Reviews for Autism Series 2: This Thing About Hugs
Dick Thomas chapter 1 . 11/14/2012
I read someone's review of the poem before I read the poem itself. I wonder if perhaps simply knowing someone intimately who has Asperger's gives me an advantage when reading what you've written here. My son is ten, and sometimes he wants to be hugged. But sometimes, he's upset and hugging will only upset him more. He doesn't want me to comfort him. He wants to find his own comfort, his own way.

I try to gauge what he needs by observing him, or even by asking him, rather than by assuming, "Oh, this is how we comfort someone who's upset."

Once again, there's a lot of food for thought in your poetry. Thank you for sharing it.

One criticism, however. It looks like you have a typo in the next-to-last line. Shouldn't it be "But NOW I know..."?
Jesus and his Lawyers chapter 1 . 10/6/2012
Ink Flows into Power,
Okay, it was a good poem. Before you read the rest of the review I think it's important to say. It's not a bad poem, it was well written and it kept a rhythm.
I don't feel that it conveyed the point you were trying to get across very well. You don't like to be hugged? Lots of people don't like to be hugged, I don't like to be hugged. Tell me why it's relevant to Autism, and why it's different for you.
I think you can go back and make this better, because again, it's a good poem, it just wasn't very effective and in getting your point across.