Reviews for Rules Are Rules
Pluvial Blaze chapter 7 . 6/23/2013
One thing that confuses me about this rule is that on Fiction Press, there is a section dedicated to plays. Are writers not allowed to post plays, which are in script format, to the play section? I understand not allowing script format anywhere else, but I would like a little elaboration on the point of having a section for plays if scripts are not allowed.
Lorendiac chapter 7 . 4/11/2013
I saw your title and then, when I clicked in, decided to read this chapter first.

Something that bothers me . . . you say a lot of things about what can go wrong when someone is writing in chat/script format, and I even agree with a fair amount of what you say . . . but I'm not sure what this has to do with WHY FanFiction and FictionPress have a rule against such material in the first place!

According to your summary, part of the general purpose of these essays of yours is to show your readers that there are REASONS for the rules they dislike. After reading this essay about Chat/Script format, I still don't know what the reason was for that particular rule. Have the admins ever said that they instituted that rule for approximately the reasons you outline in this chapter regarding doubts about the literary merits of amateur efforts at scriptwriting?

Also, there's one other problem I definitely would have addressed if I were writing an essay about this rule. It goes this way:

1. Here on FictionPress, the Rules & Guidelines say clearly that "Chat/script format" is not allowed.

2. Here on FictionPress, there is a "Plays" category for our original fiction.

3. Plays are normally written in script format.

4. Thousands of "plays" have been posted in that category.

5. The admins of this site seem to feel that is fine and dandy! (Since those stories HAVEN'T been deleted for "breaking the rules" by being written in script format.)

6. So it's all very CONFUSING: Is there "really" a rule against posting script-formatted fiction here on FictionPress, or not?

If you want to persuade people that the "no chat/script format" rule actually makes sense, then you really ought to address this dilemma in your essay!