Reviews for Solus Lupum
Bundiegle chapter 1 . 10/9/2012
This was amazing! The imagery was fantastic, though there was a lot of repetition of "her eyes burned" and I'm sure there are other words to use there that would convey the same meaning. Though I do want to know what mission it was that Megan was given, where her men had gone, and where/when this was taking place (even if it's just a quick description of a forest or a building or something. And I feel that Megan, a trained and graceful soldier, wouldn't trip so much, or be so graceless when attacking the werewolf.

It took a little while to get into the actual story, so I suggest cutting down the first few paragraphs about the back story into a few lines, if possible. I don't think you should dwell on back story when there's so much story to get into. Speaking of story, the story itself was fantastic and I loved the irony in the end. It definitely makes me what to know more- since Megan was bitten, does she turn into a werewolf and did she break free from her bindings and fought back against her friends? Did she try to explain her revelation with her comrades?

All in all, I loved it and keep up the good work. :)