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sometimes i like 2 write chapter 1 . 7/31/2015
THIS IS AWESOME! It seems like there is no particular plotline or anything, or things to tell us that we can't make a giant octopus-horse-rhino-unicorn. I doubt anyone would make that, though. If there are any guidelines that I'm missing please tell me immediately, because I'm planning on submitting a character. :I I can't wait to see where this goes. Also, I'm a bit confused. Are you using these characters for inspiration on different stories as well as using them in this story, or is this not a story at all and the characters are just inspiration? Either way, I'm definitely submitting a character. :D
Lightning Berserker chapter 2 . 9/11/2013
You can PM me if you need more info-

Name: John O'Neil

Nick Name: Ape Man

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Species: Ape-cat

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Scottish-American

Sexual Orientation: Bi, though leaning to being straight

History/Bio: John was created through an illegal crossbreeding in a lab that involved a cat, am ape, two scientists who donated their blood unknowingly, and an explosion that happened seven months after he was born. The result is a perfect blend of the strengths of both animal and human. He grew up with his human 'parents' in a jungle to protect him from other humans and taught him how to survive as a human until age seven when poachers thought he was an unusual looking lion. Lived with aped until his twenty-first birthday.

Abilities: Human level intelligence, able to speak like a human, ape-like strength, strength, speed, reflexes, dexterity, and endurance with cat- and ape-like agility, flexibility, coordination, and balance, senses are twenty times that of a normal human being

Weapon(s): Claws, Feet, Hands, Teeth

Personality: John has the instinct of an animal and the full intelligence of a human. He tends to help any kind of human, cat, ape, and monkey that are in trouble, particularly the younger ones. He travels the world trying to spread the word of the danger of deforestation. Dangerous if upset, and best way to upset him is to mercilessly kill innocent animals for something they haven't done.

Appearance: John looks like a crossbreed of an ape and a cat: having hands and feet to grap onto things, a cat-like head, and his body is ape-like in terms of sturcture and is muscular and streamline. His body is covered in a darkish red fur with the exception of the bottom of his feet. He also has a short 'mane' that's darker than the rest of his fur and has dak brown eyes.

Clothing/Style: Jeans and button up shirts that are dark red or black in color and unable to wear socks and shoes due to his feet being like hands.

Anything Else: N/A
Two Shadows chapter 3 . 10/21/2012
ILikePie99 chapter 1 . 10/14/2012
Name: Aquililia Sunset

Nick Name: Lily

Age: however old the Greek gods and goddesses are

Gender: F

Species: fairy

Nationality: Greek

Ethnicity: Greek

Sexual Orientation: heterosexual

History/Bio: A child of Poseidon and a wind spirit, she grew up in Atlantis before finding a sanctuary-school for fairies like herself. She went there to learn all she could, before getting tired of it and going off to explore the world. She never found a nice guy or a good place to settle down with, the nice guy part because she usually takes the form of a thirteen year old girl. She's been in Iceland for a while now, but plans to take off the Hawaii soon.

Abilities: flying, controlling water

Weapon(s): water manipulation, a silver dagger

Personality: daring, competitive, arrogant, proud, very confident, fairly outgoing, thinks she is the most awesome person to walk the face of the earth except for Annie Cresta from the Hunger Games, her latest obsession

Appearance: wavy blonde hair that goes an inch past her shoulders, turquoise eyes, tan skin, pretty muscular, curvaceous

Clothing/Style: her favorite outfit is a 3/4 sleeve light blue shirt, lilac capri pants, hiking boots and her hair in a ponytail

Anything Else: she and her pet dog Tide are immortal
sunshine everlasting chapter 1 . 10/11/2012
Name: Elisa Moore

Nick Name:Ellie

Age: 21

Gender: f

Species: Siren

Nationality: Australian

Ethnicity: Greek

Sexual Orientation:straight

History/Bio: grew up in a little colony of sirens, never sure of who her mother was, she heard all the Greek myths and wanted to become a hero herself so she left the little colony thing to make a name for herself

Abilities: when's she sings she's very persuasive

Weapon(s): a sword that looks like .

Personality: she's rash, bold and doesn't like to be told off


Clothing/Style: Partical, tank tops, cargo pants, and a brown leather jacket

Anything Else
Complex Variable chapter 1 . 10/10/2012
I just made this up on the fly; hope you enjoy it. It's more of a concept/plot than a traditional character, but... anyways:

Name: Sheyran
Gender: varies (see explanations below)
Age, Nationality, Clothing, Ethnicity, Orientation: N/A
Species: Blood-Spirit.

A blood-spirit is pretty much exactly like it sounds: an entity that lives in, and takes the form of, blood. As a blood-spirit, Sheyran does not have a body of its own; it exists as a puddle of blood—albeit, one that can move of its own volition. When drops of Sheyran's blood-form enters the body of a living being (through a wound, through an orifice, etc.) it enters their bloodstream; the remaining puddle of blood outside of the host that Sheyran just controlled immediately becomes "normal" blood.

When inside a host, Sheyran initially has no control over them; indeed, the host doesn't notice a thing. However, the natural abilities/powers of the host soon begin to greatly increase (e.g., a wizard becomes more powerful and more intelligent; a fighter becomes stronger and more agile, a shape-shifter gets a greater variety of things to turn into (or something like that), etc.). Soon after that, they begin hearing a voice in their head—it sounds like their own voice, but, it is actually Sheyran. The voice gets stronger as time passes; the host becomes more and more a puppet of the blood-spirit within it, and the host's powers grow even stronger with the passage of time. Eventually, the host no longer controls his/her body—Sheyran does. At this stage, however, the body begins to break down—sores, blisters, bruises, and, eventually, huge bleeding cuts. Blood (with Sheyran's essence in it) flows out of the dying host and looks for new hosts; the affected host then dies.

If a host dies before reaching the final, "contagious" stage of infection by Sheyran, the blood-spirit only has enough power to infect a single new host; if the infection is allowed to progress to the point where Sheyran has complete control of the host, the blood-spirit will have enough strength to infect multiple hosts, and thus, come to control more and more people.

Also—other than the power increase, and, the disease-part of the last stages of infection—a host infected by Sheyran does not show any external/physical/biochemical signs that they have been infected.

Sheryan can be destroyed by burning and/or electrocuting an infected person/infected blood.
Needless to say, Sheyran is very evil.

Let's see what you can whip up with this, hmm?

Good luck! :D
ghosthunt12 chapter 1 . 10/10/2012
Name:Astoria Angel

Nick Name:Daughter of Death



Species:Princsse of Death

Nationality:the dead, latin, American

Ethnicity:Dead, American

Sexual Orientation:sright

History/Bio: her dad fall in love with a human and they got married and had kids, her mother died she is forbined to see her. sh also has a curse upon her for she has a deman inside her wich onleaches when she loses her tempere or her streath.

Abilities:she can rise the dead, an talk to them.

Weapon(s):dagger knives

Personality:she is very engic and music is her is also very clam and has a good grip on her emotions. she can seem very cold and sarctic at times. she is very serious and dosn't smile that much.

Appearance:she has long light brown hair and turn black in her deamon form (which looks like her but with black hair, black eyes and a thrist to kill) she also has light brown eyes to she is very pale, she seems weak, but she is very storng and felixiable.

Clothing/Style:she is very tom-boyish, jeans big t-shrits and tenia shoes,

Anything Else:she speaks the languge of the dead Latin