Reviews for The Little Bottle Inside Your Mind
Elizabeth Lain chapter 1 . 10/3/2012
I undertsand this. I wont say im exactly limke you thats a lie. But i am like you
You smile every day, You have friends and you know you should be grereatefull, but you still feel lonely
You have food on the tabke a bed room. But my dad yells at me "QUIT THAT GOD DAMN FUCKING ATTITUDE." What attitude? My mom dose not like talking to me. Each time i start a conversation she sighs..over and over..sigh sigh sigh. Why dose she talks so much.
You cant tell any one
They will ethier hate you for being so ungratefu
or pity you and worry about you. No..shhh..dont tell any one.
Cry in the shower the water hides your tears. Cry in bed its dfark
At this point your a master at crying silently.