Reviews for Words Misinterpreted
Naver chapter 1 . 10/24/2012
This tree and I have a lot in common, though it reminds me more of my grandfather. In my opinion cold winters is equal to the harsh and cold hate from others or days when being alone had become to much and you start to fall apart (the broken twigs). The feeling of being secure, but wishing to be free of his roots a stronge feeling we share. Ah, spring when love comes and saves you from the mass destuction that has taken you or to be reborn a new stronger being, healing a new life. Autumn reminds me of the comming of age.. getting older hair turning gray and the new skill wisdom is aquired. The red and orange leaves meaning the fire of life that is your(red) and the fire of new life that has come( orange). Slowly your light is becoming smaller and theirs bigger. (coming from "threaten to decay early.) Giving his "happiness" to the new life and
showing it the path to joy without the path of sorrow. Tears from a reflection of his unjoyful past and finally letting go of his life (leaves). That is my take on your amazing short story! I think you did great with this piece and I hope you continue to write them ( I will alaways enjoy reading your work.)
Kathryn Claire O'Connor chapter 1 . 10/24/2012
This is cool.:)