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Kenshin Kojima chapter 117 . 2h
Sweet another chapter!

Ren’s dad is a police detective, huh? And he was responsible for capturing the Cannibalistic Killer. Wait? When Ren faced off against him — did he recognize him as Reito Kirei’s son? Either way, it seems this isn’t a copycat.

I am curious to see where this goes — especially after finding out his resurrection wasn’t planned. Sounds like someone has an ulterior motive.

Glad to see Yuichi cheered Yuna up after her ordeal. Well, that is until, you know. LOL!

Again, I am curious to see where this goes. I cannot wait to read the new arc.

Thanks for the read as always!
hazelnutbrew chapter 19 . 9/21
Though you say that the story is dialogue-heavy, I still enjoyed reading it. Sometimes the dialogue is easy to read and digest, and well, I’m always on the lookout for character interactions because I think characters and their interactions are the heart and soul of the story, besides the events. Though I guess you could say that the characters are still the heart of the story because if you had nothing but events but no interesting characters, one wouldn’t be as invested to go in a story no matter how epic the storyline is. I rather liked seeing the rivalry between Akane and her senpai together. Yuichi has a literal harem of women trailing after him, though I guess women must like confidence a lot xD Sometimes his confidence can border onto narcissism, but well, that would be an important character arc to work on. But really, as Yuichi says, he has belief in himself and others, and that’s really a swell thing. But omg, I think the part about NTR though... made me laugh out loud so hard. That senpai certainly is an interesting and delightfully eccentric character, but her carefree nature about still pursuing Yuichi’s heart was interesting to read about. And seeing the faction of lovely girls that want to jump Yuichi’s bones is nice to read, LOL I like all the girls to be honest, though Alicia and Yuichi have a good dynamic together. Though I wonder if it is possible for Yuichi to have a harem, or whether all the other girls would be paired off with someone else because the thing about harems is that sometimes I hope they go poly so that everyone is happy or at least each girl gets paired off with someone else who loves them because it’s sad when a girl ends up on the losing end of a harem ending or something like that. I don’t know, I’m weird. But, I thought it was hilarious that Yuichi and Ren both cheated Death, and knowing the shenanigans of those two, they’re really brothers from another mother. Well, keep up the good work with this story, and I should get to reading some more.
hazelnutbrew chapter 18 . 9/21
I thought this was an interesting development between Mizuno and Yuichi. Of course, we’ve known about her feelings towards Yuichi from previous chapters, I think, though seeing this ecchi scene between the two was hilarious. Yuichi thought he was gonna be incinerated through hellfire by Demon Mizuno for doing something like that to her, but she actually is kind of adorable in her reaction of being shy all of a sudden around him. Though it makes sense and Yuichi is just adorably oblivious to the fact that he’s capturing the hearts of many girls. Yuichi’s self-confidence and belief in himself and others is something that makes him a likable character, even if he can be a little over the top in his own confidence, but you know what, having too much confidence is better than having no confidence, coming from a person who doesn’t have much self-esteem. LOL Though as for this development between Akane and Yuichi, I thought it was adorable when she said that Yuichi could call her Akane, though of course he still insists on calling her Demon Mizuno until she threatens to rearrange his face for plastic surgery if he insists on calling her that name.

Anyway, the conversation between Alicia and her father was also an intriguing development that foreshadows some interesting promises to come. I’m sure the payoffs will be nicely tied off as well, you’ve done a good job with making a compelling story with these twists and turns and mysteries that are dangling within the reader’s reach and teasingly and tauntingly held out of the way until the ultimate payoff is set up. This character in question that they’re searching for sounds interesting. I love the concept of ‘prodigy of prodigies’ because those characters are always fun, and I’m the type of person that loves prodigies of any trope, from child to teen, and of course, it’s important that the Trope The Ace is put into play here as well, I like those too. Sounds like a Tournament arc or something coming up at this point or something similar, or I’m not sure, though I’m really excited for this buildup and want to see who the other competitors are. It might introduce some new allies or it might introduce some new enemies as well, though nothing much more to be said except Alicia is rather pensive about this entire thing and probably doesn’t want to endanger Yuichi, knowing Yuichi, he’s a proactive protagonist that wants in on the action, so if he were refused something like this, his pride wouldn’t let him pass up this opportunity.

