Reviews for The Sanctuary- A Syoc
GodForever chapter 1 . 2/23/2017
Name: Rashindo
Nickname: Twich
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Type of monster: Imp (looks kinda like a big, skinny, rat with a cat-ish face)
Special ability: can make people fall in love (got this power from a magic flower) but the spell doesn't last long. He likes to couse mischif with it.
Appearence: has blue fur. has a rat's hands, tail, feet, and ears. Has big, blue eyes.
Personality: mischifus, can be melodromatic at times (drama queen) gets scared when he's cout doing one of his pranks.
flaws: cowerdly, impatiant, childish
likes: messing around
dislikes: over protective adults
Habits: he twiches his tail alot, thats why he's called Twich
Hobbies: cousing truble
History: he broke up with his GF (and he's 12 so you know how that is) now he's super melodrumatic when he talkes about it.
Getting along with others: He loves being around others his own age, to just mess around and play. But he likes to play pranks on adults.
Freinds: whoever els is at the appartment I guss
What brought him here? His drumatic braik-up with his GF (rain, him crying and shouting "Nooooooo!" to the sky)
chaos-tracker chapter 1 . 7/5/2013
Name: Erin

Nickname: Rin

Age: 19

Gender: female

Type of monster: feary (not as the disney happy cherry ones)

Special Ability: illusions a person can actually touch and sense

eyes: warm chocolate brown
hair: coal black
eyes: light purple
hair: silver
-thin almost transparent blue butterfly wings
-olive complexion

Personality: Has a very cheery aura and loves pulling pranks. She is easily trusted. never turns down a dare and loves pushing her own limitations

Flaws, at least three:
- can't lie
- pushes peoples personal-space
- impulsive
-gets burned and weakened by iron
-can be controled by anyone who knows her true name: Miñodessa

-pranks on others
-having people owe her

- iron
-getting pranked on
-needing help
-spicy things

- changes back into true form when she is gets angry or threatened
- sets many of her illusions around the apartment to freak the other tenants out

-trying out different illusions
-getting people to owe her favors and using them to her advantage

History: Is the youngest of 15 siblings so she hates getting attention. Often went to the human world to escape the siblings and met Tyson. Soon they started hanging out and became best friends.

How well do they get along with others?: She is the person people go to, to resolve arguements. And isn't shy around strangers. Even though she is nice to everyone she has few close friends.

Friends: Tyson

Family: 15 older siblings some half from both the mother and father sides.

What brought them to the apartment: A dare from another faery that said she had to stay in an Iron City for more than 5 years

Romance: i don't mind if she is

Name: Tyson

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Type of monster: regular human

Special Ability: the Sight (able to see past glamour)

eyes: blue green
hair: almost blonde light brown hair
other: tan surfer skin

Personality : He is a tease and loves telling jokes. Loves flirting with everyone. Protective of Erin and will maim you if you hurt her in any way.

Flaws, at least three:
-kind of a player
-always near Erin and overprotective of her

- jokes
- spicy foods
- butterflies

- sweet things
- people who harm Erin
- pink

Habits: Plays with Erin's illusions to bother her. Flirtting with anyone of the opposite gender.

Hobbies: Going on dates everyweek with a different girl. Planning pranks with Erin.

History: Can see monsters in their original forms since childhood and was often bullied for it. Was sent to a Catholic bording school to drive the demons that were in him and ran away.

How well do they get along with others?: He is a very open guy and is good at making new friends, but he likes to keep his private life private from them.

Friends: Erin

Family: Is the only child.

What brought them to the apartment: He wants to make sure Erin doesn't get into too much trouble.

