Reviews for She woke up with hope but she only found tears
Guest chapter 1 . 10/14/2012
That was so beautiful. So heartbreakingly beautiful and if I'm being honest it made me cry. You, my woman, are an amazing writer.

Now, for my favourite bits:

"And the little girl walks the streets of London even though it's cold and everyone's in bed, she walks because she wants something more and she doesn't know how else to get it. She walks each night until her little legs are sore and she can't walk any more. As the days pass by she walks less because she knows that there's nothing for her, nothing better than what she's got because it's all the same. She notices it then, that it's not the place that's the problem. That she's trying to find something to make her heart whole, to find the last piece of her jigsaw soul, but she's not going to find it because it never existed. She can walk the world a billion times but there's never anything for her. So she shouts to the sky and says 'Lord please' but he's not listening to her cries because she's going to hell. So the little girl cried but the tears ran out and didn't end up drowning her."

"Oh, Zacharias, didn't you ever get told that everyone has a battle to fight? That you should lend a sword when you can because they're not going to win it alone."

"I think that's what counts... I mean we all make mistakes. Maybe what defines us as people is not how many mistakes we've made or what the mistakes were, but what we do about them afterwards," He whispered very quietly and she turned to look at him, taking his hand for the third time and squeezed it very gently. He thought that she was saying thank you.

She didn't say another word and he didn't either because he thought that he'd have so many times to say so many things that he didn't need to. They just parted ways and she mouthed that she'd miss him as she walked away but he didn't see because he'd turned his back and hadn't looked back. She'd watched him as she stood in the empty hallway, watched him walk away for the last time and tried to appreciate being alive because she never would again and even if she hated this place she really did love him in a strange way.

He can't remember her funeral or visiting her grave, even though he was told that he had. He can't remember shouting at the priest that God was a prick for letting this happen and he can't remember being dragged away from the chapel. He can't remember curling up in a ball in their window seat and punching the window so hard that his fist bruised, but that's how he'd woken up the next day. He'd been bleary eyed and tired as he'd stumbled around, not really seeing anything and not really hearing anything but just walking.

Because while he didn't understand where her train was heading, he did understand that to get off the train before it reached its destination was what she'd done. She'd gotten off, found her escape, found a way out and that'd been what she'd wanted all along. And he realised then that there could never have been a different ending to that poem because she'd wanted that last verse, she'd planted the idea in her head and it wasn't going to have gone away. It was going to niggle into all of her thoughts until it took over; the little girl that had the lost jigsaw piece was always going to end up shouting at the sky.

See, she always said such beautiful things, the words falling off her lips like broken glass. But nobody ever listened to what she had to say, because they didn't like what they heard. People are addicted to pretty lies. She would always speak the truth even when it was raw and hurt everybody around her. But that's what he liked about her; she would always speak the truth when everybody else was afraid to.
meowmie chapter 1 . 10/13/2012
I had to move away from the laptop and distract myself for a bit,to reflect on all the emotions that was running through me after I read this. After a while,I cried because every word of your story hit me hard and I just..snapped. Couldn't control my tears,couldn't even breathe properly. That's how strong your story affected me. Thank you for this. And I don't think your poems were bad..I don't read poetry because I don't understand it so I may not be in the position to say anything about it but every word of your story rings true and is so breathtakingly beautiful.
Guest chapter 1 . 10/2/2012
I don't even know what to think of this, my thoughts are really jumbled. Because on the one hand it's really great because it explores a very complex situation and it's so sad and it's real in a weird sort of way, plus your writing is fabulous. But then again, it's really sad (which is also kinda bad) and it made me cry. I'm still trying to process everything. But still, really amazing writing