Reviews for Decisions
kaiheitai chapter 1 . 10/22/2012
I found this to be a very compelling read. I actually thought I'd quit in the first couple paragraphs, because I figured it be a real chic-lit thing, but once I realized she was pregnant, there was a strong hook. I felt it had the right balance of exposition and (what's the fancy word for showing, not telling?). The only thing I noticed on a quick read through was that you wrote she was sitting on the edge of the bathtub, but it felt like she should be on a commode. (Heh, great thing to crit on.) And also, the blurb was a bit confusing. I think I got your intent, but the hyphens around -she pretends - make it cumbersome. I had to read it again after reading the text to figure it out.

Also, I really like the way you incorporate the character's religiosity as a normal occurrence, since almost all fiction that has religious characters is moralistic (annoyingly preachy) Christian genre fiction, and secular fiction usually assumes secular characters. Seeing the religious in a 'normal' light is refreshing.