Romance: sure
I am writer chapter 2 . 7/5/2013
hey I know it has been a long time can you please, update I am looking forward to reading this story and I bet many other people are too.

you're friend

I am writer
T.N.M.M.Q chapter 1 . 6/25/2013
Name: Ea Makara

Nickname: Mak-Mak (only his mother can call him that though)

Age: looks 24 but is older than Anchit Greece


Type of monster: Capricorn

Special Ability: breath under water due to gills also crazy high pain tolerance

Appearance: from the waist down he has light blue scales covering his legs and a tail with a fin on it but he hides when he goes out. His feet are goat hoves. From the waist up he is covered in very short white fur (can't tell though). He has shaggy black hair and goat ears and because of reasons he sawed off his horns

Personality: obviously most things he does are on a whim. He doesn't think things all the way through and often screws up. Most humans believe he has mental retardation when he's just the son of the mutant of mythology. He likes to be odd and know odd things and though kind and likes to help he is very disturbing

Flaws, at least three: hard to trust, he can flip his shit out and you never no when, he brings back odd things and is a bit of a kepto

Likes: Ripley's Believe it or Not, strange items, Clam chowder, milk and cheese (only goat though) cultish things

Dislikes: sawing his horns off (does it anyway) talking about his coltishness, Insane Clown Posse

Habits: he is a klepto and bleats like a goat when happy

Hobbies: doing very odd things

History: Being from ancient Greece he was around for a lot of stuff such as the Minotaur and the Labyrinth. Ask what his life was like there and he'll reply with "No fuckin' clue."

How well do they get along with others?: as long as you don't step on his toes (metaphorically) your fine

Friends: he considers most people he knows and doesn't hate his friends even if they hate him but his best friend (Minos) still lives in Greece

Family: mom human dad a goat fish thing

What brought them to the apartment: pure whimsy

Romance: (not understanding question)
Guest chapter 2 . 6/25/2013
That's one big ass apartment.
T.N.M.M.Q chapter 1 . 4/13/2013
I know you already posted the cast list but since you have yet to post the first chapter is it alright if I send you my oc? If you already wrote it or are in the process of writing it and don't want to work in another character then please ignore this.

Name: Aasta Lovecraft

Nickname: Heartstopper (only her friends call her that)

Age: 22 (is really 220)

Gender: female

Type of monster: Huldra a norigean maiden with a rotting tree like back and cow tail. Said to be amazingly beuatiful they suduce men (or women because there are male huldras) for their own whicked purposes. If cruel to her she will punish you but if polite she will help you. Huldras also can bend horse shoes touch hot metal and steal babies

Special Ability: like a full Huldra she can make men fall madly in love with her can't do the other stuff can also smell monsters

Appearance: a little short, creamy skin, blue eyes small nose, wavy blond hair cow tail her back does resemble a tree it's growing mushrooms and a chipmunk lives in it

Personality: flirty, any cute guy even if he's in a relationship if she doesn't like his looks and serves no p-urpose to her then she's somewhat mean. She doesn't normally like to be around girls unlss their Huldras. She is maniulative using her look against you. She's also a major heart breaker but there is a chance that she could actually fall in love.

Flaws, at least three: blabber mouth if you're good to her she ay give out info that you shouldn't know and not realize it, cow tail gets in the way a lot it also gives her away, her back there is a freakin' chipmunk living there and it annoys her like crazy

Likes: snowy weather, old barns, forests, playing the love game, old music (sh'es surprisingly a fan of retro)

Dislikes: iphone/pad/nooks that kind of stuff ("It's usless crap you don't need!") hot days when guys reject her

Habits: making her friendship with guys awkard by sleeping with them or doing something else she's likely to do her tail also curls around nearby things

Hobbies: dancing, flute playing, painting pictures on items (like a mother goose story on a lamp shade or trees on plates)

History grew up in the woods of Norigia with her family doing what Huldras do then for the past few years lived in America moving from town to town because she didn't want people to wonder why she was n't getting older

How well do they get along with others?: human wise handsom men are stress releif unattrative guys not gonna bother women strongly dislike kids ignore monsters if she doesn't see them as competition or attrative then there is a chance to befriend her

Friends: most of them are huldras back home

Family: mom & dad 6 sisters and 2 brothers

What brought them to the apartment: she knew they were monsters so they wouldn't care she was a huldra and probably also had an extended life

Romance: I don't understand the question do you mean what their into or yes or no?
Lightning Berserker chapter 2 . 1/15/2013
Name: Kevin

Nickname: Kev or Wraps

Age: 21 (a few months older than Viviane)

Gender: Male

Type of monster: A mummy-like creature composed entirely of bandages

Special Ability: Stretchable Limbs (To an extent), Limited Shape shifting, Super Strength

Appearance: Kevin has a thin, humanoid shape with slight ape-like features on his limbs. His shell-like head resemble s headpiece from ancient pharaohs, minus the nose and mouth. He wears a skirt-like clothing on their waist, and 2 bandages dangling from his upper back. His body is hollow, meaning hey can store things in his chest. In his bandages are gaps on his wrists, chest and ankles, as well as his eyes, that glow any color, mainly blue.

