tears, fucking actual heart palpitations- I'm so overwhelmed! I hate you all but THEN I love you to pieces - I'm so angry and sad that you guys have finished this masterpiece but I'm also, so extremely grateful that the crew is (and here the tears return) returned to their home. And then I'm pissed at you fuckers for AGAIN leaving us with another clusterfuck cliffhanger...Of course you all know that I have avoided, yes I admit that freely, reading the ending if this amazing span adventure because I know you created such a wealth of characters and worlds and situations, there is no end of potential. Moving on, you fucking jumped through time! So much, I was so pissed about that 13 frakking months etc, what the fuyuuccckkk?! However, I can understand it now if I'm being objective. AND the won, peace is freaking in motion and living in the span! The Ark thing is super fascinating and creepy lol um I'm still on the fence about seeing Gates again, but it was a great scene! Cannot believe that after all this time Finn and Alyx are that connected. WoW. I entirely loved Cyrus and Addys wedding! So damn gorgeous, I mean, whoa guys...and the scene in the kitchen with Cy wanting to honor her family's name- so adorable it was painful! Truly, you all are brilliant in how you constructed Fiear and Leta's return to each other, psssh Fuck , its just, you all made it fucking worthwhile! In the guts of it all, so real nit even capable of finding words lol you guys are so just on point and still organic. Personally I hate that this is ending ( intentional present tense) at all, but the way you guys just, you made us as unaware and rushed, literally trying to catch up, THE SAME way Fiear was, but this time ( tears and I fucking blame you all) as it was ending Cyrus lead him and we are in his perception. Yet, in the beginning (biblical reference yes, take it as you will ) Cy lead Leta and we were in her perception. That gorgeous, fucking beautiful symmetry was the cue for a sinking feeling in my gut-ever hopeful that you fuckers hadn't gone through with it; left us waiting a while longer, that this wasn't the chapter. And oh my God, I needed a minute after that shit! Mhmmm, too much to process. You guys are geniuses, absolute fucking merge of Firefly Browncoats and Star Wars Resistance and something, so all your own that those are the only comparisons I have to compare Caelum Lex to. I'm incredibly sad that this story that ive been reading and waiting through the week for years now is... Paused.
And then, I'm also greatly happy to witness the development of the span and the crew and you all's vision. I haven't been in such state since I finished Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows, so wingardium Fuck you all.

I will be re-reading, of course, so don't fucking take it down...that would NOT be funny and overall shitty way to treat people. Now that clear, I loves you guys a ton, against my better judgment, begrudgingly so but I, yes you are all gifted creators and I wish you all the best in all your endeavors. If that would somewhere include a continuation of this crew, so be it.
Tahleah, reader -reading always
Figs chapter 2 . 1/19/2016
I just started reading and within two paragraphs I was hooked. It wasn't until chapter 2 that I realized I continued without a review. This is amazing and I cannot wait to get through the other 149.