Though oh snap, the development for this one is interesting. When we’re introduced to Akane’s senpai, Shiori Asuza, I’m curious to know how she managed to find out about Yuichi being a Human Anomaly. Though it might be because she’s the mysterious Point of View in the previous chapter or something like that, who knows. Anyway, I think that you’ve got some interesting setups and developments in this area as well because I remember (I think) the backstory about Yuichi letting Shiori vent out all her rage and frustration and depression on him and it looks like another potential harem member. Maybe. Though Yuichi said that this person has every right to hate him, of course, though he was doing something for her benefit, but still. Good job and keep writing!
hazelnutbrew chapter 17 . 9/21
I think this was a nice chapter that talked about the aftermath of Ren and Vincent’s fight with one another. I like how the Reapers have repaired the school and tie up loose ends, Elizabeth joins the school as a student and as Ren’s fiance. How nice! Though lol, Yuichi is being his adorably (adorabkly?) narcissistic self, though it’s really fun to read about his shenanigans and what he has to say. Sometimes an utter line of ‘genius’ would come out of his mouth, though omgosh, actually, he does have a moment of brilliance by selling silver for money or something like that, though of course, they bring up the valid point of moral implications for using his abilities in such a way for profit. Still, money is money, and money makes the world go round, they say, though at least Yuichi is honest about what he does xD Still, the fact that his power is Silver seems like a very formidable ability and it might be the color of his soul or something like that. I love how Elizabeth is competitive with Alicia and wants Ren to awaken his soul powers and become even better than Yuichi. Though as Yuichi is our adorably (adorkablye) narcissistic protagonist, he will of course have understandable the lion’s share of screen time and soul power. Nothing wrong with that, though, because Yuichi serving as the protagonist functions as a very important role in the story, and it seems like he’s impacting a lot of events and drawing a lot of spiritual attention from other people. I’m curious about who this new perspective person is, but I guess I’ll find out in the next chapter. Though thank God that Vincent is dead, because nobody liked him. I mean he was a a good villain and antagonist, and it really says something when you create a character that people love to hate, though yeah, definitely enjoyed reading his fight and his eventual demise. Though of course there’s the question of what’s going to happen with the Sword and whether the mysterious unknown person will find out who has it in their possession. I think I’ve forgotten what I’ve read before, because sometimes I pick up this story in fits and starts, though I now have a review document for Soul Anomaly on my computer so I can keep track of what I’ve actually read and didn’t. Sometimes I have a hard time keeping up with stuff that I’ve read and didn’t, and I do plan on reviewing all these chapters, because the chapters are quick and easy to read and plus it’s a long-runner. Do keep up the good job, you’re doing God’s work making a project that several other people love for good reason. I know that self confidence can be hard to come by, but you’re a fine writer and other people obviously enjoy this story, so that stands for something 3 Please keep on writing!
hazelnutbrew chapter 16 . 9/21
Lol I love how Yuichi lost to Constipated Camel. Poor thing, that would wreck down his ego several pegs...or several floors down a very very tall building. I still love Yuichi though, even though sometimes people with overconfidence like that can be off-putting at times in real life, though Yuichi’s narcissism and confidence is more of the fun and harmless kind rather than the kind that makes one want to punch his face in. I usually reserve my feelings of rage and hate towards characters that are really awful, such as Rosalie from Foxy’s story Villainess, Retry! Or Vincent from Thieves-y’s story (not the Vincent of this story, though I mean, Vincent from Soul Anomaly is pretty awful as well, and omg he tilts me so much with his fanatic hatred of Anomalies and wanting to eliminate them. Like for serious, Anomalies are human too, and everyone has a right to live, I think, and just because he has a prejudice against someone who is different doesn’t give him the right to slay and ‘purge’ them. I thought this chapter was well done, though, and even though the Constipated Camel is a one-off joke character, I found it amusing how he outranked Yuichi in the character polls. It’s amazing that you’ve kept dedicated to this story throughout the years, and I hope to write long runners like that as well. I mostly stockpile chapters and post at a later date, I suppose. But anyway, good job on this one, and I will continue to read and review. I even made a separate LibreOffice document that I keep for your reviews now, just so I can keep track of the comments I make for people’s stories. Keep up the good work!
Kenshin Kojima chapter 116 . 8/30
Yay! A new chapter! I read this yesterday — I just forgot to review this chapter!

Hmm… An interesting way to begin the chapter. Treachery already, lol.

