Reviews for Fear and Courage
thenutrunningthenuthouse chapter 1 . 10/17/2012

Yes, I did enjoy this little (well, not little) piece you've got here. I love how there's such a strong bond with the brothers. Truly, I think that made this piece so deep and wonderful to read. It's so strange seeing those two after only seeing them as children. I must say, Georgie's turning out to be a pretty good king.

Setting: I really enjoyed the '60s atmosphere. I know it simply follows the timeline, but it really added something. That first scene with James' party and the drugs really went home. I can't imagine something like that happening in David and Alice's time, and I think it really makes some stark but realistic points to the lives different generations live in.

Wow, poor James. It's funny seeing him as grown up after only knowing him as a toddler. Yeah, damn, that poor kid! A dead love as well as a dead daughter! What a day! Wow, and I thought she died from a drug OD. Well, that was a neat twist.

Was Dr. Berstein from Oscar series? I guess I assume because for some reason, Nazis Oscar. XD Well, no matter who he is, he said some poignant stuff. I can't imagine losing a pregnant wife like that (well, mostly because I'm a straight woman but...), but you learn and/or are reminded of new horrible Nazi stuff every day.

I caught that Angel Waiting at Hell's Gate reference. ;)

Anyway, great piece, and definitely think about doing one for Charlotte and Louise!