Oh Lord.
John Spangler chapter 151 . 1/3/2016
This is one of the best scifi stories I've ever had the pleasure to read, not only here on fictionpress but in general. The writing is flawless and the characters are really lovely, expecially Leta and Cyrus. My sincerest compliments for having created such a masterpiece.
Guest chapter 34 . 12/24/2015
Aiden. Aiden of all people. Whyyyyyyy? You guys are so evil. And I liked Javier, you probably planned that so it would hurt more :( I'm glad he's staying and I wonder how that's gonna turn out, but now I'm looking at the number of chapters left and I don't know what to do with myself, I'm scared of whatever more evils are left. I stayed up all night reading just to get to this...Okay, I'm done venting I'm ready for the next chapter
Guest chapter 142 . 9/20/2015
...absolutely heartbroken, stunned. Major shit storm, I don't even...I mean the ENTIRE crew and baby gone? And dez, soooo much more needed to be, I don't fucking now by that was awful, I'm not okay...I understand the grand scale, but I'm struggling that they should lose more people and the ship- now its so heavy, baby was the are they gonna get that back? How do they mend? What the fuck are they gonna do to not just survive but live through this? As always, much loves, keep on keeping on brilliant creators (I love this story, you guys need to know that I'm not accepting this alleged last installment if it involves a hail Mary death pass and Fiear and leta are the ones to throw it...can we please be epic and live instead?!thats all I have to say about that) of this masterpiece, Tahleah reader
Guest chapter 140 . 9/7/2015
Ohhhhhh damn the man! Absolutely incredible, just can't even...WOW. Its just soooo good! I mean obviously its dark and sad and probably avoidable If aela had confided in him sooner. I loved all the graffiti on the walls, their handprints, its strange but struck me like a prayer wall too, all of the words covering the surface-definitely weird with shrine-ness but still powerful. So moved by Leta just going to let him be, and then Fiear wanted her to stay...not surprised either that Dez showed up, given the support he's gathered and therefore a lot of eyes on the ground yada yada haha, but I'm just on edge again so anxious to see what the crew is gonna do. Cy is still so great, his inner conflict/turmoil was genuinely contagious I just adore addy and cy. You brilliant fuckers keep on keepin on creating this masterpiece no horrible cliffhanger this time lol but you guys did leave it with an abrupt arc of possibility...which I love to the ends of the earth but it also makes me a lil arguhjved$%&ghhtrk! I can't that accurately lol but you all get the gist sending loves your way, Godspeed!
Guest chapter 137 . 8/17/2015
Shit just got biblical, WoW...the family is together again and gonna take on the world- good times are here again! AND Fiear can still hook leta with only one good eye left, uggfffhtdhav, its just, I mean-you're all bastards Haha, BUT oh the fuuccckkk ness is truly astonishing...WHAT the what will develop from what's taking place in the span?...on edge, as ever...keep on keeping on you brilliant bunch of creators! Sending much love
Guest chapter 135 . 7/31/2015
You bastards! Ahahaa Halle friggin lujah, Leta is glorious!Still confused about Ophelia, interested in what this all is going to lead us into...and severely hoping beyond hope that they live. Keep on keepin on you brilliant creators, who I still harbor a definitive sprig of exasperation towards, but love to you all regardless haha, and Dez is still wishy washy, but I hate to admit it that his candor is oddly convincing -though the facts are hugely skewed. Still reading, Tahleah reader haha...
Guest chapter 134 . 7/25/2015
WHAT the actual fuck just happened? What does that fucking mean? Your bluffing, I don't're all in sooo much trouble with me ha, I'm laughing from shock, but seriously not amused I don't like this at all- in a damn skyscraper by crazy bitch Varisian? No, just no again, I call bullshit on all your formidably gifted asses. Please keep writing, I don't hate you guys that much...but- I mean come the fuck on!
tahleah chapter 124 . 5/9/2015
Aluuuggghffggghhhh! The cliffhanger just keeps returning with vengeance lol Oh I do adore this mission impossible esque setting for Fiear and Leta to figure out -Go Team But Liam still annoys me, sure he's interesting as reporter person thing can be but a bit wormy. Funny. But wormy- Loving Gates, so happy with his droll and yet spirited interaction with Fiear, its got gumption-like everything you brilliant fuckers write! :) On edge about this mission and really not looking to waiting lol but I will, cause you all are worth it! Haha, but don't push it...keep on keepin on with your badass selves 3 Tahleah
Cyrokin chapter 1 . 5/8/2015
I like it so far; wish I had more time to read it though! I'll pick it up again when I get the chance. XD Dang! 124 chapters and counting? Almost 500,000 words? I wish I could accomplish that. XD

Well, I can't wait to read more. I'll have enough time soon, just not this weekend or next week... Ah well! I'm sure it will be worth the wait.
Guest chapter 121 . 4/11/2015
Wow!...society clusterfuck is right, my lord this glad the duo is gone get them out. But concerning earlier chap- Really really reeeeeaaallly dont like you all right man?! Did we really neeeeed to sit through Quin lovey-doveying so wrong!No, no and again, no. I am just so against that more than fuck buddies-thing that's happening and we ALL know Fiear doesn't make the best decisions, but come the fuck off the stupid horse already-Idiot, blim she was just there to read a book, ugggh this is maddening. That scene was excruciating to read, which is a testament to how great you all are but lets be clear that just because you can, doesn't mean you should lol I mean, really? And that councilor was a creeepy one, sure there's more to Aela -but I'm not entirely clear on what Dez knows. Really loved Leta flying the old girl :) such a fanfuckingtastic scene, truly beautiful. Cannot wait for where were going, still mad- very unpleasant feeling btw, but love you brilliant geniuses in spite of all the questionable cringing moments that you provide in a most un-delightful way haha, keep on keepin on you brilliant creator's...tahleah, reader 3
Guest chapter 118 . 4/6/2015
Lets just skip over the fast foward you all did of FIVE FRAKKING YEARS in the future that this is all taking place (which, I do understand now and appreciate, but at the time, fuck no, was not having it, full on fuckville) Really? You guys and your unabashed love of cliffhangers are still inflicting serious injuries! Haha, but really?! They're in an underground inferno, in the middle of fucking nowhere and the sadistic fembot is returned with MORE knives and shit and then one of THE best one liners ever (arguably) is the cutoff! After the society up and moved into what his faces house, making Cy, Addy and baby girl the science fiction alternate universe version of the Frank family...scary as hell. Ohmygawd, the just bad, is what it is. Freaking brilliant creators ruining my peace of mind with this awesomness ha. Adoring the ness of Fiear and Leta, still got it, after all these years, ha- I cant believe how you guys constructed that scene between them, Leta doesn't do the cmere thing, that's Fiears move but my lord- you guys are switching the roles and its fucking amazing 3 Dez is still fantastically monotonous :) and Eve is wonderful, missed her. Puhleeeaaase make this a lengthy last (sobs) installment, if you absolutely have to end all better fucking know how difficult that us for me type lol but really, keep creating your masterpiece of a story and keep on keepin on with your badass selves. Sending you all loves in spite of the immense upsetness with you guys. Fiery inferno...a fucking fiery building falling on first this fembot needs to die already. Or be saved, I don't care as long as the burning death fucking ends...ha, don' .it.
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