Reviews for The Vladivostok Incident
Deserthawk chapter 13 . 2/25/2013
"Are you two going to have sex?" This. Just this. Nearly died. From laughter.
Dude, you come up with some epic fight scenes. Had me on the edge of my seat there. You should become a movie choreographer or something. Sad thing was, I was sorta rooting for Caesar... poor guy. Both of them, really. Maybe in another world they could've been friends.
The other scenes were pretty great too. Especially the whole roping the girls thing, haha. But there's also this disturbing undertone there too. Like no one's saying what the hell Lev is exactly doing with Antanas's daughter... I think someone should probably shove him off the back of the train at the very least. Wonder how he would react if he knew his brother was literally right fucking there.
Deserthawk chapter 12 . 1/2/2013
Yay, Viktor's alive! And the robots! Those are cool, I hope they can get some use out them. Maybe they can set them on Lev Fedorov. I wonder if Antanas knows what happened to his daughter. If he does, he's definitely going back on my hate list.
I like how these conversations between Andrei and Lena always get wildly out of hand. Lol.
"St. Petersburg's been completely destroyed. Paris has burned to the ground and the Eurasian Guard has been sent to London..." Woaaah. It makes me think - what the mercenaries are doing is kinda small-minded, relatively? It's kind of depressing. I wonder/want to see how the world situation will be resolved... hopefully these guys can change the world!
Poor Petras. He's so light-hearted, but I doubt he's gonna make it all the way :( I can see him being killed, even in the next skirmish...
Deserthawk chapter 11 . 12/23/2012
"Yorick..." ahaha is that a Hamlet reference?
"That's my son, Dmitri." IT'S HIM IT'S FUCKING HIM GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS ANDREI *explodes* Although I can't explain that American accent... but no way, it can't be a coincidence.
But damn, that vaccine story. That's effed up, man. I don't even know what to say.
I know Shelton is the main character, but I'm getting pretty interested in Andrei right now. I wonder how Dmitri feels about his father, what's going to go down if/when they finally do meet. I have a horrible premonition Andrei's going to end up hurting/killing him...
Okay, the Lena/Andrei thing is definitely working. They fit together, somehow.
Also holy shit - they brand their soldiers? Is that like - a thing?
Deserthawk chapter 10 . 12/19/2012
Aw, Andrei XD This chapter cracked me up. Especially that hotel bit. "You aren't in Russia..." Just those two together. He's kinda out of practice, huh?
Lena's one smooth lady. Like they'd be dead 10 times over if it wasn't for her. And the more I find out the more I wonder about her past... I bet they're still gonna get arrested or something though. Especially with Andrei acting all sketch, lol.
I was holding my breath in the beginning there. I kept expecting something to happen... So Dmitri looked familiar to Lena - but it looks like the two didn't notice each other? Arg, it's so infuriating... NOTICE EACH OTHER DAMMIT
Deserthawk chapter 9 . 12/3/2012
Ough. Good chapter had me shuddering all the way through. You do a real good job, capturing the reality of these situations. The horrible, ugly reality. Just getting shot at and not being able to do anything and drenched in gore... Shelton always seems to get the worst of it, doesn't he?
Somehow, even though Antanas was being whiny ('I was in pain for -ten minutes-!', haha), I felt sorrier for him than usual. Why doesn't Rex turn him over? I feel like he has bigger plans for him...
"Well that's great! Where does his family live?" Somehow that conversation made me so sad. I wonder what Caesar did in his past, to end up like this. Although that little 'family' scene also made me smile.
Kind of a tangent, but I hope Caesar's not seriously sick, like TB or something.
Deserthawk chapter 8 . 11/28/2012
Aw, poor Mitya. They really had no idea what they were getting into, huh? That being said, it's still kind of hilarious how badly they got beaten (and by who). But I'm guessing that won't happen again.
"How could you shoot him? You're only a child yourself!" I liked that scene. It was intense.
Also, wow. Lev. I guess Antanas gets the 'not as big of jerk as he could've been' badge.
Huh. Shelton seems real suited to this. Trying to put myself in his shoes... I would be losing my shit, no lie.
"Let's seeā€¦ it's almost November, so he should be seventeen now,"
Deserthawk chapter 7 . 11/24/2012
Oh man... poor Viktor. I just realized he was the one that got like, eviscerated back then. That sucks.
