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Cansei chapter 28 . 1/5/2014
Well, Rory, you are, you are, the biggest loser, and you are also mean, very mean, and just because you admit this doesn't make you any less-guilty. I think the main problem with Rory is that, he just doesn't know what comes out of his mouth, his brain and mouth get easily disconnected. He has the Avi-Maria thing going on, then he acts her like this, and this is the second time. Frankly if I were Avi, I would never talk to him again. There is nothing I despise more than men who make assumptions that the way the women dress and act have anything to do with rape. A woman shouldn't do anything to evade rape, a man should never rape. Of course, we have to protect ourselves, like Avi shouldn't have taken him inside(not because Rory doesn't like him with het, because he was acting suspicious from the beginning) but the insinuation Rory made, just one but twice, were beyond disgusting. He acts just so romantically chilvaristic, then the next his other less honorable side surfaces at the first opportunity. He did it the first time he heard about Ralston, and even though I thought he was mean, I gave him another chance after they talked because he was caught off guard, and he was less-experienced, but all these things happened, there are no excuses now.
God, I hope his Dad and Brian smacked him good. And Avi won't forgive him easily as before. I hope she forgives him never, but I know she will, because she is in love, and we do stupid things in love.
Cansei chapter 27 . 1/5/2014
So, Moran made his color true, getting Avi in a position victim again. Poor girl, I hope she will take it well, but I guess she won't. She felt mad, which was reasonable, being the constant victim is weary and frustrating, but at least she has Rory now.
Her hesitance if he was hitting in her or it was just her big ego was sad, I wish she will recognize soon enough someone who was doubting herself this much couldn't have had that much of a big ego as she is afraid of herself having. Grandiose complex by definition made it quite impossible to doubt yourself.
But her getting Moran inside was a very stupid move. She should have already known that that man was fishy and should have tried to get him down to the lobby. When she welcomed him inside, I just screamed "noooooo."
The big sweat pants falling on the floor as they fought was good a touch to show us also the nature of the fight without getting too much in tho fight itself. And it was sad that she was glad that no one saw her like that. Yeah, it might be very demoralizing.
Yay for Craig. He really saved the day, but Moran still mumbling with his broken nose "you are all under arrest" was pretty funny, served him right. The bastard.
Hope it was Avi who broke his nose. That would make her feel a bit better :)
Her version of "behaving" was hilarious.
Cansei chapter 26 . 1/5/2014
Ugh, Rory sometimes just needs a smack in his head. He's almost turned his love into a pissing contest, with that Morgan and Grace thing, oh, they are not as much in love as us. Oh, whatever. Though, his delusions are kinda funny.
You know thinking that Moran is a middle age man and Avi is barely legal, it might very well that Moran is one of them, as well. As Rory says, Helena should really be with him, too.
Rory not wanting to say he needs her right after she says it first something is very common. We all have experience it sometimes. I liked the sentiment, though, I hope he find his inner Irish poet soon :)
Avi is keep being cute in the bed, hehe. I can see why he couldn't keep his hunger satisfied.
(She is tired) again, very sexy, I like this kind of double talking a lot. The sibling fight here was adorable, and I just laughed Rory reaction to his mother cooking something I don't know what :)
Um, I couldn't tie the flashback to the rest to the chapter this time lot, frankly. Perhaps another one with Mr. Grant would have been better, the one he understood how Avi and Rory's love was also affecting him and his own relationship because Rory was thinking here theirs were soooo unique.
Cansei chapter 25 . 1/4/2014
Avi's self-disgust for her own ego, and self blaming herself was so sad. I hope she will get red off of it soon, and understand she wasn't that bad. We all have egos, especially when we are young, we all want to someone unique, not normal, like a snowflake how fight club says. And it's "normal".
The ending was nice with them again, Rory providing her sanctuary she needed, a modern knight indeed.
Ang's confusing was cute, but I liked more how Brian talked to her with his eyes. I really liked this guy, but I cant understand why no one asks him about Moran. I am so curious about it.
Oh, Tim met with Dawes, too, I totally missed that before! This bio thing was very useful for us, too.
Rory staying at the counter, bracing his hands on the edge, his head bowed, trying to take control of-himself; in a few words, so damn powerful imaginary and so HOT. I don't always find him very hot, more cute, there he was hot.
Cansei chapter 24 . 1/4/2014
Reading the flashback here made me remember think about how what happened to Morgan's sister would have been to Avi, too. She really got it lucky with this experience.
I didn't quite understand what Brian said 'something off' My guess is Moran lied to Rory for being suspended because getting Avi's back, it was something else that Brian knew, but you didn't elaborate. So Moran actually would be involved with this, and remembering his reaction to Avi, that seems pretty much plausible. I hope he is not a Lost V-boy, or something, with that fixation to Avi. Oh, the plot really thickens :) loving it.
