Reviews for Lackluster
Cecelia Hawk chapter 1 . 11/1/2012
I like this poem a lot though the ending is too ambiguous and vague for me to actually give much meaning to it at the moment. Perhaps only because I cannot fully understand the lines 'dance into early morning when the light bleeds over us - forget everything but coming spring in the supernova'. It does however, give the sense of power by the use of the word 'spring' which can be associated with light, and as a supernova is a massive explosion, are you perhaps describing the sheer majestic power of a supernova?

My favourite lines are 'how I wish you could see me, but I do not glitter so brightly' and 'I am tucked in the nebula's fringe...away from your city sting' mainly due to the internal rhyme, which coupled with the imperatives gives the sense of the power of the supernova and a powerful rhythm and voice. I like the idea of the supernova being personified and I like the imperatives as it shows how regal the supernova thinks it is - the harsh sound of 'come' and 'sting' as well as others helps emphasise the imperious tone.