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True Talker chapter 1 . 10/31/2012
When I hear of a person going through this it BOTHERS ME GREATLY. What do I mean by this? NO one has the right to do this to YOU ever and I DO mean NOT/EVER. SERIOUSLY.

YOU ARE RIGHT YOU are NOT to blame NOR have you ever been to blame. Children AREN'T meant to deal with an adults anything REALLY. Children should ONLY be children that do things that are ONLY meant for children. SERIOUSLY.

When I read this I become sad for those that this has been done to and angry at the men who have done this. What do I mean by this? NO one has the right to do something to you or to take something from you without your persmission. A child should NEVER/NOT ever have to deal with this and I DO mean this SERIOUSLY.

Do you know what I have been thinking recentlly? I have been thinking I wonder if all of the people that do things like this to children would be put together and all those that don't do anything wrong against children be put together. Why? To see how many people do these things to children. Why? For it to be STOPPED. I hear things on the news at times and I DON'T like what I am hearing when it comes to things like this. Children SHOULD AND ONLY BE RESPECTED AND LOVED. ONLY made to feel secure in their environment and for their to be patience love and understanding around them. Why? How is a child supposed to be these things growing up without actually having been brought up in this manner? Also, children should just be children and nothing more. What do I mean by this? Children - board games, video games (age appropriate), stories (age appropriate), and enjoying outside in a safe way with their friends. ALL things that children are supposed to do and chores also when they are of the age to understand responsibility.

Children do NOT have the mindset and are NOT meant to have the mindset to handle adult issues. If this happens it has a horrible effect on the child's psyche and mind. Why? Because children are ONLY meant to be just that CHILDREN.

Thank you for sharing this. Why? Because you are expressing what has happened to you in a healthy way. Why is it healthy? Because you are writing about it. Also, by you writing about it - people NEED to know that this ISN'T okay. Children CAN'T and SHOULDN'T be treated this way and I DO mean NEVER/NOT ever.

If I can and with help - I would REALLY HONESTLY AND TRULY LIKE to mold and shape this world into something BETTER. What do I mean by this? A world where this DOESN'T go on. A world where this DOESN'T happen. Why? To have people growing up as they should with love, patience, a sense of security, a sense of comfort, and RESPECT.

Again, thank you for sharing this. Really.

I am PROUD OF YOU that you have put realization at the end of this. What do I mean by this? If a person treats a child this way it is NOT the child's fault. It is INDEED the adult's fault and yes he was taking advantage of you. He did manupulate you - and this is NOT good and this is NOT acceptable. If it matters - REALLY if it matters? If I could've STOPPED it I would have FOR YOU. REALLY. Why do I say that? Because there is too much pain that I feel when I hear of this happening to a child. I want to STOP adults from doing this PERIOD. They have NO right to do this. They SERIOUSLY do NOT. REALLY and I DO mean NEVER/NOT ever. REALLY.

I will stop typing now and please excuse this it is just that when I read things like this, hear it in the news and etc...I think that there has to be a way to STOP it. This should NEVER/NOT ever happen to children NEVER/NOT ever SERIOUSLY.
something girl chapter 1 . 10/31/2012
This is raw, harsh, disturbing. It makes a good poem; the disjointed lines and short, angry sentences fit well with the theme. The only critique I can make is that it might be better if you were less explicit with the facts, the names, the ages. Let the reader guess about what happened, because our imaginations often fill in the gaps with things that are worse than what is actually there. It is still haunting.