Ang's message "kiss and talk" No Way. Hah.
(Strabane, the culture mecca.) So funny.
(Somebody had to do it) yup, I guess, somebody did. The finale moment was very good between them.
Cansei chapter 23 . 1/4/2014
Again, forgot to say, this anon thing is pretty handy too; but the not shaving part, heh, one word: epilation :p live saving invention. But Avi's reaction was pretty funny, he he
Cansei chapter 23 . 1/4/2014
Hmm, so this must be not at all connected to Tim being a bastard but could be an actual robbery? Hmm, plot thickens, so loved this new development, and Rory, god, seriously, when you are near Avi, you lose your ability to think. Good that she is brainy enough for you both.
CAM minus A was so cute together, all trying to beat each other with their crazy computer zkills, heh, wish I could have friends like them. And since I am a hopeless romantic(gag) in heart, I wonder if there would be a possibility for Maria turn to the guys, too :) she could be bi like Brian :) speaking of who, you dog :) so he got the girl, good. Very good :) I wish you could show us more Brian. I missed him, and wouldn't mind if Avi -oops-accidentally caught their horizontal mambo :)
"Slut" again, good repetition.
"Yeah, I kinda like him" No shit! Heh, that laughed me big time. At the start here, Avi was like a lazy cat, too, quite domesticated with all that Rory-fussing. She was really cute in the bed, not wanting to leave the bed, and the mention of home was quite nice. But Rory seems to go quite fast with his promises and the future plans.
Cansei chapter 22 . 1/4/2014
Eh, seriously, Avi would make much better "James Bond" than Rory. She was very good with Grace in this, managed to get her talk. I knew someone close to Morgan was a victim of Tim, I thought it was a girl friend but the sister works the same. And the poor girl, she definitely had the worst, had to bear a child, too.
Grace's words for how even though he left it doesn't mean she would betray his trust was very good. As soon as she said that, she won me over. And Avi was particularly good too when she said Grace was protecting the man she loves, easy to love, indeed.
Speaking of which, god, yes, these two are so easy to be "loved". Wherever they go, the admirers immediately show up. Lol. I am getting jealous.
Cansei chapter 21 . 1/4/2014
Hah, funny that Rory wants to talk about other men on the pillow. Heh, he definitely needs to learn to make better pillow talk.
There were things I rather enjoyed, like his combing her hair, such a sweet moment, and of course the dance. It was very logical that he didn't want her to have dancing experience with only Manny, as she didn't like him having a more connection to Diana more than one night. We can get jealous of common things easily when we are in love.
(Let's go to the castle) now, I found it out as a terrible idea. Lol. Good thing that it didn't end up bad, not yet, but the whole time I waited something-you know-happened. It was very suspenseful.
Good that Avi understood that how much he had changed during their break up, the Bond thing was funny because he had thought himself a failed Bond before and Avi thought him like one now. He was pretty hot in this, I guess. From the start, first being so caring with combing and dancing, then the next being manly. I felt like I was reading Bruce, heh, heroic knights. :) You do a good job setting him as a chivalry, a honorable man, with some issues, he he.
What even better was how his dedication to do this for Avi made her to want something. Liked it a lot.
So Morgan is coming one again, I guess.
Cansei chapter 20 . 1/3/2014
Oppe, forgot it.
(We are all warm toasty, we can talk about anything) then he talked about Moran! God, idiot.
But it was funny.
Cansei chapter 20 . 1/3/2014
Ah, lover time, quite handy thing that RV. I like how they cant keep their hands off each other, as they have all the reason in the world not to.
But Rory really put Avi on an altar. Believing she's the best thing ever, and every man wants her etc. etc. He has some points, well, because almost everyone wants Avi now, but that's not excusable for Rory. He starts to see her a woman, not like some wishful fantasy.
Moran from his eyes seems much more fixated than Avi's pov, so I guess that proves my point too. He really gets jealous so much of a fly.
I laughed the comment of steaming up the car's windows. He he...funny, the joys of bring young.
It was kinda funny that they went to the bastard's estate to have sex. Yes, it was like kinda saying fuck off.
Glad that Brian and Ang started hitting it off :) yes, please, Brian, take some steam off of her :p

The end repetition of 'I'm home' was lovely, and perfect tie to the other chapter. Liked it.
Cansei chapter 19 . 1/3/2014
Haha, first, I KNEW it. if not for one Finnegan, then the other :) and I am super uber glad she is get distracted with Brian because I'm not sure how much I could take her miserable act any longer :p But it seems like they will be a cute couple. FIFA thing reminded me myself. Heh, I was trying to learn F1 to impress one of my former boyfriends. Funny thing I ended up actually liking it :) i still watch the races. But Fifa thing, yeah, it is a girl thing to catch men, I personally have a grudge against them, because oh dear god, our boys LOVE their games. Ang will understand what I mean.
