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WolfGoesBaa chapter 75 . 5/29
So all the matches have been set up and now the fighting can begin. Slot's goal is kinda unrealistic though. I mean he is lucky but to want Absolute Luck? Luck isn't something you can train or increase, unless his luck is a byproduct of something else, I don't think he's dream is attainable

Aww man, now I remember why I don't like binge reading this story, it's because I'm afraid I'll run out of chapters. Now there's only 10 chapters till the end.
WolfGoesBaa chapter 74 . 5/29
I like the continuity of Slots using giant fireballs and Ren and his party being caught in a forest fire caused by a mysterious fireball a few chapter sections later. This is ramping up to be quite the exciting arc, even without the main protagonist. Keep it up
WolfGoesBaa chapter 73 . 5/29
And Yuna jumps into danger. So are the Inquisitors higher than the Skaters. I remember reading something about them being more concerned with internal matters of the church. Sort of like HR... with deadly weapons.

everyone just [give] me an understanding no... - [gave]
WolfGoesBaa chapter 72 . 5/29
Nice back story for the church. So Ichiyu has such a crazy stalker. I feel sad and scared for him, how will get achieve his dreams of starting a harem with such a person looking over his shoulder?

Trisix, aren't you [ ] the other side of the planet? -[on]

"Okay, I get [ ] so calm down - [it]
WolfGoesBaa chapter 71 . 5/29
And yay exclamation mark One of my favourite characters is back full stop... Yeah, I see how writing that out could be annoying. Wait, I thought Mizuno was the witch with amnesia, what's going on? With Ren's lyrics, I thought he'd get some kind of magic boost power to support his friends but this Divine Analyses seems to really suite him and his capabilities.
WolfGoesBaa chapter 70 . 5/29
Ahh... this is good. So the gang are really going to get in an adventure without Yuichi. Unless he appears half way to save the day (hope not).
WolfGoesBaa chapter 69 . 5/29
The Eksodus part was really fun... although I don't think you should have revealed that Eksodus and the masked man were not the same person in an author's note. Letting the reader find out something like that on their own through plot would have made for a better reading experience and would have naturally added to the story's complexity.
WolfGoesBaa chapter 68 . 5/29
Awwwww! I really liked this chapter. Ren and Elizabeth's heart to heart which healed Ren's main insecurity while giving background to the source of Elizabeth's. I've always sympthised with villain with ambition coupled with an unhealthy dose of an inferiority complex. They seem much more real than the perfect heroes most beloved by everyone they meet. So I'm glad you used this for Elizabeth's character one of the heroes of the story.
WolfGoesBaa chapter 67 . 5/26
Well, I don't think it needs any 'spicing up.' I rather enjoyed it. Well building a harem seems to be hard on anyone not named Yuichi but it should be good seeing Ten attempt it.

"We [maybe] best friends but we don't reveal other people's sensitive - [may be?]

has she simply come to [turns] with it. - [terms?]
Kenshin Kojima chapter 85 . 5/12
Cool to see you post another chapter. The beginning was cute and funny. It was good to see Yuichi having a "pleasant date" with Alicia and Lilicia. It was especially funny when he met Florence. Misunderstanding? Well, that's an understatement, lol. I cannot wait to see how the Pandemoniums sisters are going to react once they meet her. But as you said, Yuichi is going to have hell to pay. Poor Yuichi, lol.

FELIA, huh? Seems like an interesting group. But why am I getting a bad thing that something is going to happen at the school...?

Overall, there wasn't any action in this - but I feel things are going to pick up real soon. I cannot wait to what happens next.

Thanks for the read as always!
ArcanePunkster chapter 2 . 3/22
Very enjoyable chapter to read, note to self if I ever meet a beautiful Reaper I'll just challenge them to a game of strip rock-paper-scissors!

Wouldn't surprise me if the chapter began with Yuichi having to dig his way of the ground from his coffin. However I'll continue reading on because I may be pleasantly surprised.
ArcanePunkster chapter 1 . 3/22
Damn here I thought it was going to be all comedy, then the main protagonist gets hit by a truck in front of his little sister.

Also liking the main protagonist you don't see too many of them with his type of stereotype, they're mostly reversed for supporting characters.

Anyway great start for the story, I'll be checking out the next chapter right now.
Darth Zannacross chapter 83 . 3/11
I see Yuichi is still " recovering" from his wounds, he's lucky he's surrounded by such forgiving people.

And still more acts of jerkness by Zeus, he's looking worst then he did in God of War, good grief, this won't end well. On top of that we got long lost relatives, this should be a blast, till next time.
Starart152 chapter 23 . 3/11
This was a nice little chapter that explain well the past of Alicia and Alma's. It also deepen a lot those two characters and Yuichi personality made him quite likable in this chapter. It's flaws was used in a positive way.
Darth Zannacross chapter 82 . 3/10
I see Idodine is a fan of tattoos, and magical pain. Still, Shruen thinks his rage is unlimited, he thinks he is the Hulk or something? Well, he's no Super Sayian but, thankfully he got back up in the form of Ren's group.

Damn, almost had a attack of the clones but with Iodine being the root of all this power, one's to many so glad it was cut short.

Amiss all this chaos we still got are perverted lead, theses days wonder if the Me to moment will catch up to him next lol, oh well, nice cameo with him pulling through the Bronze Virus to rescue Sylica.

Damn...for a few seconds before she is killed. Well, it was messy but Iodine clearly did not get the last laugh.

Seems like Zeus just might shape up to be even more of a pain, not sure yet, we will see which god needs to be gone all God of War on, though it could very well be all of them at this point, we will see.

A nice conclusion to the arc, eager to see where it goes from here, till next time best of luck thinking of the new arc.
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