Personality: Kevin tends to be stoic, prefers to think before acting, and not easily gives his trust to anyone. He also tends to joke to those he trusts his life with. He has a short fuse and doesn't like to be woken up.

Flaws, at least three: tends to be very stoic, very hateful to those he doesn't trust, highly secretive

Likes: anything sweet, non-messy foods, water (in some cases), getting info, and the sun

Dislikes: messy foods, getting stains, getting washed by mistake, water (in some cases), mud, getting ripped, and fire

Habits: checking the electrical stuff, going over the smallest detail in plans, and sleeping where people doesn't go normally

Hobbies: breaking things that need to break, trying to get an early meal, and growing his own apple tree (hidden hobby)

History: Kevin never knew his father and was the man of the house from birth. Both he and his mother lived in a dirty apartment despite being living bandages. Kevin grew up not trusting nearly everyone he met.

How well do they get along with others: not very

Friends: very little

Family: a mother

What brought them to the apartment: to get money for his sick mother

Romance: Yes

Name: Bayner McGracth

Nickname: Bay, Bay-Bay, Ninetails,

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Type of monster: Kitsune (basically a relative to the werefoxes but with more tails)

Special Ability: Creating small fires and illusions for entertainment, or to defend others

Appearance, Hair, Face, body type, eyes etc.: the second picture I sent but with blue eyes, orange hair, claw like nails, and white clothing

Personality: Hayner always jokes around unless it was about something serious. He is touchy about his parents.

Flaws, at least three: attention deprived, not a very good lair, being at the wrong place at the wrong time

Likes: making kids laugh, goofing off, eating

Dislikes: not getting attention, being out done, being lonely

Habits: thinking of new pranks, laughing when his pranks works

Hobbies: sleeping late, pranking, skateboarding

History: Hayner is an orphan with no one to pay much attention to him.

How well do they get along with others?: Well

Friends: Few

Family: None

What brought them to the apartment: For a job entertaining the kids

Romance: Yes

I pm'ed these two to you, but you forgot them.
Valkyrie99 chapter 2 . 1/12/2013
Interesting. I can't wait to read the first chapter. :3
Surviving Devil chapter 1 . 12/10/2012

Nickname: Soma

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Type of monster (if it's a monster that I won't know about please explain!):Dullahan (Headless horseman type that kills people and can mark them for death.

Special Ability: Doors unlock when he gets close

Appearance, Hair, Face, body type, eyes etc.( Be creative and they need to somewhat match the creature they are): Long black hair. Carries his head when he's in the apartment, but if he's not in it he wears a cloak and attempts to keep his head on his shoulders.

Personality (Personalities need to match somewhat too): Cold and when someone gets on his nerves he will attempt to throw a bucket of blood on them (That's how they mark who's next to die.) Prefers to be left alone and almost constantly reads.

Flaws, at least three: Weak to gold
Doesn't have his horse
Doesn't have his whip.

Likes: Being left alone
Quiet people

Dislikes: Loud people
Running out of stuff to read

Habits: Sticking to corners Often loses his own head.

Hobbies: Reading

History (I seriously do NOT want sad, sappy stories, thank you) Originally he wandered around, traveling from place to place, deciding on targets. Eventually decided to stick to one place, and happened across the apartment.

How well do they get along with others?: Often not too well, unless he's left alone, or the persons quiet

Friends: few

Family: none

What brought them to the apartment: Couldn't find anywhere else to live

Romance: sure

Hows this?
Lightning Berserker chapter 1 . 11/28/2012
Name: Viviane

Nickname: Foxy

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Type of monster: Werefox (basically a fox version of a werewolf)

Special Ability: Changing her appearance when needed.