I laughed when Avi described them with first stage; are you a cheerleader, oh, you study criminal law. The first stage talks must seems really dumb to any outside observer :)
The girls being bonded over having gorgeous redhair, bwhah, my heart hurt. :p
I liked that this chapter had fun after the last angsty fun, it was a good balance.
Rory as medieval knight-YES. That's just him, of course, quite Byronic, and that's why I like him;) love my boys tragic :)
So Moran, hmm, I think I hit a point with this guy. Though, I don't know. You might be just baiting us, like a true mystery writer. But he took a few hours off? When was Tim got killed exactly? Not yesterday, I am sure.
Hah, it was good to see Avi using her charms on him to learn about things. That's my girl. :)
Cansei chapter 18 . 1/3/2014
Lovely, title, bittersweet renioun. Sad that how purposeless Rory felt without Avi, tying all the goodness in him to her. Very sad, because I don't think he is such a bad character as he seems to think himself being. I hope he will understand it, soon, because this is not healthy, as we already talked before, putting that much "feeling" anyone. It never bodes well.
But for character-wise, it was gold.
I liked when Avi mentioned that he didn't say anything when Avi said she doesn't have a bad judgement, he he.
The pov changes here was good as it made us see from both of them, and I liked that.
Avi bringing condoms along was hot, but it was hotter how she opened the package :) heh.
The talks were heavy here a lot, but I was glad to hear them voiced out. Diana issue, the killing one, those were all things needed to be mentioned, even though they didn't find a particular solution. But, no, I don't think Rory wanting to kill Tim makes him a bad person, it just makes him human. I certainly believe under the "right" circumstances all of us are capable of killing someone, especially out of revenge, and it makes you many things, but not always a bad person. Again, I hope at the end of the story Rory will understand that, and his feelings, that ashamed feeling he has because he thinks himself of being capable of doing that already makes him a better person.

(Then where else I could be?) this was so awesome. And so truthful about caring someone, and love. Great dialog, too.

Now, let's find out who we should thank ;)
Cansei chapter 17 . 1/3/2014
Rory, you lucky dog, after all the whining, you got the girl, finally :)
Heh, jokes aside, Rory seemed very defeated with this chapter, how Avi said before, and I was a little mad at him making that decision because it was for Avi to decide, not him, but again I understood him, because it was about loving someone. His thoughts about smartphones and how technology has made it impossible now to be lost in the world. It reminded me what Selina said in TDK, everything about us recorded and filed, and it's impossible to run away from it. Heh, Rory needs the Clean Slate program, too. :p That thing could be quite handy.
Hah, so, I was right about my suspicions for Morgan! We and Brian...we do think alike :) though I wasn't thinking about Marta, frankly. I still think Morgan was too obvious, and Marta wasn't the type. I thought of Morsn, the detective too last night. You know, he seemed to care of Avi, and he knew about the bastard and almost lost his job because he confronted judges for Tim's case. And he's a police. Hmm.
It was so cute that his family left him alone so it could be them when they saw each other first. Aw. ( Ang might have died from broken heart, though :p)
Ps. Brian, you're still awesome. Sending him to shower before Avi arrives. He he, niiiice.
Cansei chapter 16 . 1/3/2014
Oh, so loved this chapter, especially seeing Avi this excited, it seemed like she is returning her true self with the prospect of returning to Rory. Aw, so sweet.
Children can be very manipulative with their parents. I am sure all of us in some points in our life did things close to what Avi did to her parents to have our ways. Again, it was good because it was old Avi. Her parents had every reason to be not-okay with het returning there after the last episode, but at the end they decided to trust her. Good for their relationship because imo, one of the important things for a child is to know that his parents trust him, trust that he will be mature enough. I hope Avi understood it, too, and how it was hard for a parent.
Her inner thoughts were so funny, again very Avi like, trying to choose things from her wardrobe, dresses even though even though they wouldn't be appropriate for the climate just because Rory would like her seeing in them :) the things we do for love. :) and the lingerie part was particularly funny :)
I was a little bit surprised that she didn't mind Rory sleeping around, especially when she stayed faithful to him, mostly. But I guess she just decided that the alternative to it must have been so much horrible, him having genuine feelings for another, so she deemed his no-strings-attached fooling around better. It was funny, though, she didn't mind him being not-celibate :) she really knows men well, and don't expect too much :)
So glad that Craig is coming to Ireland, too. I love him as much Brian. And, good that he got some too :p

The flashback with Ang. Dang it, I totally forgot about it, forgot the first time Ang met Rory, and how she reacted to it. So I appreciate it. I am still mad at her, lol, but it was good to see that.
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