Reviews for Lives Not Cherished
SimonClemens chapter 2 . 10/6/2012
That's our psychopath. So righteous, and yet so hypocritical...Good chapter, gruesome as ever!
obik16 chapter 2 . 10/6/2012
Whoa. Intense. That is really all I can say or think right now, except one other thing. Continue!
SimonClemens chapter 1 . 10/2/2012
This like an even more family UNfriendly version of Saw.
Which I didn't know was possible, but thank you for proving me wrong.
It's a...well, it's just torture porn. Misogynistic, brutal torture porn.

Also, what you mean, he missed "major stuff?" Since that's a bit vague, I'm assuming you don't really know what specific arteries and organs you're talking about.
(Please disregard this if you do.)
I'd like to think a broken pelvic bone is pretty major. Plus, There are lots of blood vessels in that part of a girls anatomy. Uterine artery? Vesicle artery? Most obvious of all, the vaginal artery?!
I'm thinking that groin attack might've torn a little something, otherwise, WHERE IS ALL THAT BLOOD COMING FROM?! That is obviously not her "monthly 'gift,'" based on the text!
Plus, there are lots of arteries branching off into your teeth. Unless she's recently overdrawn at a blood bank and has at least 5 gallons of blood to waste in her, she would bleed out from this torment in seconds. Not minutes, not the days/hours the freaking "help" will probably take to get there, SECONDS. Pretty stupid, if he wanted her to stay alive and in agony.
Not including the possible tearing of the radial and ulnar arteries (in the hands.)
Well, anyway, I suggest you research male and female anatomy and artery placements in their respective "structures" and THEN maybe someone won't rant at you in the next review.
Because, really how can a killer not even know what 'major stuff' he's screwing with, if he wants her alive-ish, if only for another hour?!

P.S.-I'm no doctor, but come on. I learned this just from a Google search. It can't be that hard for you to do the research.