Reviews for An Albertan's Thoughts
True Talker chapter 1 . 10/3/2012
Thank you for sharing this. I mean this in an EXTREMELY RESPECTFUL way. Why? Because you make some TRULY BEYOND great points here and I LOVED SEEING THIS; "Fundamentally, the point is that Alberta, like Quebec, is also a unique region with its own heritage, history and culture (Aboriginal, English, French, Ukrainian and many more), and so we stand as a key contributor to what Canada is as much as anyone else. A fair deal can be made for everyone here, from coast to coast to coast, respecting everyone's unique standing and contribution. That is what sovereignty, equality and self-determination is really supposed to be all about."

Indeed the above is written by YOU a TRULY INCREDIBLE person. Take this as it is the TRUTH - yes indeed a TRUE compliment to YOU. It is the TRUTH YOU ARE AN INCREDIBLE PERSON. Your words here REALLY DO impress me. Why? It really is - you really have it written as it SHOULD BE. THANK YOU for sharing this as the more I learn and about YOU. The more I that I GREATLY APPRECIATE YOU and I can say more... Again, THANK YOU - PLEASE REALIZE that this means MORE to me - MORE than you could even know and realize as it lets me see MORE about YOU as a person and how you feel about things. THANK YOU. SERIOUSLY THANK YOU.