Reviews for From Within
Dante Beridium chapter 11 . 11/13/2012
This was simply fantastic. At first, I was disappointed when you started going down the route of losing faith in God and all that religious business, but I was drawn into it again when you mixed it up, and made it ambiguous.

I really enjoyed the transition in Victorias' personality as well, though near the end of the story with the voice; I did think it was rather odd for Victoria to simply accept the voice, until it simply intermingled with her own and she couldn't distinguish her own thoughts from the voice.

Though I will admit, it was a fantastic read, and honestly I wouldn't mind some sort of follow-up, not a sequel pe-say, but something that involves Victoria in her new state of mind.

Loved it, enjoyed it, bit rough with the transition, but good job. Will do business again.