Dmitri. XD That scene was pretty hilarious to me for some reason. It's interesting how Shelton thought he was Andrei... and that little bit at the end... maybe they're related? Well probably not related-related... hm. Probably just my inner soap-opera speaking.
That rocket launcher part sounded fun. Maybe this mercenary thing really is gonna work out for him. Not so sure about Andrei though.
Also Caesar was awesome. Best use of parkour ever.
Deserthawk chapter 6 . 11/17/2012
Haha, Antanas is cute. I like that visual, of some rich guy wandering around in a blizzard in a fancy suit. My opinion of him is slowly climbing. Although it's a bit creepy, how he goes on about his wife like that... I want to see what she's really like now. I like how Rex calls him ' ' and 'worthless son of a bitch' in the same sentence, lol.
It's cool to hear about the group's history. Rex is a wise man. I was wondering about Lena (gun bunny XD). I wonder if she's from the moon too? And her relationship to Antoine... maybe they're related? /end crazy spec
I don't know why, but I was imagining the interior of the IFV like a limo for some reason.
Deserthawk chapter 5 . 11/7/2012
Oh dang. That actually does sound pretty cool. I mean not getting my arm sawed off cool but... do they look like real arms? Or more machine-y?
Hm, I wonder what other kinds of life they've discovered out there.
Am I a bad person for laughing at that part about Antanas's wife? Because I did. He's kind of a brat. Although he's been fairly nice so far... I think I don't like him because Shelton doesn't. Lena could/should kick his ass.
Yeah, Andrei's got a point. It seems kind of suicidal what this little group's proposing to do, as well. Well they'll find help I'm sure.
Glad the gang's still here. Although I feel some of them won't be for long...
Deserthawk chapter 4 . 11/2/2012
Oh man. I nearly lost it at that last scene. I have no idea how it would feel. But that was a really traumatizing description to read. Like... I'm not sure I could read it again. At least it seems like there are pretty good artificial limbs here? Small comfort to Shelton I bet. What the hell was that thing in the trap? It seems like China has pretty advanced tech.
That was cool hearing about the space colonies. Also the traps... that was interesting. In a horrible kind of way. Just imagining what it would be like to get caught in one of those. In the cold.
You have really interesting characters. I want to find out more about Trapper. What it's like to live on the moon.
Please keep updating. I can't stop reading this.
PS. What happened to Petras? It seems like he didn't go with them?
Deserthawk chapter 3 . 11/2/2012
"Can I call you T-Rex?" XD I love Petras's quips. And his bad Russian... he's going to die next, isn't he?
I also like Antanas a bit more for some reason. I guess they all seem pretty nice compared to the soldiers. Who can blame 'em though.
So it sounds like China invaded Russia? And the machines were theirs? I wonder who's side these guys are on. Well definitely against China. But I wonder what their goal is. Since they're also holding Antanas hostage and all. Hopefully Shelton/Andrei will go with them so I can find out more...
I liked hearing about Andrei's and Shelton's pasts. Those both could be stories in their own.
Deserthawk chapter 2 . 11/2/2012
Damn. That escalated quickly. It really speaks for your descriptive skills, that I can actually imagine this happening. And it's not pretty. It's like a zombie apocalypse but worse. I hope to god those machines were really created by someone and not self-sentient. Well they don't seem that smart.
So I've still got no idea why they decided to kill everyone in that factory... sounds like some shady stuff was going on there.
That was a shocker, killing off the cute girl right off the bat. Now I know shit's about to get real.
On a side note, it was interesting hearing about what's going on in the rest of the world. Victor seems like a nice guy. I hope he's okay.
I bet there's something up with Caesar too...
Deserthawk chapter 1 . 10/27/2012
Nice summary. Sucked me right in.
I like your setting. You describe the city real well, all those different areas. Also the factory.
That line about the 'enemy and allies' caught me. Sounds like they're hedging their bets, helping out both sides. I'm guessing people aren't totally okay with that. And that corporation/government conglomerate could go bad fast... also probably want the fighting/war going on as long as possible if they have a lot of factories like that. Or maybe I'm overthinking things again.
Also holy shit with Shelton's schedule. And life in general. No wonder he fell asleep. But from that last sentence? It's probably gonna get much much worse.
Really interested in where this is going. Update ... soon ...
(PS. Is this ... what I think it is? XD If not then just ignore that. )