Moonlight, huh? I was wondering when we were going to see him again. Curious to see where this going.

Biggest surprise is Carrisa showing up to visit her brother (?). Reno did bring up an interesting question. Will she ever come back after she finishes her business? Either way, it is always good seeing Carrisa.

Cannibalistic Ripper? A sneak preview of the next foe that Yuichi and the gang will be facing off against?

I see this chapter was just the aftermath of the invasion in The Underworld. So… Yuichi and gang are heading to the living world? Should be interesting. I cannot wait to read the next chapter.

Thanks for the read as always!
Darth Zannacross chapter 115 . 8/14
And once more its showdown time boys and girls. In this silvery bout of Mortal Kombat as Mars shows he seems better at mastering the nuance of his skills...though he did not grasp the nuance of egging the sliver perv on as we nearly get a Jojo moment after triggering a out right " Berserk Hollow" moment, but rage alone does not seem to work on this so called God of War...well...till we get further rage as its nearly like how Ichigo owned Ulquiorra...or maybe how Yusuke owned Sensui after Raizen took over.

Either way a hollow victory of sorts, almost thought Leouch showed up with having a dude who nearly says the same line lol. But alas its just Maramsune...or should I say...Ares? Well if your going to do that I guess we are going to have a Death Battle between this Ares and mine from Zilos hahaha...hah...hah.

Meanwhile Hades is having a rough time with Dimension and it looks like it;s going to just get worst, unless that curbstomp really is the end of the line.

Welp...hopefully we find out soon as we are at the end of the line. Glad I caught up ,best of luck with the writing and what not...even after all this time I do hope you look at Zilos some more some day, but till then till next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 114 . 8/13
The showdown with Mars blazes up...and he gives order 66? Oh right, if it was missing a 6 all the soldiers would be doing a lot of backstabbing lol.

Anyway...Mars almost seemed like a Aizen level planner...but like how Aizen did not plan for Gin's betrayal Mars did not foresee Dimension screwing him over.

And now thanks to some sudden moves the showdown is heating up, we will see who will's passion burns the brightest.
Darth Zannacross chapter 113 . 8/11
And now its Mao time. This crazy lady is throwing everything from giant sliver bugs to various threads but Ailcia is in beast mode here as she goes so hardcore Mao could not even deal. So now the sliver perv is free, just in time to clash with Mars so lets see where things go from here, but till then good job Ailcia.
Darth Zannacross chapter 112 . 8/10
If the battle between battles are intense I would hate to see the battles between the battles between the battles.

Tartarus gives Moonlight hell but, thanks to well, the moon its werewolf time...lets see if this is going to be as big a pain as in Resident Evil 8. Well, hope the solution won't be as drastic as when the moon was a problem in Dragon Ball.
Darth Zannacross chapter 111 . 8/8
Another tense brutal due today thanks in part to Castor's frantic grim resolution.

Anzio's lighting magic is rather nasty, but he underestimated how determined Castor was as with only a tiny amount of soul he outwitted the " Liberator" enough to take home the victory. Well, one down, lets see how nasty the next one gets next time.
Darth Zannacross chapter 110 . 8/6
Lance may be down but Fiction looks like he's going to cause a lot more damage.

Fiction clearly got the script as he trolls the vampire about" Alec", then sends him to" Shadow Jail"...but thankfully Fiction is to crazy to cause problems for now, we will see but another intense chapter.
Darth Zannacross chapter 109 . 8/4
We get a kingly reveal today it seems, interesting. Still...last second recons are as fun as when Darth Sidious is suddenly back in episode late to matter?

And so video games are helpful after all as we have another time when King Auther and Lancelot collide the king wins again.
Darth Zannacross chapter 108 . 8/1
And so the double agent's plight intensifies as the air is thick with more then just the tension of sweet today.

Still after a well done fight wind trumps water for now, and Mikoto's dreams of becoming a god come crashing down...alas she had the Naruto bad guy syndrome of flashback on the verge of death lol.

Well one down, we will see if this helps things soon enough.
Darth Zannacross chapter 107 . 7/30
Well with all that's going on getting furious over discarded glasses seems to be a small thing to blow up over, but I suppose that's the point.

So being to weak was a act eh? Well it was a super effective ploy as we see how devoted the fans of the" Sliver Perv" are to his well being.

Well, a sad end for Diana, we will see if her will can transcend all the obstacles in the way of the desire of the reunion.
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