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Shang chapter 6 . 10/9
Yuichi a good guy? I don't buy it - he probably wanted to cheer that "female sempai" up to hit on her or something... and even if not, he's still a tremendously annoyig narcissist! Funny, but annoying... like TMNT's Michelangelo :D

Anyway it was a fun chapter (unexpectedly long... or maybe that's just me); it made me feel like you're going for a pretty wide variety of genres such as action and harem most specifically, on top of those previously. Well, harem might've been hinted earlier, but now it just seems so obvious

What I don't quite get is why choose a character like Yuichi to be the center of a harem; at this point it seems totally unbelievable for him to attract girl... or is it? Hmm... maybe I should test his methods out? :D

A fun read so far. Good job.
WolfGoesBaa chapter 78 . 9/15
I guess Poisedion's comments have to do with the events of Soul Anomaly Zero? Hmm... I like how the monocle and eyepatch were actually more than just props but actually served a function.

Good chapter!
WolfGoesBaa chapter 77 . 9/15
This chapter was very enjoyable. I too am liking the development between Ren, Elizabeth and Ley. It's too good, keep it up.

"How long do we have to watch the two of you channel the power of love!?" - Lol I love this line
WolfGoesBaa chapter 76 . 9/15
I think it's better for Ren to beat her off screen. I'm thinking of how weird it would be for Ren to track this poor girl who is absolutely afraid of her and... kill her? But you'd probably have made it comical.

...about [it the] staircase... - [it. The]
Shang chapter 5 . 9/12
I'm still waiting for that punch to Tuichi's face (Yuna slapping him doesn't count :P). Or, at least, second "Truck-kun".

This is just too cruel; poor Alicia, though honestly I was expecting that when she mentioned marrying Yuchi for prestige, the guy is gonna claim something like "obviously" or that sort. So the plot "thickens", but I wonder how far this will go with the supernatural elements.
Shang chapter 4 . 9/11
Well, if whatever you do for a living doesn't pan out, you can always get into collectible cards games... I want the Constipated Camel in my deck! :D
Shang chapter 3 . 9/11
Sakura likes Yuichi? What the heck?! If that's how it is, no wonder I can't find a girlfriend... guess I need to be an egocentric perv than :D

Yuichi's commentary is still the funniest, but man is he a "punch-enducing" character.
Sakura seems to be a sweet, albeit naive girl, but I am somewhat surprised at Alicia's father approach - I half-expected him to be overprotective; being so "cool" with some bozo (especially one such as Yuichi) saw his daughter naked took me off-guard.

Still a funny story.
Kenshin Kojima chapter 87 . 9/2
Apologies for reviewing the chapter so late. But I am glad I did, because this was a very good chapter. I enjoyed this one very much. I like Alicia's backstory, even though it was a bit depressing. And I have a feeling I know where you're going with this. If you're going to do what I think you're going to do, then things are going to get even more sad for Alicia.

For once, Yuichi was a postive role model for somebody. He's still a narcissist - but he was very awesome in this chapter. And it was cool to hear what happen to Taurus, even if you are unsure if going to write it or not.

Again, I thought this was a very good chapter. I definitely cannot wait to see what happens next. Thanks for tge read, as always!
Shang chapter 2 . 9/2
Got a moment, so I figured I push my progress on this tale along ;)

Yuichi is still an ass, but at the very least he shows he CAN be a bit likable at times... a bit of fan service too (and my mind again travels to "Hideki's Harem"... I read enough of your chapters, I think I'm gonna break and revive that tale of mine too :D) and humor; technically it's pretty simple, but I still laughed quite a bit. I think you MIGHT'VE pulled a bit more comedy out of the "rock-paper-scissors' bit by presenting the actual game, but this is fine none the less.

The first vision of Purgatory made me think this was Hell, I wonder if that was intentional, but the biggest interest now is how does Yuichi's life different than how it was. A good cliff-hanger for a comedy story. Good job.
Shang chapter 1 . 8/26
Ah, "Truck-kun" strikes again... this is probably the third story in about a month-time that I come across that has a main character dying by getting hit by the infamous truck... makes me kinda wonder what the heck is wrong with Japanese teenagers? :D

On a bit more serious note I did enjoy this chapter much more than I originally thought I would (not sure how the rest of the story gets structured, but at this point I kinda feel 'comedy' has more place as one of the main genre in steady of fantasy or supernatural). I certainly laughted a few times thanks to Yuichi's narration (granted it made me wanna punch him in the face a couple of times too :D) so as long as this tale is not treated too seriously, it does its job well.

One thing I did notice is that you implement Japanese culture into it, yet do so in a bit uneven manner; for example in Japan it is customary to use a person's last name first, so this being first-person narration tale makes the way Yuichi introduces characters somewhat off (still kudos on him referring to Akane properly ;)).

You certainly got a knack for comedy (kinda inspiring me to put more effort into the remake of my own "Hideki's Harem" I've been planning recently, so that IS impressive) and if you manage to keep this vibe, I think I'm gonna enjoy this tale. For the moment I'm gonna cut the reading short (I've only recently returned to FictionPress and I have a lot of stories to read - which I try doing simultaneously - as well as keep up with my own updates), but I'll certainly mark this one as something for further read.

Good job.
Kenshin Kojima chapter 86 . 7/31
Sorry that it took long to review.

It seems Yuichi is learning that he needs to be careful now, with him being a noble and all. Alicia is right, though. He has a target back now. He should show caution - but this is Yuichi will are talking about here, lol.

I thought their "meet and greet" at the Reaper school was a nice scene. It was funny how Alicia was trying to play off the time she was cheated by Yuichi. If they only knew... LOL!

Now onto the Liberators... You can really make some interesting characters. Megami is especially interesting. I mean, she needs a special pair of goggles or else she'll burn everyone and everything with her power. And Mikoto... Yeah, she has some screws loose. LOL! Reminds me of those characters who are obsessed with justice. I cannot wait to see what roles these guys play in the next arc.

Overall, this was a good story, with some foreshadowing at the end. Again, I cannot wait to see what roles that the Liberators will play...

Thanks for the read, as always!
WolfGoesBaa chapter 75 . 5/29
So all the matches have been set up and now the fighting can begin. Slot's goal is kinda unrealistic though. I mean he is lucky but to want Absolute Luck? Luck isn't something you can train or increase, unless his luck is a byproduct of something else, I don't think he's dream is attainable

Aww man, now I remember why I don't like binge reading this story, it's because I'm afraid I'll run out of chapters. Now there's only 10 chapters till the end.
WolfGoesBaa chapter 74 . 5/29
I like the continuity of Slots using giant fireballs and Ren and his party being caught in a forest fire caused by a mysterious fireball a few chapter sections later. This is ramping up to be quite the exciting arc, even without the main protagonist. Keep it up
WolfGoesBaa chapter 73 . 5/29
And Yuna jumps into danger. So are the Inquisitors higher than the Skaters. I remember reading something about them being more concerned with internal matters of the church. Sort of like HR... with deadly weapons.

everyone just [give] me an understanding no... - [gave]
WolfGoesBaa chapter 72 . 5/29
Nice back story for the church. So Ichiyu has such a crazy stalker. I feel sad and scared for him, how will get achieve his dreams of starting a harem with such a person looking over his shoulder?

Trisix, aren't you [ ] the other side of the planet? -[on]

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