Reviews for Wicked's wonderland
SunsetSprite chapter 3 . 1/27/2013
Okay, you have a lot of grammar problems in here.

First, in the first chapter all the paragraphs were really hard to read, as is went on to the next chapters until chapter three, it was fine. Your format should stick with chapter three if you know what I mean.

Second, when you start a sentence it should start with a capital letter. You tend to not do this a lot and it annoys me. Also, all proper nouns, ((names ect.)), should also have a capital letter.

Third and final, your speech. The way you should format it is like this:
"Hi!" I waved.
He looked towards me, "Hey..."
This is just an example.

Well that was a BETA work for you. I'm sorry if this offended you in any way, I'm just trying to help.

No, I really like this story, very ineteresting indeed! I'll be following! Just remember what I told you!