Reviews for Where Has My Love Gone?
FELICIA-SPENCER chapter 1 . 10/24/2012
This is a really good poem, but I think that the person that your in love with may not be ignoring you intentionally. It sounds as if your crush may be going through some personal issues, and maybe they are not ignoring you on purpose. If your crush has been absent from school for an entire week maybe something happened that he can't discuss right now. The only thing that I can say is to continue being a friend. Email him, keep calling and let your crush know that you'll always be there for that person whenever theres a need. But it seems that there is something deeper going on with the person you like, and it seems that this person is not ready to open up just yet. So just continue being that shoulder that they can cry on, even if they are ignoring you. If your crush doesn't want the same things that you do, then they will let you know.