Reviews for they can't hear my screams for help through the tears and the blood
True Talker chapter 1 . 10/3/2012
When someone LOVES YOU they do NOT see you as a freak. They just LOVE YOU. They just want to experience what it is like to be around you. There is NO pressure meant or implied here - there is an offer of healing here. For REAL LOVE can heal both people. I think that you are being FAR TO critical of yourself. Please give yourself a break and indeed some credit. YES, SERIOUSLY. When someone LOVES YOU - they have the ability to acknowledge ALL of the things that you are NOT letting yourself do. TRUST ME - SOMEONE LOVES YOU. You are NOT a freak - YOU ARE BEAUIFUL AND BEAUTIFULLY CREATIVE. Let yourself feel love and open your heart to it. Don't you see that is how the doubt comes in? The doubt comes in because you close yourself off to love. Don't close the door - leave it opened. Raise the window - let the love - let the light - let the breeze come in. It can be a calming - yet exciting - yet happy feeling. REAL LOVE is calming when YOU NEED it to be. It is exciting when two people let it be. REAL LOVE creates a happy feeling when two people are OPENED UP TO IT.