Reviews for A Compilation of Patience
JacobB621 chapter 20 . 2/21/2013
Why answer all questions with patient files?
SugarIsHEALTHY chapter 20 . 11/4/2012
This is awesome. So they were all killed in the Westoborough Massacre? OHMYGOSH. Right now I'm just like "...MINDBLOWN."
Awesome job! This is a really good (albeit disturbing and creepy) story! :D
SugarIsHEALTHY chapter 19 . 11/4/2012
So Simmons was doing that mostly because the guy took his parking spot? Jeez. Harsh.
But I think I mostly get it...He put the bad blood into himself and what, that made HIM go insane? And taking and then putting the blood back in patients made THEM go insane too?
But nice job :)
SugarIsHEALTHY chapter 18 . 11/4/2012
Ahh, so this is one of the doctors that was in the Asylum? But who's the "Westborough Juggernaut"? A patient or something?
Good job :)
SugarIsHEALTHY chapter 17 . 10/30/2012
Oh, jeez. Don't really blame the guy for throwing up :O
And this is the same asylum from two chapters ago, I'm guessing? I'm pretty sure the names are the same...
And although I mostly get it, what did it mean by "..and killed them, as they killed their victims." So Dr. Simmons started killing the patients, and they killed the doctors and other patients?
Tomorrow's Halloween! :)
Raksu chapter 15 . 10/29/2012
Kinda funny to notice that you mention "Thomas Kitch"... : P Remember him from that older story, death portraits...
SugarIsHEALTHY chapter 16 . 10/28/2012
I like the stretcher thing, and the rat was pretty cool/creepy, too.
But it was also really confusing. I mean, I get that that guy had something to do with the court cases, but who was the narrator? And why was the guy that got killed responsible for it? Was he the judge or something...?
*Sigh* I guess I'll just have to wait a couple more days... :)
SugarIsHEALTHY chapter 15 . 10/28/2012
Aww, that's a little big sad…though he is kind of a murderer…
But I noticed some more sentences that shouldn't really be split into two. Like the second sentence could have been combined with the first, 'cause it was kind of choppy.
And I'm not really sure who/what he meant by "love," but I'm guessing—from the description into first paragraph—that it's some sort of drug…? Guess I'll have to wait till Halloween :p
But good job, I like the added part with the mental institute :)
SugarIsHEALTHY chapter 14 . 10/28/2012
I like this one. I find it kind of ironic how the nature-loving person is so violent, but it works. I noticed a few things that I want to point out for the sake of pointing them out, 'cause they aren't that big.
So, with deer hunting, it varies, but I know some people hunt with bows. Now I know that that's not EVERYBODY, but I'm just pointing it out. Also, with either weapon, it's a little more common for people to sit in one place, like in a tree stand, as it's hard to approach the deer. But again, some people do walk around. And I know some people probably do it, but it's pretty dangerous to have so many people out in the same woods, especially with rifles. A lot of times it's hard to see super clearly, so there could be a deer 20 feet away and you can't see them, but also, if you miss, there's a chance the bullet would continue through the trees and hit someone else. Unlikely, but you never know.
Oh, and I know how that person felt with the people killing the animal, but I'm gonna say a short version of something I've been told many, many times. Hunting keeps the population under control, and stops the animals from wiping out their food source, or disease striking.
Okay, so I know that for the sake of the chapter, it had to be like that, and it's still pretty realistic, but I just wanted to point those out…also I've never heard of like a "video room" though I know there are game cameras, but those are normally still images that take pictures when there's movement and the ones I've seen are take really bad quality pictures. And it's not connected to anything so you have to physically go to the camera to get the pictures. But I'm sure there are cameras like that and it needed to be like that for the story, so that was good.
Oh, also, sometimes there were some commas that didn't really need to be there, and one time (I thinks it was about when the guy committed suicide…?) it was split into two sentences and didn't really make much sense right away. Nothing major, just wanted to point them out.
So, sorry, I know the hunting thing was just for the story, but I just had to say something :/ But I really liked it (especially how the deer was made of gunpowder) so good job :)
(By the way, sorry if some things I say don't make sense or a word is spelled wrong; I normally write it on my iPod and I suck at typing on it :/ )
SugarIsHEALTHY chapter 13 . 10/26/2012
Ok, so he really killed her in some way and said it was her fault? And I'm guessing that the things in parenthesis he didn't tell the cop, cause that part was where he was kind of evil…kids confusing but good job :)
SugarIsHEALTHY chapter 12 . 10/24/2012
Aw. This is kind of sad. I'm guessing that he had a flashback to when he was in the war, and actually did the stuff in his memories? Aw. :(
But good job! It's a good idea :)
SugarIsHEALTHY chapter 11 . 10/23/2012
Okay, I'm guessing that he died. I like how it was like "the voice, and then I never heard that voice again." Nice :)
And it's funny, this is the first one where the narrator wasn't the psycho-killer-person, although somebody did end up dead, but they didn't do it on purpose. But I liked it :)
Oh, and is it the victim from last time? I thought it was, but then it said that the guy handed him chicken, when in the last chapter it said he just gave him mashed potatoes...So was it the same person?
Good job :)
SugarIsHEALTHY chapter 10 . 10/23/2012
Hehe. Apocalypse. If it's zombies, I wonder if the dogs would eat them, as they're technically human...
Anyway, good job. I like this one :)
Masi Raksu chapter 11 . 10/23/2012
So uh, it was the cop who shot him at the end of the story, or was he just totally losing his sanity/consciousness ?
SugarIsHEALTHY chapter 9 . 10/21/2012
I totally called that there were dead people underneath his garden when he said "the best fertilizer, decay." Although it's still pretty creepy...
And for some reason, I kind of laughed at the "only vegetables could make me happy." That amuses me for some odd reason...
Nice job :)
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