Reviews for Bloodthirsty
Ophelia Schmit chapter 1 . 10/6/2012
'When I was twenty-three years, five months, two days, 57 minutes, and 20 seconds old, it happened.'
HOW does this man know when, exactly, it happened. I can understand the exact time you were born (I know when and where and EVERYTHING, and it's on a poster in my bedroom), but when you became a vampire? No. You wouldn't know you were living an extra twenty seconds old.

'Then, I was forced to drink his.'
I thought the man who turned the main character into a vampire was a vampire himself. He wouldn't have blood if he needs to DRINK it to keep himself alive.

'There are the police, the angry civilians, and who knows what else lurking around, wanting to hurt poor Chris because he occasionally breaks in to people's houses and drink their blood.'
How do the people know it's Green? Vampires kill. When they kill, most people aren't around. If there's witnesses, then the vampire would probably kill them. It's instinct to them not to be known.

'The gate. I left it open. Most people don't become suspicious of this, but who knows?'
Your gate is open. You are sure you locked it. Wouldn't that at least be a little suspicious? At all? Unless you're the dumbest person on Earth, you know something's going on.

'I'll fight back, soon be killed, and that will be the end of Christopher Green.'
Green is a vampire. Most vampires are immortal.