Appearance: Viviane's physical appearance is that of a young woman with red shoulder length hair, red eyes, dark skin, large breasts, a bushy red tail with a white tip, red fox ears, and a scar across her nose. She wears a black jacket with light pink spaghetti strap midriff shirt and short shorts, along with knee high black and white heeled boots. In her werefox form, her clothes disappear and becomes a human sized version of a red fox.

Personality: Vivianne likes to flirt with both genders, as long as that person gets really embarrassed and she likes that person as a friend. More so with a person she is dating. Vivianne is also easily exited and very happy.

Flaws, at least three: easily angered, over worry when a friend doesn't respond, very perverted, not very good at acting or fooling people

Likes: flirting, rubbing her chest on a person's arm while flirting, reading and cooking when she's not flirting, smart people, mild food, ice cream, licking people's ears, warm weather, making new friends, biting nonliving things, good people, snuggling to smart people who are easily embarrassed, pizza, and fish

Dislikes: getting her tail or ears pulled, really spicy and cold food (unless its ice cream), cold weather, being cold, her chest or butt being touched by people she doesn't know, being called slut due to her personality, bad people, and her friends not responding when she's talking to them in some way

Habits: sleeping in the sun, swimming, sleeping with unperverted people, and rubbing her cheek on people when she's really happy

Hobbies: cooking (especially sweets), sewing, greeting people, and helping kids out with something

History: Viviane grew up in an orphanage with her younger octuplet siblings and helps out the workers there until she got a job at Sanctuary.

How well do they get along with others?: Very

Friends: lots

Family: 4 brothers and 7 sisters that are younger than her

What brought them to the apartment: Vivianne is looking for work that involves making people feel at home due to her friendly and flirty nature and cooking skills.

Romance: Yes
whovian-halfbloods chapter 1 . 11/23/2012
cant wait for you to update It looks awesome :)
TempestDragon chapter 1 . 11/4/2012
sorry i had to put the character as a review, but i'm new to this site so it wouldn't let me pm you it
Name: Tempest Elliot
Nickname: storm
Age: 12
Gender: female
Type of monster (if it's a monster that I won't know about please explain!): selkie (they are half human anyway)
Special Ability: can change from a human to a seal.
Appearance, Hair, Face, body type, eyes etc.( Be creative and they need to somewhat match the creature they are): stormy, bluey green eyes, small, plump, long grey/brown hair that that ripples like the waves.
Personality (Personalities need to match somewhat too): very protective over things and people that are close to her, mainly gentle, but when threatened, very violent. Quite intelligent. Patient, loves the environment and protects it as best as she can. Often does not see the funny side to things others would find greatly amusing, seems a lot older than twelve, kind. Loyal. Feels threatened very easily. Shy.
Flaws, at least three: not a fast runner, easily threatened, often cannot stand up for herself among mortal humans.
Likes: swimming, singing and drawing
Dislikes: people who pollute the environment, people who threaten her and her friends, chocolate.
Habits: not paying attention to important thing, doodling
Hobbies: swimming, singing
History (I seriously do NOT want sad, sappy stories, thank you) was a seal up until she was seven, didn’t realise that she was half human till then, couldn’t read or write until then, got teased a bit.
How well do they get along with others?: very well, unless they offend her
Friends: lots, anyone who you think suitable
Family: both her parents are selkies, but they live in the artic as seals, they thought she should get a taste of human life, her dad is called storm and her mum is called silver
What brought them to the apartment: pollution, the pollution was to strong in the city for her sensitive seal side, she followed the aura of pollution that got thinner and thinner till she reached the sanctuary.
Romance: none
TheFabulousDuck chapter 1 . 10/3/2012
I can't wait for the story to start! Update soon!
Valkyrie99 chapter 1 . 10/1/2012
I can't wait to read more! :3 I shall submit one right now. :3
animemasterall chapter 1 . 9/29/2012
I'll like to sumbit. Could I make two people maybe?